Top 14 Best ChatGPT Alternatives 2024 (Free And Paid)

Are you tired of ChatGPT providing outdated replies or experiencing occasional downtime? Elevate your conversational AI game to the next level this 2024.

ChatGPT is an impressive tool that delivers exceptional results in writing codes, building stories, creating poems, songs, articles, and more. It is more useful in the Digital Marketing Stream. There are other websites like ChatGPT that offer similar experiences with added features.

As technology continues to advance, several AI tools comparable to ChatGPT have emerged in the market, making it challenging for users to determine the right fit. However, there’s no need to worry as we’ve scoured the web to identify the best ChatGPT alternatives. These AI platforms, with their attentive personas and incredible features, will take your conversations to unprecedented heights.

Join us on a thrilling ride as we explore these 14 ChatGPT alternatives that are poised to revolutionize the conversational AI landscape in 2024.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT, a large language model chatbot, is an acronym for “Chat-based Generative Pre-trained Transformer.” It is a robust conversational AI tool built on the foundation of GPT-3, which has been trained on an extensive corpus of hundreds of billions of words extracted from the internet.

With the ability to interpret, respond, and generate textual responses based on user input, ChatGPT is a state-of-the-art conversational AI tool.


OpenAI, the AI research laboratory founded by Elon Musk and Sam Altman, is responsible for the development of GPT-3 and consequently can be credited as the founder of ChatGPT.

Unlike conventional chatbot systems, ChatGPT has been trained on an extensive and diverse dataset, enabling it to handle complicated conversations with higher precision and intelligence. It is well-suited for a wide range of conversations, from code generation to content creation. For a comprehensive understanding of ChatGPT’s capabilities, the 50 best ChatGPT examples are worth exploring.

As more data is fed into ChatGPT and deeper learning algorithms are developed, it is fascinating to ponder how much more remarkable ChatGPT will become. It has the potential to facilitate more efficient and intelligent AI conversations that are akin to human-to-human interactions.

ChatGPT Pricing

OpenAI has released its new pricing options for ChatGPT, which are detailed as follows:

Free ChatGPT plan: This plan offers the standard version of ChatGPT with its default capacity.

ChatGPT Plus: This is the upgraded version of the previously available ChatGPT Professional plan, now priced at $20 per month. ChatGPT Plus provides subscribers with priority access to the service during downtime.

The introduction of these pricing plans for ChatGPT by OpenAI represents an exciting development in the company’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its users.

Is ChatGPT going to be a Google killer?

ChatGPT is a cutting-edge chatbot developed by OpenAI, an AI research lab founded by tech luminaries Elon Musk and Sam Altman. It has been making waves in the AI community since its launch, and many people are wondering whether it could be a threat to Google, the world’s most prominent search engine.

While ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can generate text based on user input and handle complex conversations with ease, it is not designed to replace Google or any other search engine. It is a chatbot, not a search engine, and serves a different purpose.

Google is the most used search engine in the world, and its algorithm is designed to scan and analyze billions of web pages to deliver the most relevant search results to users. On the other hand, ChatGPT has been trained on a vast amount of data to enable it to understand and respond to user input, making it a perfect tool for conversational purposes.

ChatGPT’s primary use case is to assist users in performing specific tasks, such as generating text or providing customer support, via a conversational interface. It can also be utilized to aid in decision-making, as it can generate context-specific responses and recommendations based on the user’s input.

While it’s true that ChatGPT has some similarities to Google’s chatbot service, Google Assistant, it’s worth noting that they serve different purposes. Google Assistant is designed to assist users in managing their daily routines, answering questions, and controlling smart devices, while ChatGPT is primarily used for generating text and handling conversations.

In conclusion, ChatGPT is a remarkable tool that has significant potential to improve the way we communicate with AI. However, it is not intended to replace Google or any other search engine. ChatGPT serves a different purpose, and while it may compete with other chatbots or conversational AI tools, it does not pose a threat to Google’s dominance in the search engine market.

Why go for a ChatGPT alternative?

While ChatGPT currently leads the AI conversational space, a growing number of alternative options have emerged that warrant consideration. The primary advantage of exploring ChatGPT alternatives is the availability of a diverse array of features, designed to address varying use cases. Despite being an impressive tool, ChatGPT does have its limitations, including the following:

  • Inability to generate real-time data due to its training on data predating 2021.
  • Lack of capability to produce visuals or AI art.
  • Incapacity to receive voice commands or provide voice responses.
  • Absence of an API for integration into applications or other platforms.
  • Potential for error messages related to heavy traffic, indicating ChatGPT is at capacity or unavailable.
  • Subscription costs for ChatGPT Plus are $20 per month, which may not be affordable for everyone.

Consequently, ChatGPT alternatives, such as ChatSonic, offer the advantage of providing more tailored features to fit specific needs at a potentially lower cost. These alternatives also offer a suite of support tools, including tutorials, user-friendly dashboards, rapid response times, and valuable customer service.

Therefore, when searching for natural language processing power, deep learning capabilities or a more streamlined, simplified platform, ChatGPT alternatives offer multiple options to explore. Additionally, alternatives may be better suited for specific needs, such as persona communication or application integration.

Ultimately, ChatGPT and its alternatives provide a unique set of features and functionality, which require consideration to find the best fit for a given project. If you are interested in exploring the alternatives to ChatGPT, now is the time to delve deeper into the available options.

Top 14 Chat GPT alternatives:

Chat GPT alternatives

Google Bard

Following ChatGPT’s viral success, many users have shown interest in Google’s chatbot AI. Despite Google’s initial silence due to concerns about potential misuse, the company has recently yielded to public pressure and introduced an experimental conversational AI service called Bard. In the company’s latest blog post, CEO Sundar Pichai revealed that Bard is powered by a lightweight version of LaMDA, Google’s own next-generation language and conversational model.

Google claims that Bard aims to combine the world’s knowledge with the power, intelligence, and creativity of its language models. How does Bard differ from ChatGPT? Google Bard draws on the latest information from the web to provide up-to-date responses, giving it an advantage over ChatGPT, whose dataset only extends to 2021.

For the time being, Google Bard is only available to a limited number of trusted testers. While Google has not made any statements about integrating Bard into its search engine, the company plans to incorporate new AI-powered features into Google Search, which will display quick answers to search queries at the top of search results. As Google Bard becomes more widely available to the public, it could potentially compete with ChatGPT in the AI service space.

Microsoft Bing

Microsoft has announced the release of its upgraded MS Bing search engine, which utilizes an enhanced version of ChatGPT dubbed the “Prometheus model.” The company claims that the new model is faster and more accurate than ever before. Additionally, the new Bing includes a Chat mode that incorporates web queries and allows users to ask for contextual information based on them. During a recent event, Microsoft demonstrated the feature’s capability by using it to filter a list of recommended TVs.

Users can also plan trips, search for recipes, seek advice, and perform other tasks using Bing, similar to ChatGPT. While the new Bing is currently in a limited preview, it will be entirely free to use upon its release. Interested parties may join the waitlist to stay informed about this exciting ChatGPT alternative.


Chatsonic is a new and expansive AI chatbot alternative to ChatGPT, currently gaining popularity in the market. Built on the ChatGPT platform, it inherits the vast potential of its predecessor. However, Chatsonic boasts additional features and broader knowledge due to its ability to access the Internet, which is not yet possible for ChatGPT.

The ability of Chatsonic to output answers using Internet results enhances its accuracy, reducing the likelihood of errors. It also has the capability to remember conversations and build on them, ensuring the continuity of the chat. With 16 different personas to choose from, Chatsonic offers users a range of conversation partners, from an accountant to a poet.

Chatsonic distinguishes itself from ChatGPT with its microphone-based communication, which allows users to interact with the AI bot through voice input, similar to Google Assistant and Siri. Additionally, after concluding a conversation, users can choose to share replies through links or Word/PDF documents.

In comparison to ChatGPT, Chatsonic provides a better presentation of information due to its access to the Internet and latest updates. The AI chatbot also includes an image generator that can create decent images from prompts provided by users. The bot is not free; however, it provides 25 free generations per day, and additional images can be generated using Writesonic word balance. The long-form plan for Chatsonic starts at a reasonable price of $12.67 per month.

Overall, Chatsonic offers an impressive ChatGPT alternative that can be accessed through its browser extension or Android app. Users can enjoy a positive experience while engaging with this AI chatbot that enhances their productivity and communication.

Access to the internet enlarges knowledge.Only 25 independent generations
Conversations are spiced up with a variety of personas.
Android app and companion browser extension
able to read back the response

Jasper Chat

Jasper, an established player in the AI content generation industry, has gained considerable popularity among users. Apart from its content generation capabilities and other services, Jasper has recently introduced a chatbot called Jasper Chat. This alternative to ChatGPT is also based on GPT 3.5 and several other language models, with OpenAI as its partner. However, Jasper Chat is specifically designed for businesses operating in fields such as advertising and marketing.

Despite its business-oriented focus, Jasper Chat is also accessible to anyone seeking an AI chatbot like ChatGPT. According to the company, Jasper Chat has extensively analyzed billions of articles and other sources of information in 29 languages up to mid-2021. As a result, while it may not contain the most recent information, it is capable of conducting medium to complex conversations. Additionally, there is a toggle that can be used to include Google search data, enhancing its performance.

During a trial run, Jasper Chat proved to be a competent chat companion, capable of engaging in various activities, such as solving riddles, writing video scripts, telling jokes, and tongue twisters. It can even produce ad copy with ease. Jasper’s contextual memory enables it to recall previous prompts. However, Jasper explicitly states that it is not a research engine, and all results must be fact-checked.

While Jasper Chat is free, access to all its features requires a Boss or Business plan. The Boss Plan starts at $59 per month, which may seem expensive, but it includes access to all of Jasper’s services. A five-day trial is available to determine its suitability.

has the ability to converse effectivelybehind a high-priced paywall
a boon for professionals in the workforce and marketinga little-used dataset

Character AI

Character AI is a ChatGPT alternative that is entirely based on personas. The AI behind Character is founded on neural language models, which have been developed with conversations in mind. However, what makes Character unique is that users can select from a range of personalities to interact with, rather than being limited to a single AI chatbot.

The homepage of Character AI boasts a diverse range of personas, including well-known figures such as Elon Musk, Tony Stark, Socrates, Joe Biden, and Kanye West. What sets Character apart from other chatbots is that, depending on the persona selected, the AI will adjust its conversational style accordingly.

For instance, during my conversation with Kanye, I received egotistical responses, while chatting with Socrates, the AI’s tone was significantly more composed. Additionally, Character AI offers a microphone input, and each persona has a unique voice that corresponds with their personality.

Creating a persona on Character AI is a fun and interactive process. Users have the ability to customize their persona by selecting their name, greeting, voice, description, and even their avatar. The AI has a built-in image generator that can assist in creating an avatar that matches the user’s persona. Once a persona is created, users can start chatting right away and even share their persona with others.

However, I did notice that Character AI can be slightly slower in comparison to ChatGPT and other similar services. While not excessively sluggish, the AI can take a moment to catch up and complete its sentences. Nevertheless, I believe that with the accumulation of more user data, Character AI will improve its response time. To use Character AI, users must create an account since the chat gets locked after a few messages, but the service is entirely free of charge.

Numerous character choicesslower responses than usual
Interesting dialog with various characters
It’s fun to make your own character.


YouChat is an AI chatbot integrated within a search engine of the same name, providing users with a reliable and seamless conversational experience. Utilizing an upgraded large language model, YouChat has full access to the Internet, ensuring that it delivers up-to-date and accurate responses not only in chat but also within search results.

To start using YouChat, simply navigate to the chat page and enter your query to begin conversing. As a versatile chatbot, YouChat is capable of providing a wide range of information, including writing code, offering advice, breaking down complex concepts, summarizing books, and more. Occasionally, the bot may experience technical issues and be unable to provide a response.

While YouChat lacks additional features such as microphone input, chat sharing, or personalities, its comprehensive database of updated information compensates for these limitations. Furthermore, the service is completely free to use, making it easily accessible to all users.

The chatbot provides current data.Sometimes the bot fails and won’t answer.
the functionality similar to ChatGPT so you don’t miss outNothing more than talking.

OpenAI Playground

The OpenAI Playground is a specialized tool designed for users seeking to explore the capabilities of ChatGPT. While not intended for everyday use, this web-based platform offers advanced options that allow users to experiment with specific language models and other factors, such as randomness, token count, frequency penalty, and stop sequences. This customization option is particularly beneficial for those who wish to experiment with different models before developing an AI tool.

As a demo version of the ChatGPT service, the OpenAI Playground delivers outputs that are comparable to ChatGPT, providing users with a good indication of the actual service. Users can try out ChatGPT prompts, and the bot delivers accurate responses depending on the language model. The platform also supports speech-to-text inputs, and users can even upload audio recordings.

Unlike other AI bots, the OpenAI Playground operates seamlessly and provides quick responses. The platform is free to use, although users must sign up for an account. If users are unable to access ChatGPT, the OpenAI Playground is a viable alternative. It is essential to note, however, that access may be lost if the server experiences high demand.

spoiled for choice when it comes to learning languagesNot for regular use
Speed of response and accuracy at the ChatGPT level


Despite being surpassed by GODEL AI, Microsoft’s DialoGPT remains a popular, user-friendly AI tool that is both free and enjoyable to use. Trained on a dataset of 147 million multi-turn dialogues from Reddit, DialoGPT is equipped with support for multi-turn responses, which enables it to recall previous interactions. While it may be challenging to set up DialoGPT on your own, HuggingFace’s inference API makes it easy to experiment with this AI and its various prompts.

It is important to note that DialoGPT’s responses are not always optimal, as it is designed to be cheerful and can struggle to handle complex or emotional topics. For instance, when asked about a traumatic event, the AI was unaware of it but expressed confidence that it must be a positive development. This demonstrates the limitations of its contextual awareness. Moreover, DialoGPT lacks additional features like model selection, mic input, or image generators.

Although DialoGPT may not be the most advanced AI available, it is a practical and uncomplicated option for those seeking a basic chatbot.

Chatbot that is fun and lightheartedPoor at coming up with responses.
Quick and simple to useI couldn’t recall any previous responses.

Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI is a viable alternative to ChatGPT, which has been trained on OpenAI’s API and has shown impressive performance in terms of generating responses. The website is designed in a minimalist fashion and is user-friendly. The tool is equipped with features similar to those of ChatGPT, including the ability to engage in conversations and provide responses that range from simple to nuanced.

In contrast to ChatGPT, Perplexity provides citations for the sources it uses to answer questions, which can be helpful but also presents the potential for accidental plagiarism. The AI cites the source material at the end of each sentence, and upon using it, I found no evidence of copy-pasting.

Despite not having multi-turn response capability or the ability to interact with the AI in ways other than through text, Perplexity was able to maintain coherent and engaging conversations. Additionally, the website offers a neat dark mode for users. Perplexity AI is completely free to use and does not require an account, providing users with unlimited access to its ChatGPT-like tool. Give it a try and explore its full potential.

communicates effectively without confusionmight copy sources by accident
cites sources and provides answersThere are no more features.
Layout of a minimalist websiteCan’t recall previous responses


Replika is an established AI chatbot that has gained recognition as one of the pioneers in the field. However, unlike other chatbots, Replika prioritizes fostering companionship and building relationships with users. With a global user base in the millions, Replika has served as a platform not just for casual conversation, but for cultivating meaningful connections.

Powered by the GPT-3 language model, Replika is autoregressive, meaning it learns from previous user inputs. With a focus on delivering engaging dialogue, the chatbot adapts its responses to align with the user’s unique communication style and personal experiences.

To begin, users create a customized Replika avatar and can immediately engage in conversation without any wait time. The chatbot is equipped to discuss a wide range of topics, from daily life experiences to emotions and even random trivia. With access to the internet, Replika stays up-to-date on the latest news and events.

The intricacies of Replika are remarkable, as the chatbot maintains a virtual diary of conversations and is able to engage users in games, astrology, and even video calls (with a Pro Membership). As users progress through different relationship statuses, Replika’s accuracy and depth of conversation increase.

A Pro Membership with Replika begins at $19.99 per month and offers video calling and enhanced relationship options. The chatbot is available on the web, Android, and iOS devices. Discover for yourself the possibility of finding a unique AI companion similar to the movie HER with Replika.

can have complex conversationsPaywall-protected features
recalls previous responsescostly subscription
AI-powered video calls

Neeva AI

Despite its many features, ChatGPT has a limitation in that its database only extends up to 2021 and is unable to access information from the internet without the use of extensions. As a result, those in search of an alternative to ChatGPT that can perform web searches may want to consider Neeva AI.

This AI search engine offers a more user-friendly approach to web searches, providing answers to a variety of queries such as recipes, food and gifting ideas, and more, all without the need to sift through multiple search results. Neeva AI also cites its sources in the summary, making it easy to delve deeper into an answer. Furthermore, it does not track users or serve ads during searches.

The free version of Neeva AI offers an ad-free experience, albeit with certain limitations. To access unlimited ad-free search results, users may opt for the premium membership priced at $5.99 per month or $49.99 per year. Along with ad-free searches, the premium membership includes access to password managers Dashlane or Bitwarden, early access to new features, live Q&As with Neeva’s leadership team, and more.

Private search without adsOnly 50 ad-free searches per month are available on the free tier.
Answers in a manner that is simple to readCostly premium membership
In its summaries, it includes links to sources.

You Should Try Other AI Tools

These are the leading ChatGPT alternatives that we recommend you explore. Nevertheless, we also propose several other notable AI solutions that you should consider. Please peruse the following selection of AI chatbots and services:


Many individuals encounter challenges when creating presentations using traditional software. Tome, an AI-powered storytelling platform that utilizes GPT-3, offers a solution for these occasions and more. This platform generates a presentation based on the user’s prompts and pairs it with a corresponding set of images for each slide. The user has the option to choose a presentation or an outline, and can even select the image style from DALL-E 2.

To begin using Tome, the user selects the presentation option and enters the desired topic for the slides. The AI algorithm comprehends the concept and generates slides accordingly. Within a few minutes, the user receives an eight-page presentation complete with detailed information and images. Although the AI tries to incorporate relevant images, more complicated prompts may require additional user intervention.

Tome also enables user intervention, which allows for the creation of additional slides and adjustment of their components. The user can add headings and 3D rendering, embed live content, select themes, and add color options, among other features. Tome even facilitates narrative video recording, permitting the user to present alongside the slides.

With 500 initial credits, Tome utilizes 15 credits per session. Although not flawless, Tome is a clever presentation solution worth trying.


The aforementioned alternatives to ChatGPT are predominantly geared towards facilitating conversations, information gathering, and casual interaction with AI. However, Rytr is an AI writing assistant that helps individuals with writing tasks. This software is designed to generate high-quality copy for various purposes. Rytr employs a language AI model to assist copywriters around the world in producing content for ideation or practical use.

Rytr boasts over 40 use cases and 20 tones to cater to various types of copy requirements. Additionally, the software supports over 30 languages, including popular ones. Rytr claims that its generated content necessitates minimal editing, resulting in pitch-perfect material. Rytr also includes an SEO analyzer and plugins for WordPress and a Chrome extension to enhance functionality.

To utilize Rytr, one must first create an account. After logging in, select language, tone, use case, creativity, variations, and idea metrics. As previously stated, Rytr provides multiple use cases, including but not limited to story writing, business ideas, blog writing, and interview questions.

The generated copy is precise and adapts to the article’s structure based on the use case. New users receive a free plan with 10,000 characters, and they can upgrade to a premium plan to obtain more characters. Rytr’s prices are reasonable, starting at $29 per month. Consequently, try out Rytr to determine whether it meets your copywriting needs.

Socratic AI

Socratic is an educational AI tool currently owned by Google, intended to assist students with homework questions. The app is powered by Google AI and supports a wide range of subjects including Science, Maths, Social Studies and English Grammar. Socratic utilises the camera to visually display solutions to problems, requiring users to upload an image of their homework and select the relevant question. The app delivers a solution within seconds.

However, text and mic input are also supported. Socratic has proven successful in solving complex equations and other written questions. The app is free to use and can be downloaded using the provided link.


Peppertype is an artificial intelligence (AI) service that specializes in generating a diverse range of text-based content. This innovative platform boasts an extensive array of content options, such as Google Ad Copy, Quora Answers, Blog Ideas, e-commerce product descriptions, blog introductions and conclusions, and more. Additionally, Peppertype also offers a content rewrite feature, amongst other functions.

The website is designed with user-friendliness in mind, allowing you to conveniently categorize the different content options. Peppertype is also incredibly expansive, providing coverage for over 25 languages.

Having personally tested Peppertype for a variety of purposes, I found the service to be extremely efficient and effective. The generated content is tailored to your specific requirements and is of a high standard. In most cases, the content required minimal to no revisions, making it easy to simply copy and paste. However, I did notice that the content rewriter feature was not particularly strong, as it produced very little change when tasked with rewording a paragraph.

Peppertype offers a free plan that allows you to generate content up to 5,000 words. Additionally, there are a range of other plans available, such as the Starter plan, which starts at $25 per month and expands the content limit to 50,000 words.

Right Now, Make Use of the Best ChatGPT Alternatives

We trust that the ChatGPT substitutes provided herein meet the standard of the original AI chatbot. Upon completion of your exploration of the options, kindly proceed to survey the AI art generators to peruse them through the AI visual medium. In the event that you are keen on deep fake apps and websites that enhance your facial features and produce distinctive visual content, we suggest reviewing the related article. If you have any other ChatGPT alternatives, kindly suggest them by leaving a comment below.