Top 15+ Charging Stations Location Apps For Android And iOS In 2024

Knowing how and where to find charging stations is one of the most essential aspects of operating an electric car so that you can feel secure while driving. One of the finest methods is using applications to find the closest charging stations. So that you can concentrate on your trips, we’d offer some of our favorite suggestions. You may have already downloaded the app, which is beneficial because it provides precise information on the brand and model of your automobile. An app that displays the nearest charging stations to you is essential because 10% of charging occurs while you’re moving! Here are a few of the applications we suggest. In this article, we are sharing some of the best Charging Stations Location Apps for Android and iOS.

What Are The Best EV Charging Station Finder Apps’ Features?

These characteristics must be present in any software that aims to be the Best EV Charging Station Finder. To make your finest EV charging station finding app genuinely unique, you should have the following features:

Trip planning feature:

Include a trip planning tool in your app so that consumers can access all station information if they consider a lengthy journey. Thanks to this feature, they will be able to learn everything there is to know about the route they will go. They will find this function quite helpful in travel planning. 

Include your Station:

This function enables users to install EV charging stations they discovered were missing from the app. This also contributes to boosting user and app-app trust.


They may monitor the charging stations’ current views using the app’s navigation, another crucial function. Additionally, they may get directions up to the charging station.

Payment feature:

For customers to conveniently make payments through the app, you also need to add payment methods. Users will benefit from reduced fees and various perks through the app.

Top 15 Charging Stations Location Apps for Android and iOS


Any driver of an electric vehicle (EV) needs the PlugShare app since it can assist them in finding charging outlets wherever they travel. PlugShare offers up-to-date information about charging stations with a database of more than 100,000. It makes it simpler for EV drivers with Android and Ios to plan their travels by providing information about availability, cost, and location.

The community-driven network of PlugShare is one of its most distinctive characteristics. Where users may share charging station information such as location, availability, and even images, this knowledge is helpful, especially for EV drivers venturing into new or uncharted territory.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface and practical features, plugShare is popular among EV drivers worldwide. PlugShare provides a network of partners, including automakers, and a web-based platform in addition to its mobile app.

Chargeplace Scotland

Scotland’s official national EV charging network is called ChargePlace Scotland, which is operated and controlled by the Scottish government. Making EV ownership more accessible was a major driving force for developing the ChargePlace network. Given that most of Scotland’s 1500+ charging stations are free to use, they have undoubtedly become integral to many EV drivers’ daily lives. Users of the app can check the charging stations to see if chargers are accessible and what kind of chargers are offered.

The software is free to download and use, but when you pay a £12 membership fee, you’ll receive a ChargePlace Scotland card that can be used to pay at charging stations. Although the majority of ChargePlace charging stations are cost-free, this one-time fee for a membership card can prove to be quite helpful. What a fantastic value!

This app is accessible on both Apple IOS and Android. Since the bulk of ChargePlace’s charging network is free, you can restrict your results only to see their charging stations, which is fantastic.


Any Tesla owner should have the app since it offers many features and capabilities to improve your driving experience. You may operate many features of your Tesla from a mobile device using the Tesla app, such as locking and unlocking the doors, sounding the horn, and opening the trunk or trunk.

You may use the app to monitor your Tesla’s charging status, establish charging schedules, and check the battery level and range. Start and stop charging sessions remotely to ensure your Tesla is always fully charged and ready to go.

The ability to regulate the climate in your Tesla is just another fantastic feature of the Tesla app. Before stepping into the car, you may remotely turn on the air conditioning or heating system to pre-cool or pre-warm the inside. It gives you a pleasant driving experience when your Tesla starts, which is especially helpful on hot or cold days.


One of the top applications for finding EV charging stations is this one. You must pay $10 to access this app. Its services serve more than 34 states in the USA. It details the over 1,000 DC stations that can recharge your EV in under one hour. 

This software offers you user-friendly navigation, real-time updates, and route guidance. You may get live customer assistance from it. There is much strain on these stations these days. Therefore, it shows you where you will get your next refill. If you want to pay for the membership in this app, you may also access a premium service feature.


For EV drivers, PlugSurfing is a well-known app that offers a simple and practical method to locate and pay for charging stations. PlugSurfing’s global network of more than 70,000 charging stations makes it simple to map out your itinerary and identify the most suitable charging locations.

Payment choices are one of PlugSurfing’s standout features. The app supports numerous payment options, including credit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay.

PlugSurfing offers real-time information on charging station availability, costs, and payment alternatives. This makes trip planning easier and prevents you from waiting in line at occupied charging stations. When you use PlugSurfing, you can be confident that you can locate a charging station when you need one and at a cost within your pricing range.


The software that enables EV drivers to locate charging stations and refuel their vehicles is the most crucial. While several applications provide this function, Bonnet is a favorite among many users. Our guiding principle is simplicity, and we make every effort to make the EV charging procedure as simple as possible.

To continually grow its network of partners, Bonnet collaborates with several EV charging networks across Europe. With the help of our software, EV charging is now available to everyone, not only those with private driveways. Additionally, it eliminates the need for you to have a variety of EV charging applications on your phone.

By purchasing a prepaid plan, Bonnet also helps reduce your charge expenses. The best thing is that extra kilowatts in your plan that you don’t use up in one month will roll over to the following one.

The bonnet is available on Google Play and the App Store. Similarly, if you run out of energy during a month, you can continue paying for usage at the same per-kilowatt rate specified in your plan until the beginning of the following month.

Octopus Electroverse

The Octopus Electroverse smartphone application aims to make charging for electric vehicles simpler for everyone. Drivers in the UK and Europe have access to approximately 400,000 public charging stations!

It’s easier to charge your car thanks to the app’s many functions. The apparent one is that you may search through nearby charging companies that still need to be partners with Octopus and find chargers that are compatible with Octopus locally.

With map filters, you can focus your search on nearby charging stations by selecting based on factors like charging speeds, socket types, and networks.

BP pulse

BP Pulse just created a new Chargemaster app to replace their old Polar app. This software has several additional capabilities, including charging devices directly from the app. Additionally, many BP charge outlets are accessible to subscribers without a fee.

In addition to being extremely user-friendly and straightforward, the BP app also lets you explore more than 8,000 charging stations around the UK and top off your credit to make purchases within the app.

The most recent home charging energy tariffs for the UK are available on our website dedicated to EV energy tariffs, which you should always visit.

RingGo Parking

One of the most practical parking applications, RingGo is the only significant auto parking software supporting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. When you are almost at your location, look for a parking place open for easy, convenient parking. Extending your parking period is relatively simple within the app if needed.

You may also search for parking lots or locations with charging stations with RingGo. You may use this information and an EV charging app from the list above to assess compatibility and cost.


Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, administrative work must always be done to ensure that it is safe to drive. By providing a single location to manage your auto insurance, tax, MOTs, and even congestion fees, Caura is intended to simplify the administrative burden associated with driving.

Despite the lack of EV-specific features, Caura is an excellent tool for any driver to handle the paperwork associated with car ownership. When you enter a clean air zone or utilise a toll road, Caura can be used to pay even if your automobile subscription provider handles your insurance and servicing.


You must consider refuelling more carefully if you’ve switched to an EV. Gas stations, which may be located everywhere or just off your exit on a dual highway, are more prevalent than charge points. Zap-Map is practical in this circumstance. Zap-Map is the top EV charging app in the UK, with 95% of the nation’s public stations included in its network. Zap-Map also assists drivers in finding charging stations, planning longer electric trips, and paying for EV charging across networks via Zap-Pay.

At the 2022 DrivingElectric Awards, the ‘Best Electric-Car App’ was awarded to Zap-Map, whose extensive database contains information on over 25,000 charging stations and over 47,000 connections.


By 2025, the UK electrical grid expects to have net-zero CO2 emissions. The company’s WhenToPlugIn app will provide the optimal moment to plug in your EV to receive the cleanest energy up to that point. This energy is produced when the grid receives a significant amount of its power from renewable infrastructure.

The software lets users keep track of the various electrical supply generating kinds, displays real-time electricity generation information, and alerts users to record low carbon intensity levels.

Of course, there will be times when our electricity usage is unavoidably rigid, but making the most of your EV requires adjusting your routine to avoid peak grid loads when fossil fuels are expected to become more prevalent.


Try WattsUp if you’re tired of browsing through charging stations that are incompatible with your car.

You may use this software to plan your EV journey and get help with charging according to your specific requirements. When you press the search button, the app prompts you to specify your criteria so that just the charging stations that apply to you appear rather than displaying every single charging station.

With the knowledge that the charger information is complete and accurate, you may see a chosen path, advises WattsUp.

It offers live status updates, voice prompts, and intelligent filters, and it includes all quick chargers from all UK network providers.


Optiwatt was created to help you save money when charging your electric automobile. To ensure that your car is ultimately charged at the lowest possible cost, the app will automatically schedule charging for when power costs are the lowest, often during off-peak hours.

Set your target battery levels and scheduled departure hours to optimise your charging strategy for time and money. To decrease the adverse effects of cold weather on your EV battery, Optiwatt can even utilise this information to precondition your vehicle. This involves warming it up before you leave.

If you want to maximise the use of your EV, you should do this.

Electrify America

Electrify America is a well-known electric vehicle (EV) charging network in the US. Owners of electric vehicles (EVs) may find and utilise their vast network of charging stations with the help of a specialised app. The software has an intuitive user interface and a map-based structure showing local charging stations andessential details like charging rates, availability, and cost. Users may start and end charging sessions remotely and receive real-time station status information.

The app from Electrify America also incorporates a variety of payment options to give EV drivers a simple and pleasant experience. Electrify America is a dependable alternative for EV owners looking for convenient and effective charging options because of the network’s dedication to enhancing infrastructure and offering first-rate charging services.

Benefits of having a charging app:

Businesses that are starting to roll out EV charging solutions across their network are finding that they have several advantages. Mobile app development is in extremely high demand due to the daily installation of new charging stations. EV fast charges are rather profitable because they have a good chance of outperforming even gas stations in terms of profitability. Creating EV charging station applications has several advantages. Countries can evaluate daily profitability and look into the causes of missed payments or areas not serviced by EV charging stations.With the right platform, you can more easily monitor charge point performance, increase charging station income, and better analyse consumer usage trends to enhance charging station location and marketing tactics.

Charge point management

Instead of doing it manually or having a staff member sit down and type it into a spreadsheet, charge point management software automates all charge point data entering and the monthly reporting. You can track electric vehicle use, income, payments, and maintenance expenses using the right EV charging solutions. You can track the use, income, payments, and maintenance expenses of electric vehicles by using the right EV charging solutions. It frequently acts as an information centre, disseminating usage patterns and timing details.

Save time and costs

Another advantage for CPOs and installers is less time spent controlling stations. Charge point management software can significantly shorten maintenance times by planning routine inspections and automatically alerting staff to problems. Additionally, based on previous trends, it may track use patterns and notify technicians when a charging station is being used excessively or inefficiently so they can adjust their work schedules in the future.

Easy to find

Finding local charging stations is the main advantage of utilising EV applications for drivers. The fact that thousands of public charging stations are currently worldwide and many more are being constructed yearly makes this particularly helpful. Other capabilities that confident industry leaders provide let consumers see every station within a certain radius of where they are.

It can construct a route that includes the nearest accessible stations depending on their location or destination market. Drivers can quickly locate the closest open stations and those with electricity so that their car may receive a complete charge thanks to this function.

Improve reliability

The demand for dependable and effective EV charging infrastructure increases along with the number of electric cars (EVs) on the road. Using EV charging management software is one approach to increase the dependability of your EV charging management system.

You can keep track of your charging stations and equipment and the state of each charger using EV charging management software. Systemic issues may be found and fixed with the use of this knowledge. Additionally, you may prevent outages and increase overall reliability by regularly monitoring your system.

Remote Control and Monitoring

Utilising EV charging management software has a wide range of advantages. The most significant advantage is remotely monitoring and managing your EV charging stations. You may use this to monitor energy usage and ensure your stations are continuously operating at their best. Remote monitoring and control can also assist you in making adjustments to boost performance and fix issues with your stations.

Overall, there are some benefits to adopting EV charging management software, which may help you save unnecessary time, expense, and bother.

Improved Energy Use

We must maximise how we utilise this clean energy as more and more people switch to electric vehicles to help lower our carbon footprint. Software for managing EV charging is one approach to do this.

With this software, you may improve your understanding of your charging patterns and adjust to optimise your energy use. You can discover strategies to lower your total energy use, for instance, or schedule charging for times when power is less expensive.

Additionally, you may optimize your charging infrastructure by using the data that EV charging management software can give. Understanding how your EV fleet is used can let you make adjustments that will increase productivity and cut expenses.

Higher Sustainability

Businesses are seeking methods to lessen their influence on the environment as the globe progressively advances toward sustainability. Making the changeover to electric vehicles (EVs) from conventional gas-powered cars is one strategy to do this.

Managing the charging process is one of the difficulties faced by EVs, in any case. Software for managing EV charging is helpful in this situation. Businesses may improve and make the charging process more sustainable by employing this software.


One of the most excellent advantages these applications offer for electric vehicle users is the ability to enable alerts whenever a charging station is nearby. Users will benefit from these applications on all of their lengthy travels. Many applications are accessible for essential functions like searching for nearby electric vehicle charging stations. Users who pay for a premium membership can access advanced features and feel secure throughout the rest of their travel.

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