Endow Your Business with Interactive Customer Experience

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Customer Experience strategies keep evolving to keep in step with changing customer experience.

CX is so important that summits are held to help businesses know about trends and adapt changing technologies such as use of chatbots, loyalty programs and social media.

There is yet another way to drive customer experience and that is with the help of kiosks for business.

Traditional vs modern kiosk

The traditional kiosk is much like an ATM machine. It is self contained with a touch screen display, computer and wired/wireless connection to remote system.

You load kiosk software to permit interactivity through only the screen or screen plus keyboard.

These days a kiosk can be any interactive device such as a tablet, a smartphone, a laptop or a desktop computer loaded with the right software developed by kiosk development services.

It could work out cheaper and be more flexible to help your business deliver the right customer experience.

The kiosk as an information booth

Rope in experts in kiosk solution development and you can cheaply deploy tablets and laptops to serve as information booths. Who needs it?

  • Big business establishments: You may not sell anything direct to individuals but it is important to promote brand and company. Visitors to your office can access the kiosk (in the form of tablet or laptop) and find out everything about your company. Your employees do not have to waste time answering questions. Should you take part in exhibitions and conferences then the same kiosks can be transplanted to the site and assist visitors to know more about you. You may not engage a dozen assistants but you can easily deploy stand mounted tablets to serve as information kiosks.
  • Hospitals: Large hospitals have several divisions and wings. Visitors are confused as to how to navigate the hospital complex. The solution is simple. Set up kiosks so that visitors can find information they need about doctors, divisions, sections and timings. You could go a step further to let kiosk development service allow patients to set up appointments and make payments.
  • Retail: One of the biggest headaches for visitors to malls is that they spend a lot of time browsing for products. Set up a kiosk so that prospective buyers can find out if items they need are in stock. Go a step further and let them use the kiosk to order it, make payment and collect products at checkout.
  • Restaurants: Let guests find out what is on the menu and even order it through the kiosk while they wait for their turn. By the time they get a free table their food could be ready to be served.
  • Libraries, museums: Libraries and museums are, strictly speaking, not businesses but serve public interest. You can get more people to make use of your facility when you have a kiosk that gives them information about all that is available.

Save time and expense, serve more customers

Retail is one area that certainly benefits by using custom kiosks developed with the help of experts in kiosk solution development. Customer experience improves:

  • It serves as a POS unit, allowing customers to order products, pay and collect products instead of having to wait in a queue.
  • While they are at the kiosk they can be offered deals, opportunity to register and signup to get rewards and points and other attempts to gain their loyalty.
  • A form of survey to gather opinion from visiting customers about their experience, products they would like to see on shelves and quality of services.
  • Let customers use kiosk software on their smartphones and order products to be delivered to their homes.
  • Take part in competitions and win prizes through the kiosk.

Engage kiosk solution development services and your retail business has twin gains by way of reduced costs and increased customer engagement

Financial sector

Banks, non-banking financial services and even insurance companies see a large part of their manpower resources dedicated to attending customers for routine matters.

Instead of having counters manned by people you could simply deploy tablets with kiosk software put in place by kiosk development services with attendant benefits:

  • You can deploy more than a dozen tablets at nominal costs to serve as customer engagement points and let them find answers to questions or simply know more about service offerings, at a basic level.
  • You could make the kiosks interactive and let them carry out operations such as making payments, registering complaints or subscribing to new services.
  • When not in use the kiosk serves as a small advertising display.

Your employees can handle more vital and productive tasks while customers are satisfied with fast services since they do not have to be in queue.

With the right kiosk software and deployment, you can use it as a vital, low cost yet highly efficient tool to deliver extraordinary customer experiences.

The kiosk market is expected to cross $ 48 billion by 2025 which simply shows just how indispensable it is for business.

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