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Easy Ways to Make Your Kids Room Look Stunning

Regardless of whether you’re moving houses or you want to update the home you’ve lived in for ages, you should pay special attention to your kids’ room. Maybe they finally got their own room or they’ve grown out of the phase according to which their room was previously decorated. Depending on the age of your children, you can ask for their opinion if you want. In any case, you’ll be glad to hear that there are many easy ways how you can make their room stunning. Here we provide Easy Ways to Make Your Kids Room Look Stunning.

Give the walls a fresh coat of paint

Painting the walls is such an easy way to completely change the look of a room. If the palette used to be neutral and your little one wants something bright and bold, why not let them have what they want? Sure, they might stick to the traditional blue and pink but they might also go for their favorite hue or something completely unexpected, like lime green or sunny yellow. Another thing to consider is chalkboard paint as then the kids can draw on their walls and create a different picture every day. The best thing here is that the choices are countless and it’s easy to repaint a room in a couple of months if they don’t like it.

Put up interesting wallpaper

Kids Room

Other than painting the walls, you can also cover them with wallpaper. Once again, you can consult with your kids when it comes to the pattern. They might want every wall to be covered with a superhero-themed wallpaper but it’s your job not to let them go overboard. If the pattern seems too busy, cover just one wall and keep the rest subdued. However, wallpapers come in so many designs nowadays, you and your kid will have a hard time deciding. Alternatively, you can create a statement by stacking various shapes to the wall, from stars and stripes to flowers and butterflies.

Add interesting furniture pieces

When it comes to kids furniture, it’s important to look for pieces that both look cute and are practical. For example, you can find a regular bed and make it pop with colorful bedding or you can keep the bedding neutral and go for a rattan bed that will draw attention. Maybe your kid wants a racing car bed or a canopy, so do your best to meet their wishes. On the other hand, if the room is of the smaller variety, you can add more space with a high rise bed. That way, you can put a desk or storage underneath it. Think about other pieces you might need, such as an armchair, ottoman, or some floor pillows.

Have a study/creativity nook

Kids Room

You also need to provide your little one with an area where they can study. So, look into desks with plenty of storage and a comfy chair. If you already have these pieces, you can do some upholstering and paint them in a bright colour so that they act as a centrepiece of the room. Other than for schoolwork, this area can also be used for their hobbies. Make sure you stock it up with painting and drawing supplies or whatever else your kid needs to be creative. However, you can also delineate the creativity area from the study area by putting it in the opposite corner. That way, your kid will know when it’s time for schoolwork and when they can play.

Incorporate clever storage options

Your child’s room will be full of things. Whether it’s books, toys, or clothes, it’s very easy for this space to become messy. To prevent this issue, you need plenty of storage. However, if the room is not huge, you will also need clever solutions. We already mentioned finding a desk with plenty of storage for all their school books as well as placing the desk underneath the bed. However, you can also install hooks where they can easily hang their coats and their bags. Then, you can also visit a flea market and see whether you can find some interesting storage options at an affordable price. For instance, lockers can bring a unique feel to the room and you’ll be able to store plenty of things in them. Little cubbies and hampers are also great solutions for storing toys.

Break up the monotony with bright colours

Finally, we mentioned this several times but it still needs emphasizing. If the room has a mostly neutral palette, chances are that your kid will find it too bland. Find a way to incorporate some color even if you can’t repaint the walls. Get a lamp in a shade that will pop against its surroundings. Put up some colorful art or knickknacks on the shelves. Add bedding, curtains, or rugs that are playful and will appeal to Kids Room.

With just a bit of creativity on your side and some input from your kids, their room should be stunning regardless of the budget at your disposal. So, bring in new furniture, make sure there is enough storage, and add that necessary touch of color.

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