Basics Of Wearing Wedding Jewellery Every Woman Should Know

Weddings are where star is the bride and with that, comes a lot of responsibility. You and your whole attire has to be stunning. Between the wedding dress, shoes, makeup, and jewellery, you will have to make sure everything is in sync and it ultimately elevates your look on the altar.

That being said, there is one department where things keep changing – the jewellery department! You won’t want to keep it less and also don’t want to go overboard. Also, the investment in jewellery should be in a way that you can easily restyle it later. After all, what’s the fun in keeping your precious day’s memories locked in a box later?

In this article, we have tried to talk about a few basics of wearing wedding jewellery that won’t just make you look “wow” but also ensure your jewellery won’t gather dust later.

Match the Metals

Let’s begin with the style part first! When you are buying wedding jewellery, it is essential to buy metals that match with your dress. For instance, it is a general rule that ivory is best paired with gold metals. Similarly, if you have white, go for silver or platinum jewellery with diamond detailing.

You can also consult an expert to know which kind of jewellery goes with a particular dress. Also, make sure each jewellery piece is complimenting each other. You can alsolook at this website to get some inspiration.


Well, always have a checklist ready to ensures your look in on point. Here are some of the must-have you can try to include in your wedding jewellery list; a diamond ring, jumkas or chandelier, chokes, layered necklaces, anklets, naths, matha patti or maang tikka.

You can use these later by styling them individually for various other occasions. For instance, pair the diamond ring with a statement pendant to any other festive occasion. As for chokers, you can pair then with a deep-neck dress or even a blazer to make it quirky yet fun.

Trend Alert

No doubt there are some must-have jewellery that we just listed above but don’t forget to take a free hand and experiment as per the trends. The wedding jewellery trends keep on changing every season. So do keep a look out for what’s famous and what’s new in the jewellery market. Even the simplest of things like wedding rings have undergone a lot of changes in designs. Find out here now and pick ones you feel suit your attire the most.

Shop From Trusted Jeweller

Let’s move on to another basic yet essential factor to keep in mind when buying jewellery. Since you will be spending a lot of money of wedding jewellery, you would definitely want it to be authentic.

For this, opt for a jewellery who is trusted and has a strong base in the market. You can also look for hallmarks in the jewellery. After the purchase, do not forget to take proper receipt in case you wish to return or exchange the jewellery later. Nowadays, there are both online and offline jewellery shops that offer amazing and authentic jewellery.

Don’t Forget Comfort

Weddings are long and you would not want to wear jewellery that makes you uncomfortable. It will not just ruin your mood but also leaves rashes or even marks on the skin. It can also be heavy, especially on the dance floor. Also, your plans to recycle the wedding jewellery will also be impacted if it is not comfortable in the first place. So, invest a bit more time and buy jewellery that is light and comfortable.

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