Top 21 Best Free Beat Making Software In 2024 (Windows Or Mac)

Thinking of trying your hands on beat creation but do not want to do it in expensive studios? How about trying it for free with the help of beat-making software? Yes, you heard it right. Like website design services have given a new direction to designing, digital music production has also changed the game.  The software has taken beat-making to an unthinkable level now. 


Beat making is not new; it’s been around since the late ‘70s. But manual beat creation was never that easy. You require a lot, from expensive to cumbersome gadgets, to create fabulous, lively, joyful, and energetic beats. But not today. Now, becoming your DJ is not tough. All you require is practice and effort to learn the beat-making software functionalities.

Dig in to learn about the best free beat-making software that can convert your beat-making dream into reality.

21 Best Free Beat Making Software of 2024

Whether you are a Windows or Mac user, we have a massive list of beat-making software for you. Read on to learn about this software and try them to kick start your dream of creating awesome beats.

Magix Music Maker 

If you are a novice, then Magix Music Maker is your ultimate app. You can create unforgettable beats with just a few clicks. You will see various advanced functionalities in it that can help you create ultimate beats.  Windows users can create impressive beats and sound effects with this software as it is compatible with Windows 10 and 11 with the 64-bit operating system.


  • Requires 2GB RAM and an onboard graphic card with 1280 x 768 resolution to run effortlessly.
  • User interface with customization
  • Website design services of the app have also added in-app tutorials for a better understanding of the software.
  • 200 patterns and 17 drum kits to create unforgettable beats.
  • 49 song templates and 8 sound pools
  • Visual feedback for better understanding
  • One-shots and feature mapping

Try out the free trial, but some of its great features come in paid versions. You can try Music Maker 2024 Free edition. You will get free sounds, a beatbox, 8 tracks, 6 effects, and 3 instruments completely free in it.

orDrumbox – Windows and Mac OS

Those passionate about music can try orDrumbox – an open-source software to create unique beats. It is compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux too. You can try it and be creative in your compositions as it has many unusual features.


  • lowfi rendering
  • auto-composition
  • melodic patterns
  • automatic sounds/track matching
  • automatic bass line composition
  • custom softsynths
  • custom arpeggiator
  • complete songs
  • fully editable music items
  • sounds and rhythms database
  • synthetic sounds

Ableton Live – Windows and Mac OS

Compatible with Windows and Mac OS, you can try the trial version of Ableton Live and switch to the paid version to try the complete features of the software. It’s very to use this beat-making software.


  • Requires 8GB RAM with Apple M1 and display resolution of 1280×800 on Mac.
  • From macOS High Sierra 10.13 to your Monterey 12 it works on all.
  • 3GB disk space for installation and 76 GB for sound content.
  • Windows 10 users can use it with system requirements – 8GB RAM, AMD multi-core or i5 processor with a display resolution of1366x768.
  • 17 instruments with analog, wavetable, simpler, operator, etc.
  • Instant mappings
  • 74 effects for processing MIDI and audio

Those who are experienced in beat-making can surely try it out, as it is best for them.

DrumFlow – Windows and Mac OS

With simple UI and vast functionalities, this beat maker software works for both Mac and Windows users.


  • Easy adjustments for pitch and tone help you in creating great beats.
  • Drum setup with in-built editor.
  • Custom percussion creation along with drum adjustment
  • In-built tone and pitch adjustment

Sonic Producer – Windows and Mac OS

If you are new to beat-making and want to make beats at the basic level, then Sonic Producer can be an ideal option. Both Mac and Windows users can begin with the software after watching numerous instructional videos provided by the software.


  • 16-channel mixer
  • 4-octave keyboards
  • Numerous sounds for selection
  • 12 drum pads that can be easily customized.
  • Save the beat and can finish it later.

FL Studio – Windows and Mac OS

If you are a professional or have been making beats for a while, then FL Studio is the perfect beat maker. It works perfectly well with both Windows and Mac OS and you will love mixing beats on it.


  • With more than 80 plugins, it works best for making beats.
  • Piano roll for sending automation data and notes to the plugin
  • Advanced and complex effects like sidechain control, plugin delay compensation, audio sends, etc.
  • More than 66 effects
  • 33 instruments
  • Grain sampler to stretch, slice, and splice your recordings.
  • Powerful step sequencers that will effectively generate complex drum patterns.

FL Workshop – Windows Mac OS

You can polish your beats with this beat maker software. It can give you the best ideas to make outstanding beats that people of all ages would love to hear.


  • Enhance the beat quality and tune audio effects.
  • You can create everything from beats to tones, tracks, and songs with this awesome tool.

LMMS – Windows and Mac OS

LMMS can be an excellent pick for the ones looking for the best beat-making software. It is compatible with multiple operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Although the graphics are average, the high-end features will surely satisfy your beat-making requirements. To give you a better view of its functionalities, the open-source software gives you access to its sample beats.


  • Supports typing and the MIDI keyboard.
  • Final beats can be downloaded in various formats like WAV, OGG, FLA, AIF, etc.
  • The website design services have made it easy to use.
  • 16 free synthesizers
  • The software allows you to make improvements in melodies, patterns, notes, etc., with the piano roll editor.
  • The user-friendly interface comes with various plugins and playback instruments.
  • You can add mixing effects with the in-built limiter, compressor, reverb, etc.
  • Automation feature available
  • The software allows you to export multiple tracks together.

MuseScore – Windows and Mac OS

Open source software is an outstanding tool for beat makers. It is best for beginners. Along with easy to use interface, the software also provides learning tools.


  • Supports downloads in different formats like WAV, OGG, etc.
  • You can provide inputs via the MIDI keyboard.
  • Lyrics insertion option is available.
  • Whether you want to transfer from any program or wish to send, you can do it via MusicXML, MIDI, etc.
  • You can even export music sheets to various formats like OGG, PNG, etc.

Whether you want to compose, do mixing, or want to edit the beats, you can count on this software.

Dr. Drum

Whether you wish to train yourself or are a beginner, this digital beat maker is ideal.


  • 4-octave keyboard
  • Training tutorials for beginners
  • 12 pad drum
  • 16-track sequencer

HammerHead Rhythm Station – Windows

It is a totally free tool for Windows users. The detailed guide provided by the software allows you to learn about its excellent features and make the best music beats.


  • MIDI support
  • WAV import
  • AUv3 plugin
  • Drum synths are in-built and can help you make the best beats.


Want to get a DAW experience for free? The waveform is the right beat-making software for you.


  • Unlimited count of tracks
  • Customizable workspace
  • Well-suited with multiple operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry, etc.
  • It also supports the plugins of 3rd party.
  • Tutorials, pattern generators, project templates, etc., make it easy to use.
  • Full automation

Garageband – Mac OS

Mac users can start their beat-making career for free with the best software – Garageband. You will get all the required elements in this software:

  • All the instruments and vocals required for beat corrections or recordings are available in this tool.
  • Gives access to 3rd party plugins and also supports numerous advanced plugins.
  • Apple loops and integrated instruments can be used for generating drum rhythms, composing tones, and capturing audio.
  • Smart drum kits that can be edited easily.
  • You can easily view – electronic, multitrack, hip-hop, and blank project options.

Musink Lite– Windows

It is free for Windows users who want to make music in their unique style. Whether you are a drummer, publisher, or artist, the software is perfect for you. It takes special notes of rhythmic values and correct stem direction. Moreover, music notation basic rules – special notes are also taken.


  • Simple to use, and you can navigate through the features easily.
  • Although the version is free, drum loops can be easily exported.
  • You can download the new song in numerous file formats.
  • Supports MIDI device
  • The software also supports looped playback.

Splice Beat Maker – Mac OS

Those who wish to share or create sequenced beats can try splice beat maker. Professional beat makers or anyone who wishes to use popular loops and samples in their tunes or bets can find this tool very useful.

  • MIDI devices supported
  • Filters on BMP, genre, key, etc.
  • Original sounds can be changed with the simple push of a button.
  • Whether you want to do sound synchronization, search or browse, all the options are available here.

Cakewalk – Windows

For almost 3 decades, this beat-making software is there for beat makers. As the software is serving music lovers for a long time, you will find everything essential for creating tones or beats here. Whether you have any prior knowledge or not, you won’t face any difficulty while using the software interface.


  • Compose, mix, edit, record, and distribute the work effortlessly.
  • User-friendly interface with flexible layout, theme selection, and best display settings.
  • MIDI support
  • 64-bit mix engine with advanced features is capable of delivering accurate, dynamic, and clean beat mixes.
  • Automated audio mixing process.
  • Matches analog consoles layout
  • Virtual instruments allow you to create or compose beats from scratch.


Enjoy the free trial of this beat-making software that doesn’t require to be downloaded. You can seamlessly work on it online.


  • Autotune, automation, and time restore features are available in the software.
  • Limitless projects
  • Bi-weekly updates and extensive sound collection.
  • You get access to all its primary features.
  • Collaborating with people around the world is also easy on this web-based software.

Apple Logic Pro

It has always been professionals’ top choice. The new tools added in it make it more demanding.


  • 25 plug-ins
  • Numerous quick sampler instruments
  • 79 effects
  • Various presets for devices and instruments
  • More than 13,000 apple loops
  • Intuitive interface
  • Great selection of virtual instruments

Serato Beat Software

It is an ideal software for those with a background in DJs. The website design services created a user-friendly, quick interface that produces beats with the best note and drum sequencers. The software works well with AU and VST plugins. You will enjoy working on it as it comes with numerous advanced programs.


  • Provides access to tutorials
  • Rapid beat making
  • Beginners can learn beat production fundaments easily.

This software is specially designed keeping DJs in mind. So, it fits ideally into their requirements.


You can make beats free of cost on this amazing tool that can save files in multiple formats like WMV, Mp3, etc.


  • User-friendly interface
  • QT 4 base
  • Can import sound samples
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux

iZotope Vinyl

This classic beat-making software is another ultimate tool for beat makers. The audio recorded with the help of this software seems like it is from the vinyl cord.


  • Easily give your hip-hop songs a touch of vintage.
  • Effortlessly switch between mono and stereo outputs.
  • Supports Mac and Windows operating systems.

Closing Words

Beat-making in itself is a fantastic work for music lovers. It becomes more enjoyable when you get the help of one of the top beat-making software. Try the software listed above to make your beat-making experience an incredible one and gain success by making awesome beats.