5 Reasons Why HIIT Workouts Are So Effective For Women

Lockdown has impacted our fitness routines, especially for ones with busy schedules. With gyms shut down and work hours creeping in our time, workout seems like an arduous task. But do not worry! HIIT workouts are there to your rescue. It is a perfect solution for those who have difficulty finding time to exercise and, as a result, missing out on fitness.

Moreover, HIIT workouts are fun and energy-filled, leaving you feeling refreshed and good with the sweet soreness of your efforts. Women need to claim the fitness space and give themselves the attention they deserve through self-care. And what better way than taking care of your body through HIIT workouts. Here are five reasons why HIIT workouts are highly effective for women.

What Is A HIIT Workout?

Before we dive into the great reasons HIIT is best for women, it is essential to know what you’re getting yourself into. High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT involves a short duration of intensive exercises combined with necessary breaks to burn calories and elevate your heart rate. For instance, your workout interval maybe 20 seconds involving exhaustive exercises with ample time for rest, say, 40 seconds. HIIT focuses on cardio conditioning, wherein your body has to acclimatize between the two extreme states of intense activity and rest. This helps in burning significant calories while boosting metabolism without taking a considerable amount of time.

Top Five Reasons Why Women Should Consider HIIT

Now, let’s discuss why women should include HIIT in their daily fitness routine. Many women struggle with maintaining a healthy routine due to time constraints and a lack of appropriate workout spaces.

Achieve More In Less Time

According to a survey, HIIT workouts were time-efficient and proved to improve the well-being of people in only 20 minutes a session, three times a week. In a short time, individuals experienced high energy levels, more strength and reduced risk of chronic diseases. Many women struggle to find time for themselves and focus on their fitness. HIIT can help them achieve their fitness goals without logging off for hours in a gym. Additionally, women can aim for muscle building and fat loss at the same time by dedicating only an hour a week for HIIT workouts.

Maintain Cardiovascular Health

Women tend to overlook a hoard of health issues even in today’s modern age. Inculcating practices such as HIIT in their fitness regimen can reduce the risk of cardiac problems to a great extent. As per research, HIIT helped women with heart problems due to obesity in a shorter duration compared to low-intensity workouts over the long run. It helps in improving the oxygen and blood flow through your body by strengthening your circulatory system. If you are a young woman thinking that cardiac health is not your priority, look around and see the increasing cases of cardiac arrests in younger generations.

Burn Fat Effectively

The specific fitness goal for the majority of women is to burn fat and lose weight. HIIT workouts can help you do the same effect without losing your mind and wasting time measuring your progress. According to a study, individuals who followed a twelve-week HIIT regime of twenty-minute sessions three times a week observed weight loss of at least 1.5 to 2 kgs. And considering the time spent and overall duration, it is significant to lose on the weighing scale. Moreover, it helps build muscles while losing visceral fat which is the fat surrounding your vital organs.

Build Muscles

HIIT workout is made of various movements that involve different groups of muscles. It boosts muscular endurance and helps in improving muscle agility. Women tend to overlook muscle strength to lose weight. HIIT workouts are designed in a way that not only helps women lose stubborn fat but also builds necessary muscle groups. As per the research published in 2017, a twelve-minute HIIT session improves muscle strength in overweight females compared to a forty-minute aerobic workout session. Therefore, you achieve two goals by following HIIT workouts.

Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

With a sedentary and stressful lifestyle, many women and young adults fall prey to the risk of Type II diabetes. However, with changes in daily habits and incorporating HIIT exercises, one can lower the risk of Type II diabetes. People who followed eight weeks of HIIT while suffering from diabetes experienced improved pancreatic function and insulin levels. Additionally, a two-week HIIT regimen helped individuals regulate blood sugar levels compared to continuous state exercises. So, women with and without diabetes benefit from HIIT by controlling their insulin levels in a short period.


With so many benefits, HIIT workout is a hit amongst women. The best thing about it is the results and progress you achieve in a relatively short time. So, if you are still on the fence about starting your fitness journey, HITT can be your best bet.