Cybersecurity Tips For Working From Home

Now that the majority of people will be working from home due to the pandemic, hackers will find this as an opportunity to scare them, hack their devices and rob them out of sensitive information and/or money. While personal safety and health are more important than anything else, it is also important to follow some cybersecurity tips so that you don’t get robbed out of your reputation, money, and job.

Start by Ensuring That Your Home Network is Protected

Now that you are working from home, it is altogether more important that your home network is secure so that you are safe personally and professionally. You should start by setting a password on your router.

In the next steps,

  • Set MAC addressing to filter out unauthorized devices. You see, every device is assigned a MAC address which is used to identify its network. When you’ll set MAC filter, it’ll be difficult for any device to get access to your network.
  • You should turn off SSID broadcasts. It helps you to hide your home Wifi network so that the majority of people can’t find and try to access it.
  • Don’t forget to set a guest network in case you have to share the network. When you set a separate guest network, you can simply set different rules for it and your home network so that guests or other members can use the guest network while you can securely use the home network.
  • You should also install a VPN on the router to make the traffic encrypted and more secure. This way, even if someone wants to snoop in on your data, they’ll find it really difficult to do so.

Use a separate device for your work

Now that you’re working from home, you should keep your personal and professional devices separated. So that your accounts don’t get merged and hacked.

We usually don’t install many security tools on our custom tower servers or our personal devices, but now, it is recommended that we separate our professional and private lives through the devices that we use. 

Also, keep all the security software tools updated. If you need to have the remote network access to your office’s network, make sure you are using an authentic VPN before doing that.

You should use company-wide security tools

Many companies would already be using this kind of tool to control who is able to access their network. If your IP address is whitelisted on this software, you won’t be able to access the company’s network.

Likewise, there will be specific IP addresses that are allowed to access the network and anyone else with a unique or different IP address will simply be denied access.

Don’t forget to encrypt the files when uploading or transferring them

One of the most vulnerable points, when files can be stolen, is during the transaction from your system to the company’s network.

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To secure your files from being captured on their way, you should use a reliable VPN or other encryption tools to protect them.

You can also enable end-to-end encryption with your colleagues to ensure they are the only ones to access the files.

Educate yourself with the advanced cybersecurity knowledge

One of the foremost reasons why people tend to fall for scams is due to a lack of proper cybersecurity knowledge. Hackers and scammers are now more sophisticated than ever in their ways to lure someone in their trap.

They are using really mannered social engineering techniques to rob you out of money and reputation. The more you read about these kinds of scams and hacking techniques, the more you’ll be able to cope with them effectively.

Avoid public Wifi at all costs

Not that there will be many people using it. But the ones who will use it now will be at the of hackers the most. Firstly, you should avoid going out and even if you really need to, don’t connect to a public Wifi because the hackers will be looking for it.

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