Faster Hair Growth: 7 Tips to Choose the Best Hair Oil

Wondering about the best hair oil for hair growth? This question may not offer any satisfactory answers unless you know your hair type and skin type. Your skin could be dry, normal, or oily, and your hair type too would be related to it. You should also look at your lifestyle patterns, stress and sleep cycles, and nutritional intake before making a decision.

Fashion keeps changing, but it is your style that defines who you are. Even if fashion encourages you to sport short hair, you can choose not to. If you like long and healthy hair, most skin experts would agree that the route shall run through proper hair care. This would also include using the best hair oil for hair growth, a shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask as per one’s hair type.

Your hair care plans should be geared for the weather changes too

At times, you may be too busy to follow through with a proper hair care routine. Other times, your hair might be exposed to the harmful rays of the sun and excessive pollution. And sometimes, your lifestyle choices might also be unhealthy (this could include sleep cycles and stress).

Such things can hamper the length and quality of your hair. If you do not take extra care by adopting a hair care routine, the situation could become worse. The good thing is that you could be a decision away from turning it all around- by using good-quality hair oil.

Using the best hair oil for hair growth can help you clear out issues like thinning, split ends, dry hair, frizz, and frequent breakage. The key is to follow a strategy that works the best and it is up next.

How to Choose the Best Hair Oil for Hair Growth?

Try walking down the aisle in the retail store where the hair care products are displayed. Unless you are sure of what you are going to buy next, you could end up getting confused. So, how would you find the best hair oil for hair growth (and is suited for your hair type too)?

You cannot decide while just sitting around and staring at the products. If you want to choose the best option and reap the best results, you need to come up with a strategy. The strategy you devise will eventually help you come across the right product. Thus, without further ado, let us help you follow a strategy to make the right decision.

Tip: You should also note the effect of pollution. This would help you have better results, even if the circumstances are not always conducive.

Here is what that strategy should sound like:

Step 1 – Look at the ingredients:

Before you purchase the best hair oil for hair growth, you need to look at the key ingredients present in the product. You should focus should be on natural ingredients when you read the product description.

Natural ingredients are indeed helpful, and you will be able to reap greater benefits. You should choose a product like Onion Hair Oil if it comes from a reliable brand and is free from harmful chemicals or toxins.

Step 2 – Discard any Product with Harmful Chemicals:

If you look closely at the list of ingredients, you will notice that many hair colors and dyes contain chemicals like ammonia, sulfate, parabens, silicones, and more. While such products may give you a cool look, their harsh and harmful chemicals may hurt you. They could also ruin the texture of your hair and might even create a lot many issues for your hair.

Step 3 – Look Away from Adulterated Products:

At times, we make the mistake of following our visual or nasal senses instead of our relying on some common sense. If you look at a product that comes in attractive packaging and smells fantastic too, it does not necessarily signify its usefulness too.

Such colors or odors could also be due to the presence of artificial dyes and artificial fragrances. Such an adulterated product may not be able to do justice to your expectations, and your hair quality and growth might suffer.

Step 4 – Go for Multiple Benefits:

If you go out to purchase a hair care product, you will want it to solve multiple issues. You may want long hair or freedom from premature graying, and so on. However, you may also want your hair to be strengthened and the unwanted tangles to be smoothened.

So, based on how damaged your hair is and the solutions you need, you need to choose a product cautiously so that you can get multiple benefits from the same product itself. It should offer those benefits without any adverse effects too.

Step 5 – Understand the Suitability Factor:

Not all hair care products are meant for everyone. Some products might be exclusively made for curly hair, while some might be suitable for chemically treated hair. Thus, before you purchase the best hair oil for hair growth, check if it is compatible with your hair type in the first place.

If you see that the product is suitable for all hair types, including chemically treated and altered hair, you can surely go ahead and buy the product.

Step 6 – Check for the Safety Assurance:

When you buy something, you are concerned about how safe the product is for use. Not all of us are clinical experts who can whip up tests in the laboratory to analyze the sample. That is why we should buy a product that has undergone dermatological testing and has been certified safe for regular use.

Remember that the best hair oil for hair growth should be accompanied by a safety certificate from an authorized body like the MadeSafe Certification. This is a key step to selecting and buying the product.

Step 7 – Read Blogs and Online Reviews for the Best Brand:

For further verification, you should take some time out to read online blogs to understand what the latest trend is. You can also use this opportunity to know more about a product and read its online reviews to make your mind.

If you have found the best brand that way, you are good to go. However, if you need our recommendation, then we would suggest you look at the product portfolio of Mamaearth. One such oil is Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil for Hair Regrowth and Hair fall Control With Redensyl, and it is best meant to address premature hair fall and graying.

Another product you may try is Mamaearth BhringAmla Hair Oil with Bhringraj and Amla for Intense Hair Treatment, it is best meant to strengthen hair follicles and reduce dandruff. You may use either of these oils on daily basis to nourish your scalp and to have healthier growth.

Hair Oil

Summing up

That is how you produce a strategy and find the best hair care product either online or offline. You should be able to discover the best hair oil for hair growth for your hair with this strategy. Just remember to use the product twice a week to see if it is okay with your hair type and then follow it up with a good-quality conditioner and hair oil for the best results.