Binary Options Strategy

The guide to winning 60 seconds binary options trade, it is mentioned below. As we all know about this fact binary options have a fixed amount in terms of profit or loss.

When it comes to trading Binary Options Strategy, then it is comparatively simple. It revolves around gut feeling or you can say simply answering the questions yes or no.

Below details will be able to help you out in order to determine how to get success and profits in trading these binary options.

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Binary Options Strategy

Step 1: Use a 1-minute binary options chart or the 60-second time frame chart

First of all, you have to make use of a 1-minute binary options chart or be it the 60-seconds time frame chart. Both of them are the same and serve a similar purpose. It is so far the best and highly recommended chart for the sake of trading binary options.

Moreover, it is on this chart that you have to draw two vertical lines initiating from the starting point and also ending point of your 50 candle low.

As soon as you move forward, then you have to put and make use of the RSI indicator. So if you have extremely oversold any of the reading or not.

Step 2: Pursue reversal trading strategy

The next step is to go for the reversal trading strategy. Here the RSI indicator is going to show and display a bullish reversal signal.

When the RSI reading reaches below 20, then it means that the market is in oversold territory and at the same time, it can also potentially reverse.

In addition, to move to the next step, the person needs to get hold of the 50 candle low. Besides, you need to have the RSI reading which is below 20.

Step 3: Look and search for a bullish divergence

After the implementation of a reversal trading strategy, you can look and search for a bullish divergence.

This is needed as this bullish divergence will lie in between the RSI indicator and also the price. During the trading reversals, the person has to be as precise and accurate as possible.

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Most importantly, the more confluence factors are there in your favour, the more accurate your reversal signal will come out to be. Now, at this spot, your RSI indicator should move higher and that too in the opposite direction.

Moreover, the sign of a potential reversal signal is that the price moves in only one direction. And the momentum indicator goes and keeps on moving in the opposite direction.

Step 4: Buy a Call Option

You are free to buy a call option as soon as you see that the first candle manages to get closed right above the high scale of the 50 candle low.

It is this first candlestick formation that will be marked and identified as your very first binary options trade entry signal. Now, from here, you can buy a 60-second Call option.

Thus, decide the amount which you want to invest and then choose the 60-seconds as your expiration time frame. Just wait for one minute and cross your fingers so that you may collect more and more profits.

Step 5: Collect your profits

Lastly, you should only collect your profits and the returns if the next candle manages to get closed higher than that of your trigger candle.

 Besides, if during the expiration and ending time, your price becomes higher as compared to the price you opened, then it all means that you are lucky and fortunate enough to check-in with a big payout.


Hence, what’s the bottom line? We have provided you with an effective binary options strategy. Do follow it and get success on this trading platform. By following this plan, you can easily win this 60-second trade.

Just keep in mind to follow a heuristic approach so that you can speculate and easily predict when the price is going to move upward or downward during the next 60 seconds.