Cataract Surgery Hospital in India

The hospitals under We Care India, a leading medical tourism company in India have tie-ups with the best hospitals in India where cataract surgery is performed by highly qualified and skilled professionals who completed their training from renowned international universities and have more than 30 years of experience in treating the eyes which are affected by cataract. They are the eye surgeons who use the latest and advanced techniques to treat the condition of cataract eye and have successfully achieved the highest rates in treating the cataract and preventing the patient’s eye from vision loss.

The hospitals under We Care India are the best because they offer the following which attracts the attention of people across the globe and these are:

a)     Support and care: The eye surgeons along with other staff will provide 24*7 support, proper medical and personal care, etc. which helps the patient to concentrate on their treatment for better results.

b)     Atmosphere: The atmosphere of these hospitals is very pleasant and comfortable and also people feel the positive energy when they enter to the hospitals which give them the hope that their vision will be protected.

c)       Cost: These hospitals offer a reasonable and affordable cost so that each individual across the globe can easily avail the benefits to protect their vision from cataract.

d)     Success Rates: Till date, the hospitals under We Care India have achieved the highest success rates in treating the cataract eye condition.

Brief description of the Cataract Surgery in India

Cataract Surgery in India is a procedure in which the eye surgeons will remove the natural lens and this is a procedure which is performed on one or both eyes that have developed an opacification. When the patient lens becomes cloudy due to which light rays cannot pass through them easily and they experience blurred vision, these are the condition when cataract surgery becomes necessary to protect the vision from complete loss. It has been found that people experience the first symptom of cataract as a strong glare from the light which hits their eyes in the morning and small light in the darkness.

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When the eye surgeon performs the cataract surgery they will replace the affected lens with high quality of lens which helps in restoring the transparency of the lens. Cataract surgery is an effective and safe procedure to protect the vision from total loss if treated on time.

What are the cataract symptoms?

The following are the symptoms due to which cataract occurs and these are:

  • Cloudy or dim vision
  • Poor night vision
  • Seeing halos around light
  • Multiple eye vision
  • Sensitivity to glare
  • Need for brighter light while reading or sewing.

Causes of cataract

A cataract is usually associated with the people over the age of 40 years. Besides, the age, the following are the causes of cataract:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Hypertension or high blood pressure
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Previous eye injury
  • Family History
  • Hormonal replacement therapy

Method to perform cataract surgery in India

Before your eye surgeon begins to perform cataract surgery they first numb the eyes by eye drops so that you will be awake during the procedure. After that, your surgeon will make a small incision in the front of your eye by using a specialized tool which is useful to break the cataract. Now, they will insert the new lens which is made up of silicone or plastic.

In most of the cases, the surgeons make use of intraocular lens after the removal of the natural lens. Your eye surgeon will insert the lens through the small incision. After the lens is inserted, the eye surgeon will close the incision with stitches. The cataract surgery is a procedure which has been proved as the best procedure across the globe in improving the power of vision among the patients who faces challenges in seeing the objects.

To whom cataract surgery in India is recommended

A cataract is a surgery which is recommended to the people who face challenges while seeing the objects. This is a procedure in which the eye surgeon will insert the intraocular lens in one eye which allows the patient to view nearer objects and intraocular lens in another eye for a distant vision. In most of the cases, people face challenges while viewing the objects in darkness, therefore, the eye surgeon recommends cataract surgery to these people as the growth of cataract leads to complete vision loss. So, it is advisable to the patients to get the surgery immediately before the condition becomes worse.

How to prevent the eyes from cataract?

You can prevent your eyes from cataract by making some changes to your lifestyle. Your dietary changes can improve the chances of avoiding cataracts, but this is not a guarantee. Your eye surgeon would suggest you quit smoking which can be useful to reduce the chances of occurring cataracts in your eyes.

However, the best way to maintain your eye is the regular check-up of your eyes. Lastly, the permanent cure of the eye is the surgery which is a quick and fast method through which cataracts will be removed. It has been found that some patients get relief immediately after the surgery and some will take around a month to have full vision again.

 Is Cataract Surgery Cost in India is reasonable?

Yes, Cataract Surgery Cost in India is very reasonable which ranges between USD 1500 to USD 3,000 and this will depend on the type of equipment has been used for the surgery, however, if you compared the cost of cataract surgery in India with other developed countries than you will find India is the most reasonable country for cataract treatment because here, the surgeons aim to prevent your vision from vision loss and this is the reason they kept the reasonable cost so that people of every class can easily afford the treatment and enjoy viewing this beautiful world.

India is a country where people across the globe travel for their cataract treatments and they achieved the highest success rates in restoring their vision.

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