Top 14 Best Team Communication Tools for Businesses In 2024

The ongoing pandemic has changed the working standards and patterns. Businesses these days have adopted the remote working culture. But what makes remote working culture so successful? Effective communication tools. There is no shortage of team communication tools in a market, but all you need to do is implement the best that improves productivity. 

What’s the secret recipe for thriving remote culture? Good communication, right?

Demand for team communication tools is on the rise. From communication to project management to time management, modern technology offers ample options. It seems like every day; new tools get launched while existing ones come up with more features and functionalities.

In short, effective communication is the key to the success of every organization. In fact, a research report released by Harvard Business Review stated that employees right now are required to cooperate and collaborate with teammates for 80% of tasks. So imagine, just like it is impossible for a car to move without petrol, the organization also can’t enjoy success without effective communication.

In this blog post, we are going to talk about the 13 most used and effective team communication tools that, if used wisely, will reinforce communication between teammates and your clients. So let’s talk.

Effective Communication Tools Shortlist

With the rise of work from a home pattern, one common question arises how to stay connected and maintain productivity. There are numerous communication tools that are best for remote teams and streamlines workflow.

For companies that communicate effectively, chances are 4.5 times higher to retain the best workforce. We have brainstormed on behalf of you and conducted research on the best 13 team communication tools you should use to achieve business success. So, let’s dive right in.


Connect and communicate with your on-site, on-field, and remote workforce virtually despite the location barrier with the NuovoTeam productivity communication suite and push-to-talk app. 

Swiftly collaborate and enhance productivity across the workforce despite location barriers and gain visibility into modern business transformation. NuovoTeam communication suite is designed to empower the frontline workforce to yield optimum productivity and streamlined communication.

NuovoTeam smoothens the operational activities between the organization and its workforce by following advanced features:

  • Push-to-talk
  • Streamlined communication & collaboration
  • Remote/ Location tracking
  • Unified corporate directory
  • VoIP calls & video calls
  • Read receipts, voice notes & file exchange,
  •  End-to-end encrypted text exchange
  • Content collaboration so that the operational activities don’t fall under the level of contingencies.

The organization can also monitor their remote workforce by tracking their location, access to the logs of clock-in and clock-out, and enabling access to the directory of organization-wide unified contacts for streamlined contact management.

It facilitates the flow of communication with immediate text messaging, VoIP calling, video calling, and group chats. To keep the workforce engaged or communicate during an HR crisis effectively, it also has the additional Newsfeed and broadcast messaging interface.

NuovoTeam helps drive productivity across several industries.

  1. Logistics & Transport
  2.  Healthcare
  3. Construction
  4. Manufacturing
  5.  Remote Teams
  6.  First Responders
  7.  Oil & Gas Industry

NuovoTeam is available for Android and iOS.


Slack is the most popular team collaboration tool that allows instant messaging, document sharing, audio/video calls, and much more. One of the best points about Slack is that it streamlines your workflow as you can use it across all devices and browsers. Another good thing about Slack is that it can be integrated with other services such as Google Hangouts, Asana, Trello, Twitter, etc.

Users can get started with a freemium plan with a 10K message history limit to enjoy more features, standard plan starts from $6.67 per user per month.


Hive is another popular team communication tool used for project management, collaboration, and smooth task coordination. Users can send direct messages and do comments on tasks; it also enables users to organize projects in the Kanban board, table, or calendar.

Hive can be integrated with Google Drive, Salesforce, Dropbox, Zoom, and more than plenty of other tools with the help of Zapier. Hive offers 14 day free trial; later, users need to upgrade their plan, which starts from 12/user/month.

Skype for Business

Skype is one of the oldest and top-rated communication tools launched by Microsoft., but have you ever tried Skype for Business? Yes, it seems the same, but it’s not. Skype for Business comes with an advanced level of features that allow up to 250 users to meet in a video call and to communicate, discuss and exchange files.

Skype for Business offers three plans, free, office 365 essentials, and office 365 Business premium. Price may vary based on plans.


Flowdock is one of the best and modern team communication tools that brings all your chats, work files, and tools into a single place. It’s is a great alternative to email as it offers an impressive interface that takes seconds to get used to. If you are new and want to test features and functionalities before opting for premium, it offers a 30-day free trial, and the subscription plan starts from $3 per user per month.

Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq aims to establish team collaboration effortlessly and workflows in the same place. From instant messaging to group channels to integration with other project management tools to video calls to screen and file sharing, Zoho Cliq is one of the best team communication tools with a free version for unlimited users.


If you are looking for the best collaboration tool that helps you manage small teams effortlessly, you should prefer Ryver without any second thought. If you don’t require lots of fancy features and want an easy interface, you should choose Ryver over anything else. Ryver offers exclusive features such as instant messaging, notifications, video calls, file sharing, and much more. Ryver has three plans; the basic plan starts at $49/per month.


Fleep enables you to communicate with other Fleep users; you can also send an email to anyone using the Fleep dashboard. A team in Fleep is equal to a private channel, just like Slack. From file sharing to email sending to audio and video calls, Fleep allows a maximum of 8 people in a call. Once the free trial of 30 days expires, you need to upgrade your account, and the plan starts from €5 per user.


Zoom has suddenly come into the limelight, and today we all know where it stands. It allows users to communicate no matter where they are located in the world. It offers video chat, chat app features, and the most useful feature, screen sharing.

Organizations prefer Zoom over anything else because it allows you to star an important message and search for the previous conversation by just typing a letter. Along with communication, it is also used to give remote job interviews.

You can use Zoom for free, a premium plan with a license that starts from $149.90 per year.


Jira is not designed for everyone. This is a project management tool originally developed for programmers and tech enthusiasts. From project management to project visualization to Kanban boards, it is one of the best project management tools developed for tech people. Jira integrates 1000+ add-ons and apps, allowing you to customize features and interfaces. Jira’s basic plan starts from $10 per month.


Chanty is a team communication tool that comes with modern features and makes communication between different teams much smoother. Major features of Chanty consist of team books, conversations, content sharing, saving ideas, and much more. Chanty is free for up to 10 members; the premium plan starts at $3 per user.

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is a user-friendly communication app that comes with advanced features and addresses your remote team’s needs. This Messenger can be integrated with other popular software such as DropBox and Google Drive. Direct messages to a group calling to screen sharing, It’s Messenger offers much more than you think. Pricing starts from $5 per month per user.


When making a list of the best team communication tools, we can’t overlook office 365. Office365 offers amazing tools to foster effective collaboration on regular tasks at the workplace. Moreover, team members also get news and updates through the announcement section. It also offers other tools such as PowerPoint, Excel, Skype, Word, etc. It can also be integrated with popular tools such as Microsoft Outlook, Zapier, DropBox, and many more.


Trello is a popular web-based project management tool that is developed and designed to streamline project-related tasks. Set up boards to add members to assigning tasks and adding timelines; Trello makes project management much easier. From software companies to web design companies to marketing firms, everyone prefers Trello for project management.

Choose the Best Tool That Simplifies Workflows

There you have it! The 13 best team communication tools come with different features and functions that help you increase productivity and foster connections between team members. Without effective communication, the organization won’t achieve productivity but thanks to these digital tools that bridge the communication gap and help people communicate better.

Author Bio: Nirav Parmar

Having More than three years of experience, Nirav is an outreach expert at Elluminati Inc. His keen interest in communication, content, and digital marketing led him to work with many brands and helped entrepreneurs to establish an online presence that drives their business forward.