6 Best Underrated Netflix Extensions You Didn’t Know About

With the lockdown spread worldwide and getting a little bored at home, the only thing many Indians have turned to is the leading streaming platform, Netflix, with around 200 percent increase in their subscriptions. With a wide range of thousands of sub-genres and many languages to choose from, Netflix Extensions is the new hot trend around here.

But here’s the thing, to simplify our viewing experience and give us hours of uninterrupted binge-watching Netflix has provided with some extensions that many make life easy for all us Netflix fans. Though these extensions were unique, which makes Netflix almost customized and tailor-made down to our smallest needs, they somehow missed out & didn’t gain the popularity they deserved.

Below are enlisted the 6 Best Underrated Netflix extensions that you may have missed out on, but they can make your viewing experience flawless and smooth as silk. Read on to find out.

1.  Netflix Tweaked :

Many of us may not like Netflix auto-playing the trailers on the home page and would

like to get rid of it. Good news, Netflix has launched a Chrome and Firefox extension named as Netflix Tweaked. This allows the user to block the trailers from auto-playing in your browser, thus giving you a neat, customized experience. It also auto-sorts your ‘Continue Watching’ and ‘My List’ feeds to the top for your convenience.

2.  Netflix Categories :

It has always been an uphill task to browse for categories for Netflix genres, which consists of more than 27,000 sub-genres. With the newly introduced free Netflix Chrome extension, this tiresome job has been made quite easy.

Netflix Categories is like a key to all the hidden categories and subcategories all made available. So without the need to remember the category and subcategory codes for various genres on Netflix, one can easily find them in a single interface just one-click away. From ‘Spy action & Adventure’ to ‘Anime Series,’ all you have to do is choose from Netflix Categories.

3.  Netflix Extended :

Its attempt to remove almost all interruptions for many of their binge-watchers has launched the chrome extension titled: Netflix Extended. This free extension allows you to ‘Skip Intro’ and the ‘Recap’ sections to enhance our binge-watching experience so that we enjoy a continuous, uninterrupted flow of our video.

Another feature of this extension is that it also disables the annoying “Are you still watching ?” prompt, making the extension a seamless treat for all impatient binge-watchers. This extension also provides keyboard shortcuts to save you scrolling up and down every time. One can press the N key on the keyboard to move to the next episode; B will go back to the previous one, while the R plays a random event from the list and hits Escape to return to your browser.

4.  Super Netflix

This Google extension gives you superpowers! Once downloaded, this conceptually unique extension will enable you to set & control the video quality and customize its settings. To name a few, you can set it to skip the Introductory part of a video. Also, it gives you powers to adjust and set the color scheme for your TV shows. One can also upload customized subtitles as per your language preference.

5.  Language Learning with Netflix

Have you always dreamed of learning being fun & entertaining? Well, Your wish is fulfilled !! Netflix has launched a new extension to learn new languages while watching your favourite shows & movies. This extension provides you with hundreds of hours of authentic language in context.

One of the exciting features is that the subtitles will be shown in 2 languages, which allows you to compare the original audio & the text in the new language of your interest. This extension also allows you to change the playback speed to listen to the subtitles to enhance your learning experience carefully.

Additionally, there also comes a pop-up dictionary with suggestions of the essential words you need to learn. So Giddy-up fellas, & take learning to a whole new & fun level!

6.  Netflix party

Why should the distance stop the fun ?

For all those who miss watching movies together with their friends during the lockdown, Netflix has for you: Netflix Party. True to its name, the Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension.

It helps you watch movies like ‘Bird Box’ or ‘Avengers movies’ or even may dare yourself to a little horror movie like ‘The Train to Busan’ together with your friends or family from your comfort and safety home. One only has to download the Chrome extension, choose the movie you want to watch together, and then click on the ‘Netflix Party’ icon in red at the top of your browser.

Copy the share link and send it to your friends or family. An Interesting feature here is that you get a chat box to chit-chat with your group and watch the same movie simultaneously. The coolest thing is that only one can download the extension, and all enjoy it together.


So Folks, what are you waiting for ? Go on and try these new cool hacks to make your Netflix experience even more awesome. And if you are looking for other means of entertainment, like YouTube or other mainstream movie channels like  HBO, you can now stream content with a free HBO Go account as well. Netflix and chill can transcend its place of origin far and beyond, in this quarantine.

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