How Should You Buy The Perfect Sapphire Jewellery?

Sapphire is one of the most sought-after gemstones among all. Its cobalt hue and mesmerizing beauty can never be ignored by people. So, the jewellery made from this gemstone has always been desired and admired by royalty for several hundreds of years. In fact, sapphire is still one of the most demanded gemstones. However, this can take billions of years to form. In ancient times, a lot of different beliefs surrounded this stone, for instance, the Persians believed that the world is rested on this sapphire stone, so the sky is blue due to the reflection of the stone. In ancient Rome and Greece, the stone was relied on to ward off any negativity from people’s life. However, in today’s time, sapphire is mostly worn as jewellery.

It’s also a preferred stone for an engagement ring. The charming blue hue of this sapphire stone offers a unique look to one’s engagement ring bringing both beauty and elegance. So, sapphire is undoubtedly an incredible, classy, and elegant stone that people desire. However, it requires careful inspection and consideration before investing in sapphire jewellery. Unfortunately, a lot of people are unaware of how they should buy the perfect sapphire jewellery. So, let’s take a look at the following ways to evaluate a sapphire’s quality and buy the perfect stone, 

The Colour 

The colour indicates the shades of the sapphire stone. Essentially, the level of saturation determines the intensity of the colour. So, the higher the saturation, the better it is for a perfect sapphire stone. Apart from color, there are other two considerations that people have to follow while buying Australian sapphire jewellery. This includes the hue and the tone. The hue refers to the stone’s colour. And the tone refers to the darkness or lightness of the stone. A lot of people think that the saturation and the tone indicate the same thing. But, it’s not true. The saturation indicates the opacity of the stone. And the tone refers to the darkness and lightness of the colour present in the stone.

However, the stone can be found in a variety of colours. This includes yellow, green, purple, red, white, and blue sapphires. But, the most well-loved and common type of sapphire is the blue-coloured one. It’s known for its presence in the royal jewellery collection. The gorgeous blue colour is created with the addition of iron and titanium. The reason why blue-coloured sapphire is the most desired one among all is due to its vibrancy and elegance. But, colour isn’t the only factor that one must check. There are other factors as well. 

The Clarity 

A lot of people find it difficult to look for sapphires without visible inclusions. It’s because it’s very rare. Hence, it’s quite expensive too. Typically, sapphires come with visible inclusions. Sometimes, these inclusions are called needles. It may look like small fine lines inside the stone. But, it should be eye-clean. People must note that most lab-grown sapphires don’t have these inclusions. This doesn’t mean that it should be high-priced. Yet, marketers are selling them at extremely high prices as most people aren’t aware of this fact. But, expert gemmologists can easily determine whether the gemstone is authentic or not depending upon its type of clarity. Ideally, the sapphire stone should be cleaned enough so that no inclusions can be seen with the naked eye. This is as important as checking the wearer’s horoscope before wearing this stone.

The Carat Weight

Ideally, the sapphire is one of the heaviest stones among all. But the size can vary, for instance, between the same carat sapphire and diamond; the sapphire stone could be smaller in size. However, as the number of carats increases, the size increases simultaneously. Also, people must note that it’s a price influencing factor. It means the heavier the sapphire would be, the higher the cost will be. This is one of the important considerations to follow before buying precious jewellery made of sapphire stone. 

The Cut Of The Sapphire

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the perfect cut of the sapphire stone. After all, the cut of the stone will determine the beauty and brilliance of the stone. So, people should view the stone from various angles in the light to check the symmetry and facets. In case the stone isn’t cut symmetrically, then it will not reflect the light properly. So, it must be cut with precision. 

A sapphire stone can be found in cushion, oval, round, radiant, pear, and marquise shape. It depends on an individual’s choice and preferences when it comes to choosing the perfect one. But, these four C must be considered before buying expensive sapphires. After all, it should offer the maximum advantage to the wearer.