Best Online Shops in 2024 – Exposure Guide

Ecommerce is the current trend for the best online shops in 2024. As more days are passing, people are shifting more towards an online-based shopping experience.

You don’t need to walk a mile just to get your groceries. You don’t even have to roam around for hours to shop for dresses, everything can be done online.

Ecommerce is experiencing a massive rise in its popularity since the last decade. According to statistics, online spending is supposed to reach $5 trillion in 2021.

Fact: The pioneer of online shopping is Michael Aldrich. In 1979, he invented the process of online transactions between businesses and customers, which later became known as eCommerce.

We have come up with a list of the best online shops in 2024. This list will include shops from all around the world from different categories.

Chef Cart

Chef Cart specializes in Online Grocery Shopping. It is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. There are a lot of reasons why it is on this list. 

They have a very strong site security built-in. They check all boxes when it comes to protecting user data, privacy, and overall site security.

Chef Cart has a fairly simple layout that’s easy to navigate. They provide all essential grocery items that you will require on a regular basis. Their products are checked by their own quality control team before sending it out to the customers. Their products are collected from genuine retailers to ensure product authenticity. 

Chef Cart has an intuitive payment system. They offer Cash On Delivery, which is well received by their customers. People will first receive the product, check it, and then make the payment or return if they don’t want to have it anymore.

They have made online grocery shopping very fun and convenient.

Tease Tea

Founded in 2013 by CEO Sheena Brady, Tease Tea is a global tea manufacturer based in Ottawa, Canada. They are providing tea in over 30 countries across the globe. 

Their products are all-natural and ethically extracted. They work with local tea providers who extract high-quality tea in the most sustainable way possible. Their teas are Wheat and dairy-free.

Tease Tea also works for empowering women and young girls. They have contributed over $150,000 in product and financial support through their ‘Charitea’ program. 


Etsy specializes in handcrafted and vintage goods. It is a USA based company established in 2005. The company was created by Chris Maguire, Haim Schoppik, Robert Kalin, and Jared Tarbell.

Etsy sells products ranging from clothing, jewelry, arts, furniture, etc. as craft supplies and tools. They are well known for their unique and eyecatching vintage items. As per the company rule, vintage products sold on Etsy need to be at least 20 years old.

Their marketplace is huge. They had 60 million products listed in their shop in 2018 and their total sales were 3.93 billion USD in that same year.

The company is often considered as a side business, where people sell goods that are recycled or upcycled, along with unusual versions of mass-produced goods.


eBay, previously known as AuctionWeb is an American multinational eCommerce website based in San Jose, California, USA. It was founded by computer programmer Pierre Omidyar in 1995.

eBay is currently the largest (consumer to consumer) c2c online auction site in the world. As of 2019, it is available in 32 countries. You will find almost all types of products in his site, starting from broken flashlight to new iPhones and kitchenwares to antique pieces.

The company’s popularity has been growing ever since it had launched. In 2000, eBay had over 4.5 million items on sale along with 12 million registered users. In 2019, their net income was estimated to be 1.792 billion USD. Sellers are charged $0.35 per listing and takes 10-12% once the product is sold. Some subsidiaries owned by eBay are Auction Co., Kijiji, iBazar, GittiGidiyor, Gumtree, eBay classifieds, G-Market, StubHub, and,

They have a very unique and advanced search option. Customers can easily locate items that offer free shipping for both used and new products. Customers can choose various brands, prices, and features, and also look for products based on its ratings and reviews.

John’s Crazy Socks

This unique shop specializes in a variety of socks. John’s Crazy Socks is owned by Mark x. Cronin and his son John Lee Cronin. This joint venture was inspired by mark’s son john lee, who has down syndrome.

John’s Crazy Socks sells socks for people of all ages, that includes toddlers, young men/women, and also senior citizens. This is known for its unique designs and color schemes used on the socks.

Best Online Shops

This is charity work for disabled children and is known to donate 5% of their revenue to special Olympics. They do so because it helps in john’s development.

Shippings are done on the same day and every package includes a handwritten note from John himself along with some candy.


Amazon needs no introduction. Even if you have never visited the site, you will have heard about it. It is currently the most popular eCommerce shopping platform in the world.

The company is based in Seattle, Washington, it was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. Amazon is just too huge to ignore. You will find almost every type of product that you can think of, which includes groceries, kitchenware, baby care, all shopping product, fridge, Televisions, Air Conditioners, and almost every other type of small and large products. 

Their own products include Echo, Fire Tablet, Fire TV, Fire OS, and Kindle. Their popular services include, Amazon Alexa, Amazon Appstore, Amazon Music, Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime Video, and Amazon Web Services.

Amazon’s net sales were estimated to be around 280.5 million USD in 2019. According to statistics, every month around 197 million people visit their website. As of 2018, Amazon accounts for 49% market share in the US eCommerce section. Amazon is the world best online shops in 2024


It is not possible to cover all the great websites that are available to us. These are just a few examples we’ve listed that have some sort of unique characteristics to it. You can do your own research and look for the ones that interest you the most. Which are the best online shops in 2024 that you should use varies depending on your region? Some are available globally and some are operational in very specific regions of a country.