Ecovillage For Wellness and Restoration

The 21st century has probably revamped the entire world. An increase in the population has created a drastic increase in pollution and other environmental disasters. Our ecosystem is slowly crumbling down because of the damages made by humans such as air pollution, land pollution, water pollution, deforestation, and so much more. Our ecosystem is altered by human activity literally everywhere. Some of these damages can be sustained. But most of the alteration has a huge impact on our environment, not only for humans but most important for the other species in our ecosystem. In this article know about the Ecovillage.

What is an ecosystem?

An ecosystem can be defined as a group or community of living organisms that interact and live with each other. The ecosystem can be called the base of our environment and it is made of two components: Abiotic and Biotic components.

The ecosystem should always be balanced to provide stability to our environment. But our environment drastically is affected by the constant eco damage caused by humans. This has lead to the extinction of a few living species. This may also lead to various other changes in our ecosystem in an unfavorable manner.

How to restore our ecosystem?

Causing less damage is not a good solution. The only way is to repair and restore. Building eco-villages,  eco-village resorts, and monitoring the existing sources are few ways to help our ecosystem restore. The government should and have also taken initiatives in the restoration of forests, wetlands, farmlands, and oceans.

Without human intervention, restoration may take years to function normally again. So, focusing on specific systems like eco process, extinct species, or damaged environment and working on it can make the restoration process faster.

Planning and analyzing the damaged or disturbed system is really important in the restoration process. And the plan must produce a realistic result. For example, planning for climate change control is really important for our environment nowadays.

But while planning for restoring climate change, we should also analyze and note the causes for it like deforestation, burning fossil fuels, farming livestock, and plan accordingly.

Importance of preserving our ecosystem

The three main reasons to preserve our environment are as follows:

  • For wildlife
  • To protect earth
  • To protect human health


Protecting and restoring our wildlife is really important for a balanced and functional ecosystem. Disturbing and destroying the natural habitat of wildlife with human intervention such as zoos and aquariums is a real-life threat. It is also very important to save our wildlife for our future generations.

Protect Earth

With climate change and global warming caused by humans, the earth desperately needs help. In order to preserve the earth for future generations, we need to reduce human activities that damage the natural resources on earth. By correctly using nature as our big tool, we can reduce the increasing temperature and restore our resources.

Protect Human Health

Knowingly or unknowingly humans are the reason for the damaged ecosystem and also the most affected species because of it. Humans need natural resources like food, water, and air to survive. Humans and the other elements mentioned above are all connected in one way or another. So, it is important to preserve wildlife and earth for humans to lead a healthy life.


Ecovillage can be described as an intentional or traditional community that is designed by local participants to integrate social, ecological, and all dimensions of sustainability to regenerate the social and natural environment.

Ecovillages are specially designed communities that strive to make the least possible negative impact on the environment with physical design and behavioral choices. The principle of an ecovillage is based on the concern of people and the environment.

The members of the ecovillage community which range between fifty to three hundred help each other to create and maintain a social and eco-friendly environment by creating new resources and mostly reusing them. These help to restore and regenerate natural resources, friendly social conditions, and successful coexistence.

Ecovillage resorts

Ecovillage resorts are specially designed resorts that provide the ambiance of an ecovillage. These resorts have many facilities including farming, yoga, ayurvedic spa to provide the customers with a calming stay. Visiting an ecovillage resort is the best option for vacation, a break from hectic work or lifestyle, or for wellness and relaxation.

There are many ecovillage resorts available in India and most of them are located in mountains or in rural areas for the best experience. Relaxing in nature can be a great stress buster and helps to improve mind and body health. Also, who doesn’t want to enjoy Chemical-free and healthy foods!

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