Top 10 Best 123Movies Alternatives To Watch Free Movies Online

At the time of writing this article, it has just dawned that people all across the globe are prisoners in their own homes. With the pandemic coronavirus spreading drastically, almost all countries affected have called for a complete lockdown. Now, it is natural that people would be wondering what to do with all their free time, and the answer is simple. Escape from the dreaded reality into a world that lets you imagine and believe. Escape into the world of movies. here we are providing the Top 10 Best 123Movies Alternatives to Watch Free Movies Online.

Now, most of you will tell me that with theatres and movie complexes also shut down, how can we enjoy the world of movies sitting in the comforts of our homes? Let me tell you about a little magic box called the 123Movies. With the help of this magnificent site, people from all over the world can watch almost all movies, series, and cartoons under one roof, and that too free of cost!

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It is quite possible that the next question arising in your mind will be how it is possible that when other streaming channels such as Netflix and Amazon Prime charge so much to view the same content, how can 123Movies give it for free? Now, in most countries like the USA and UK websites like 123Movies are banned, especially because the titles that they broadcast on their streaming channel are not licensed to them. Which invariably means that they are also illegal, or maybe not.

Nonetheless, millions of people all over the world take the optimum benefits of websites like 123Movies, but the thing about this portal is that today it is there, but tomorrow it might disappear. In cases when something like this might happen, people need to be prepared with a backup plan. This is why right about here I will be telling you of certain other websites that can act as an alternative to 123Movies.

Top 10 Best Alternatives To 123Movies In 2024


running on lines similar to 123Movies comes the website GOMovies. With thousands of movies and series added to the platform, GOMovies also allows viewership free of cost. What’s more is that besides streaming movies online, one can even download it to watch it later offline as well. So if you have some movies to catch up on, GOMovies is the portal that you can definitely try out.


we know about the best Hollywood channel Hollywood Box Office (HBO) and now let us introduce you to the streaming channel HDO. Now HDO is also a live streaming channel that allows you to view a number of American and British movies and series free. The only downside of this is that most of the prints are camera prints, so if you are someone who enjoys watching HD prints, then HDO might be a slight disappointment. 


next on the list of best alternatives to 123Movies is the portal IceFilms. The specialty of this portal is that it has a collection of some of the best vintage movies. If you are a fan of watching old timeless classics, this is one portal that you absolutely can’t miss. Apart from the vintage collection of movies they also host all the latest ones too. Another plus point is that you can watch movies online without having to sign up.


Another good alternative to 123Movies is Movie25. With a strong database of 70K plus movies and series, you can go vintage or look at some of the latest movies as well. On this portal, you need to sign up and create an account, but this too is free of charge. The one major plus of this portal is that it doesn’t have tons of ads that most other free movie portals bombard you with. This absence of advertisements makes your movie-watching experience more pleasurable so that you can manage time to do your assignment without any assignment help.


similar to the portal 123Movies, MyDownloadTube also offers a portal where you can view series without any signup. They have a lot of movies as well that you can watch but after you sign up. As the name suggests, you can also download and view these series and movies offline. The only thing that is different on this portal is that instead of hosting a movie on their website, they will provide you with a link from where you can either watch it online or download it.



if not a paid version of Netflix, we bring you another alternative for 123Movies which is PopCornFlix. This portal also offers a large variety of movies and series that can be watched online free of charge and without any signup. Also, this portal offers HD-quality prints, so the viewing experience for all the avid movie buffs will definitely be personified.


another famous portal to view movies and series free is PrimeWire. This portal allows you to stream them free of cost or even download and watch offline without asking for a signup. All the movies and series listed here can be searched either category, date or popularity-wise.


another very popular online destination to view thousands of series, movies, and even documentaries is the portal Rainierland, which is also free of any charge. This portal is one of the most popular after Best 123Movies Alternatives.



next on the list is Crackle which is a network that offers tons of movies and series all in high-definition print. The only requirement is that you sign up and register to view the best of entertainment online. Before you sign up check to see if this portal is available in your country because they have quite a limited reach because of this site is not available worldwide.


imagine all the content on Netflix, except the fact that it is available completely free! That’s Vumoo for you all. In the past few months, it has gained a lot of popularity as a result of which we are adding it to the list of the Best 123Movies Alternatives.  All the popular and latest TV series and movies are available online at Vumoo, too without worrying about signing up.

Since we all are hurled inside our houses, it is best that we make the most of it. See movies and series that you have missed and even new ones that will give you a lot of things to speak about once quarantine time is up. Get lost in the world of movies and make the best you can from portals like Best 123Movies Alternatives.

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