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7 Tips for Marketing Your Business through Twitter Chats

Almost 330 million people remain active on Twitter every month. Thus, it is a great platform for the business for lead scoring and luring in more customers. In fact, Twitter marketing blossomed in the last ten years and has reshaped the way of advertising and promoting goods and services. As days passed by, Twitter incorporated more features and introduced algorithms that greatly benefitted the business profiles. Here, we will talk about Twitter chats which are scheduled, recurring conversations that are hosted by the same accounts.

How to Make the Most Out of Twitter Chats?

If you are new to Twitter chats, you should first conduct extensive research on the chats you want to join. Moreover, you must list out the valuable assets of your company, so that you can pitch your sales more effectively through those chats. 

If this is the first step, then you have to:

Comprehend the Audience and the Format

When you join a conversation, you have to be familiar with certain aspects. You have to find out who the moderator is and the organization responsible for holding the chats. Before you start typing anything (that you will regret later), check out the past conversations. This will help you understand the mindset of the people and what should be your approach to engage them.

You can even review past chats by searching the chat hashtag on Twitter and scrolling through. For instance, #bhXPERT is based on healthcare, #interiorsChat is for Interior Decorating, #USABizParty is specifically for business conversations. Thus, you have to choose accordingly, based on your niche. For more information, you should check out

Do the Homework

Do not force yourself into anything. Wait for the perfect moment to weigh in. In the meantime, try to keep up with the conversation and acquire as much information as possible. You should set a reminder on your calendar so that you can prepare yourself beforehand. If you already have some followers under your wing, inform them about your participation.

Thus, your followers can bring more people to keep a tab on Twitter chats. A word of advice, use a separate browser to search the chat’s hashtag on Twitter. And keep an eye out for the Live feeds, and you will get updates from each second. Thus, you won’t miss any conversation, and you can note down important details.

Organize Your Thoughts

You must have your own customized formula for organizing your answer. You must reply to the actual question tweet and use the letter “A” + the question number. Moreover, you should address the moderator with their Twitter handle. After you provide your answer, you have to finish with a hashtag.

If you have room to squeeze a picture, then do so. This is because tweets that consist of images are bound to get more reach, usually 150% more retweets.  Thus, it is your opportunity to promote your business. Be respectful to one another and express your gratitude to the rest of the participants for the successful session. And, of course, thank the host for organizing the chat.

Participate Frequently

Once you are part of a chat, it is your obligation that you reciprocate the love and support the other participants have for you. Thus, you should retweet, reply, follow, or mark the tweets as favorite. It is perfectly okay for you to be silent on some tweets, if you do not have adequate information.

You must remember that unless you do show any activity or engage people won’t recognize you. As you start making good points, people will be interested in your business and start to believe in your products and services.

If you are writing an article about digital promotion, then you should include the points mentioned above. And, if you face any issues with the research work, you can approach an essay writing service to assist you.

What if You Want To Host Your Chat?

If you have already amassed a large following for yourself, then you should probably host your own chat. By this time, you would have already gathered experience by participating in other chats. So, it shouldn’t be a huge problem for you. Moreover, you can take the help of an influencer for promoting your chat.

You should keep in mind that you:

Need to be More Prepared

You should know the nitty-gritty of your business and the recent trends in the market. Moreover, you should be ready with reports, FAQs, etc. As you can imagine, you have to constantly update yourself, as people look upto you for your thoughts.

Most importantly, by now, you should master the use of hashtags, answering questions briefly and to the point. And, if you find scope to promote your services by posting pictures of features or products and services, do so. Brainstorm the list of questions, and also employ graphics, videos, gifs, etc.

Should Invite Guest Hosts

Having guest hosts in your chatroom is a bonus. More people will be intrigued to listen to the industry experts sharing insights or discussing the newly launched products.  Most importantly, you have to decide whether they will be performing takeover on your account or sharing the stream.

Nevertheless, the accounts need to be on the same page on the media and the questions used. Add the chat to your Twitter profile bio, so that your followers can browse the questions and answers at their own time. Once your followers get familiar with the chats, you can begin to start posting topics ahead of schedule.

Execution and Wrap-up

 It is ideal if you get two people managing the account to host the chats with you. You can discuss the business aspect; promote the products. And, the other two persons will make sure that the questions run on time, Quote Tweet responses and track interactions. To spend more time with the participants, start ahead of your schedule.

Even if the chat comes to an end, your job is not over as the host. You have to actively follow the list of participants, and engage with them outside the chat. And, you have to be patient as it takes time to build the traction and trust with people. 

6000 tweets are tweeted on Twitter every second. And, this corresponds to over 350,000 tweets per minute and 500 million tweets per day. As you can imagine, you have a very powerful medium at your disposal. So, stick to the tips suggested above, and if you put together a paper based on it, get it checked using a spell checker.

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