Top 6 Free Webinar Platforms of 2023

The world had gotten used to virtual events two years ago, and since then people have stopped looking back. Virtual events have become more popular than we thought they ever will. Though people across the globe were skeptical about virtual events initially, it was once that we started to host virtual events, we realized the importance of hosting virtual events. In this article, we are providing info about some of the Best free Webinar Platforms.

Among different kinds of virtual events, one of the most popular types of events is webinars. Webinars are the digitized version of seminars and are counted as one of the most effective methods of marketing. However, to host immersive and extensive webinars, you need to have access to an expert webinar platform. But, this is where it gets challenging. Since there are a plethora of options available, it is not easier for the organizers to select a platform.

Top 6 Free Webinar Platforms

Considering this, here, we have compiled a list of the best free webinar platforms of 2023. Have a look.


Mixhubb is a 3D online event hosting platform that allows organizers to customize their events according to their brand requirements and objectives. It is a self-managed platform that enables the organizers to design and execute their events all by themselves. Not only this, Mixhubb comes with a set of top audience engagement tools that enables the organizers to keep the audience hooked to the webinar. Moreover, it provides users with top-notch networking tools, which allows them to connect with fellow attendees and speakers and build long-lasting relationships.

Mixhubb is a pocket-friendly solution that makes it suitable for all scales and kinds of industries. Also, it comes with a user-friendly interface that enables the attendees to access the webinar with utmost ease and comfort. Mixhubb comes with a one-month free trial offer that the organizers can use to test and try this platform. During this period, the organizers can host an unlimited number of webinars on this platform, with up to 100 attendees.


Demio is one of the most prominent names when we talk of hosting webinars. If your objective behind hosting webinars is to generate more leads for your business, you should definitely consider this option. It is a customizable platform that allows its users to customize their events according to their brand requirements and objectives. Not only this, Demio comes with compelling and gripping audience engagement tools that ensure that the organizers maintain a consistent audience engagement rate throughout the event. Moreover, its robust in-event analytics enables the organizers to gain an insight into the attendee activity while the event is going on.


Considered one of the best online event platforms for product demos and sales, Livestorm is a web-based solution that enables organizers to tap into a wider range of audiences. Not only this, the attendees can join the webinar from any device of their choice. In addition, this platform comes without any restrictions when it comes to webinar size. With its super amazing audience engagement tools, you can keep your audience hooked to the event and maintain consistent audience engagement rates throughout the webinar. One feature that helps this platform stand out from the competition is that to attend webinars on this platform, the attendees don’t need to create an additional account.


Next, we are talking about a power webinar solution that has been trusted by several global brands. If you are small to mid-scale organization and looking for a solution to host engaging webinars, you should consider going with this platform. The advanced functionality of this platform can auto-detect time zones. Moreover, the organizers can host an unlimited number of webinars through this platform through the cloud-based servers. In addition, EverWebinar comes with real-time statistics that enable the organizers to track the real-time performance statistics, enabling the organizers to measure the success of the webinar.


The next name on the list of the best webinar platforms is ClickMeeting. Here the organizers can conduct webinars with utmost ease and comfort. This platform comes with top integrations, which allow the organizers to host webinars more efficiently. In addition, ClickMeeting lets the organizers customize the meeting invites and automate meetings. This platform is most suitable for small to mid-scale organizations.

So, if you are one, look no further. ClickMeeting comes with super engaging features and an interface. These features assure that the attendees stay hooked to the event till the end of the event. Moreover, it allows the organizers to maintain a consistent audience engagement rate in the entire webinar. It comes with a recording feature that allows the organizers to record the webinar. They can use the recording later according to their convenience.


One of the most renowned and well-known platforms for hosting webinars, meetings and conferences, Zoom lets you host free and A1 webinars. It is a complete cloud-based platform that the organizers can use to expand their brand reach, and connect to larger audiences. Also, being a multi-device accessible platform, the attendees can join with any device of their choice. Not only this, Zoom is one of the most user-friendly platforms, and the attendees can join the webinar with utmost ease. Also, to allow the attendees to interact with others, Zoom provides them with a live chat feature.

In addition, Zoom allows the speakers to share their screens, to deliver their content effectively. Also, if you need to host a quick meeting, or get aboard with a client super quickly, Zoom is the most affordable and appropriate platform. With Zoom, you can host group meetings for up to 40 minutes and up to 100 attendees in its free plan.

Webinars have been in use even before the world knew anything about the pandemic. However, it was in times of need and adversities we started to host webinars on a large scale. Though several organizations now know the meaning of webinars and what it takes to host immersive webinars, the most common challenge that persists is choosing a suitable platform. We hope this blog makes it easier for you to choose the platform that aligns with your objectives and requirements.