Top 5 Best Hobbies To Keep You Fit

Losing weight is one thing. However, keeping slim is equally as hard. But there is a few enjoyable ways to keep fit. Here are the top 5 best hobbies to keep you fit. Few of these hobbies I even participate in my own attempt to keep fit. It’s not hard to lose weight or build muscle while you are enjoying it. So, here are the top 5 best hobbies to your fit.


This is a great way to keep fit, and many people, including myself, find it very enjoyable. We all know what hiking is. It’s basically going for a long walk up a hillside or mountain.

I live in a pretty remote area in Ireland. Therefore, there is loads of paths and hillsides that I can hike on. However, this may be a more impractical hobby if you live in a city or urban area.

Exercise is great for your physical health but it also can improve your mental health. Nothing makes me feel better than sitting down on top of a mountain after a long hike. This is certainly a good hobby for keeping you fit and for anybody who likes adventure.

Boxing or martial arts

This is another activity that I love to do. I can understand that not everybody will enjoy it. However, I have always loved it.

I’ve been hitting a punch bag in my garage for about 8 months now. It was really easy to set up. All I had to do is purchase a punch bag online for £50, and build a wooden frame. You are able to buy a frame online. However, I was on a budget.

Taking up boxing or a martial art might just do more than keep you fit. Per hour of boxing your body can burn up to 800 calories. You might have to be careful with this one. You could end up losing a lot of weight, and that might not be ideal for everybody. However, it is still a very enjoyable sport and a great hobby for keeping fit.


I had to add a team sport to this list. Personally, I’m not a big fan of football. However, it is a globally loved sport. Any type of football can be great for you as a hobby. This includes soccer, American football, rugby, and even Gaelic.

Professional football players can run up to 5 miles in a single game. This is a huge amount of exercise. 1 single game of football a week can provide you with more than enough exercise. This hobby is guaranteed to keep you fit.

This is also a great hobby for your mental health. Being part of a team and socializing with friends is always good.

The most convenient thing about having football as a hobby is that you will never have to go far to find a club. Just about every town and village have its own football club. So, don’t be afraid to get involved.



Swimming is a hobby that I love and it’s great for keeping fit. I dedicate two days a week to going to a swimming pool and just swimming. I have even talked about it before on my own personal blog

The great thing about swimming is that anybody can do it. It applies little to no pressure on your joints. This means you will not feel any pain on your back, knees, or neck.

If you can’t swim don’t worry. Just about every swimming pool has swimming instructors in it. They will be happy to teach you and of course, it is a great skill to learn.

Per 10 minutes of swimming, you can burn up to 80 calories. This is quite a lot and certainly enough to keep you fit and in good shape.



Cycling is at the bottom of this list mainly because I hate it. But none the less it can be a great hobby to keep fit.

The reason I don’t like cycling is that I hate driving behind them on the road. Why can’t you just use a goddam cycle trail?


Lots of people like to cycle in a crowd. This is a pretty good idea. If you are cycling on a road then it will be a lot safer and of course it’s always a good idea to socialize with people you know.

The only true type of cycling that I enjoy is mountain biking. I live in Ireland, so there is just about an endless amount of mountains and little trails to cycle down. it is also a lot nicer then cycling on a road and having to avoid cars.

So in conclusion, any of these hobbies are a great way to keep fit. You can participate in anyone that you want. Personally, my favorite is boxing. It’s cheap and helps me to build muscle, or as an active pub goer it’s a good skill to have.