Top 5 Ideas To Start Vlogging On YouTube For Money

For those who do not know, YouTube does not limit the video category (except for videos that violate copyright or terms). So, you can post any video, but to make money, you should find good video ideas.

YouTubers often attract viewers by applying their creative ability to each video.

Here are the ideas for making YouTube content that you can use to develop your channel and make money.

Okay! Let’s start!

Review Of The Most Modern Technology And Digital Devices

The power of technology article reviews has a great effect today. It helps consumers learn about product information, pros, and cons, and features … in the easiest way before making a purchase decision.

Also, because the price of new technology is quite high, it is necessary to find out the product information.

Technology equipment is very diverse, and you can choose which product you are using, or you are good at it.

You can review your phone, camera, TV, tablet, or computer speaker … If you make videos about this area, the most important part is the content.

The requirement is that you must have presentation skills and knowledge about products. You need to have time to experience the product to show the advantages and disadvantages of the product.

Why did I choose this idea in the # 1 position in the article?

Because it’s quite easy and doesn’t require too much technology. If a person knows about his phone, he can talk about it all day!

Play Games, Streaming

Stream YouTube or Streamer is a job that makes a lot of money and is quite developed in the last few years.

If you ask me “how to vlog on YouTube and make money” then my answer will be “the Streamer”. However, in order to do this, you must be a game lover.

That is, if you like a game, you can play it and stream it directly to viewers via the Streaming platform of YouTube Gaming.

Like a football commentator, the Streamer will comment on the games and video games they play or watch, and instructions for playing games.

They can say anything about games, from a new item to commenting on a big tournament.

You can try this job with the game you are playing.

But first, you need to prepare some equipment to stream online when you play the game. A microphone for YouTube is necessary, you can find out the best YouTube microphone at a cheap price on Amazon.

Tutorial Video

How To and Tutorial videos are always attracting a great deal of search from users. Kind of videos like: “how …”, and “instructions …”, to guide viewers to do something.

With this idea, you have many different areas to create a YouTube video: tips on life tips, how to use useful software, travel notes, or other instructions on weight loss …

In general, you can post videos that guide everything you know and want to share with others. Another way is to consult the online tutorial and create your own video with a new style.

I believe that a humorous tutorial video always draws the attention of viewers. A great source of knowledge is the WikiHow tutorial sharing page.

Reaction Video

A reaction video is a video to describe your reactions when watching another video, music track, movie, service, or just something in society.

In the video, you need to approach the target and experience it. Then you need to express your emotions and comment to talk about your feelings.

Reaction videos are growing strongly, and these videos attract big views (especially when you react to celebrities) and are quite easy to do.

But do you know why it succeeded?

These are the results that are related to human behavior such as the “mirror reflection” effect of the brain, the emotional sympathy of the face, the expression of the face, and the voice …

Of course, humor is always an important factor. So, if you are a funny person and you have the ability to talk naturally in front of a camera, you can make money from making reaction videos!

Cooking Instructions

I split this topic into a separate section because this topic is quite interesting and very attractive.

Again, when someone asks you “how to make money with a vlog on YouTube“, you should tell them to try the Cooking instructions.

Link image:

You must have heard of Food Blogger – a culinary blog. The cuisine is one of the most potential areas with lots of interesting ideas around cooking, processing, and sharing unique recipes.

Besides, you can upload food experience videos in places you have visited, from street food, the cuisine of the mountains, the cuisine of the sea, foreign cuisine …

If you combine with YouTube to share your passion for food and make money from these videos, try it right in your kitchen. What are you waiting for?

To Sum Up

There are many interesting ideas to create a good video and attract more viewers on YouTube.

Even if you’re copying someone else’s idea, but you do it with your own unique style, you can still succeed.

Once your video is popular, you can make more money than you imagine. Don’t forget to like and share our posts. Have a good day!