Top 7 Benefits Of Using AngularJS In Website Development

There are ample front-end development frameworks that work on JavaScript (JS). Due to various benefits and exceptional features, AngularJS is the most popular one on the list. This front-end JS-based framework is used to build single-page web applications (SPAs).

Among the available frameworks, AngularJS development emphasizes testability and code quality. In this blog post, we will discuss the various benefits of using AngularJS frameworks for website development. Let’s get started.

What is AngularJS?

It is an amazing JS framework that helps developers create interactive and highly professional websites and web applications. This framework helps to develop premium and robust web applications that cater to your requirements. 

Originally, AngularJS was started as a Google project, but now it is an open-source front-end framework. It is maintained by Google to address the challenges faced by developers while creating and testing the code.

Some examples of popular websites that use AngularJS are Paypal, Snapchat, Amazon, Udemy, Netflix, Gmail, etc. In comparison to other JS frameworks, AngularJS requires shorter and lightweight codes that make it perfect for building large web applications.

Moreover, AngularJS is based on an MVC framework that allows data to synchronize automatically, resulting in reduced efforts and helping professionals meet project deadlines.

Benefits of Using AngularJS

Two-Way Data Binding

This AngularJS feature enables the synchronization between the model and view. With two-way data binding, whenever you make changes in the model state, it will automatically get reflected in the view and vice versa. For instance, by changing the value in the input box, the attached property’s value in a component class will also be changed. Thus, it handles the synchronization between the DOM and the model.

This bi-directional approach prevents one from performing manual modifications that result in early project delivery.

Code Reusability

As the name implies, it helps to reuse the already-written code. It saves a lot of time and reduces the project’s complexity by preventing the undertaking of extra work. So, the website development project can be finished earlier and can be delivered on a relevant timeline. This results in the quick development of the web application.

In addition, code reusability makes it easy to modify web applications. Moreover, hiring a company providing AngularJS development services can ensure your project delivery as soon as possible.

Simple Architecture

The MVC architecture of AngularJS is considered one of the simplest architectures that is easy to catch up with. It is helpful to enhance the features of a web development solution to any extent.

If we talk about managing heavy web applications containing complex requirements and multiple components. This simplified MVC architecture of AngularJS facilitates less coding and enables applications to perform faster.

Dependency Injection (DI)

It is a software design pattern that deals with how components handle the dependencies.

The DI of the AngularJS framework makes the application easy to develop, test, and understand. It is a core concept that allows a class to receive dependencies from another class. It facilitates you to divide your application into multiple components that can be injected into each other according to their respective dependencies.

Declarative and Fewer Coding

An inconsistent coding escalates development time and cost which directly reduces the efficiency of a digital product. In contrast, AngularJS offers consistent code, which makes developing websites easier by allowing the use of templates or predefined code snippets.

Moreover, to make repeatable chunks of code from the command line, the Angular team has developed and optimized CLI tools that enhance the consistency of the application.

Interactive User Interfaces

AngularJS facilitates developers to build a highly interactive user interface that can help clients to engage for a longer period. An amazing UI gives users a good website experience that makes them stay on the website for a period of time. 

An interactive and declarative user interface helps make things more understandable. Moreover, AngularJS also uses HTML syntax that makes code more user-friendly.

With entirely customizable elements, AngularJS allows developers to design the UI according to the client’s requirements. Moreover, the websites developed in the Angular framework are lightweight, reducing the loading time and enhancing the website’s speed.

Faster development process 

AngularJS is a widely used framework to create feature-rich web applications. Other aspects such as IDEs and CLI (Command Line Interface) also enhance the performance of this framework in terms of building a website.

As compared to other JS frameworks, IDEs of AngularJS help developers instantly track down mistakes, While the CLI makes the process of making web applications easier which leads to rapid web development.

Should You Use AngularJS for Website Development?

AngularJS is beneficial to create a website having some complex technical elements. It is an easy-to-use framework that requires less coding. A Web development company offering Angular JS development services can make use of AngularJS for the rapid development of a website.

In addition, to leverage the benefits of AngularJS, you can hire an AngularJS web development company for effective website development. Having numerous features like dependency injection, MVC pattern, directives, etc., make it a robust solution for creating a website. Despite this, it is an open-source platform that makes it popular among the developer community.

With the benefits mentioned above, AngularJS is a proven front-end framework for website development. AngularJS allows developers to create faster and cheaper business-oriented web applications. In addition, If you want to create a typical UI without wanting to learn a new language, you can use AngularJS to create your own front-end.

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For creating an attractive web application, front-end development services are highly required. AngularJS is the preferred technology to develop robust, fast, and interactive web applications. 

Apart from the list of above-mentioned benefits, AngularJS facilitates you to easily test your web applications as it allows for both end-to-end and unit testing. It will be a time and resource-saving approach to choose AngularJS for your projects.