4 Aspects Covered in Fire Warden Training

Fire wardens are known to be the employers’ eyes and ears, and if they work efficiently, they can help safeguard the workplace from any fire-related situations. The fire wardens are go-to people in case of a fire emergency in the workplace. They are duly trained in their work to assist in fire management as and when needed. Know more about the Top 4 key Aspects Fire Warden Training.

Each property is required to have fire wardens depending upon the number of employees working in the office. For properties that are at low risk have to have one fire warden for 50 employees; however, for medium-risk properties, 1 fire warden for 20 people, and offices with a high risk of Fire have to have 1 warden for 15 people. 

It is mandated to have a fire warden on your premises and train them well. The safety requirements such as Fire alarms, Evacuation routes, first-aids are the employer’s responsibility; however, keeping a timely check on all the things that may cause Fire is a fire warden’s duty. 

Training for Fire Wardens targets many aspects; however, let us read through the key aspects of such training that help bring out efficient, Consistent, and hard-working fire wardens in the workplace.

Fire Hazards Precautions

Fire wardens are trained about fire hazards and the precautions to be taken in the workplace. They have to be alert and careful about the material around them. Different materials cause different levels of Fire ranging from A to E, each object from paper to chemicals may cause Fire. Therefore, the fire wardens have to be taught the safety and precautionary measures that must be followed in the workplace by workers and others to avoid any fire. 

Looking at the seriousness of the issue, professional training service providers are coming up. For example, in Australia, Workplace Emergency Management has been doing fire warden, first aid training, and evacuation plans for various organizations. It has experience of over 15 years in giving multiple services.

Procedures and Responsibilities

The role of the fire warden holds significance. It involves monitoring fire safety every day regardless of a fire breakout. When there is a fire, the fire wardens need to take swift actions to save everyone from the Fire and safely evacuate the place. It is mandated to have a fire evacuation route ready that is clear and known to the employees. 

One of the major roles includes suggesting Regular risk assessment and any required changes in the workplace for fire safety based on your knowledge and experience. The responsibility of safe evacuation for everyone means that if there are any persons with disabilities, they should also be cared for.  

The assembly area where everyone would reach on evacuation and the fire wardens will take a roll call to ensure that all the people have safely come out. Reporting and informing the management of any mishappening or victims stuck inside the building to ensure emergency hep for them. 

Procedures and Responsibilities


Practical Knowledge

No amount of theoretical knowledge can be sufficient if the fire wardens have not used that practically. To ensure that Fire Wardens know how to implement their learning exactly, the trainers add a practical demo or a fire drill where they can test their knowledge and have first-hand experience in handling intense situations. 

It also includes the knowhow of fire extinguishers and which fire extinguisher is to be used on which level of Fire. The identification of Fire and swift actioning on it requires practice and presence of mind. The initial step is raising a fire alarm to make everyone aware. 

Human Behaviour

Every individual has a different behavioral pattern in emergencies. In contrast, many of them may follow the evacuation path, whereas a few may have panic attacks or get numb on seeing/ hearing about the Fire. The fire wardens are specially trained on handling different human behavioral situations while already being in an emergency.

Each fire warden has a group of people under him to make it easier for him to have conversations with his group to know them and understand their psyche about emergencies. The practice helps the fire wardens strategize the employees’ mental well-being while keeping in view the emergencies.  

Human Behaviour


Final Words

The person chosen for the role of a fire warden has to be swift, competent enough to undergo training, and eventually prove to be an efficient responsibility holder. The role is not activated only when there is a fire but needs to constantly work on risk management, Evacuation routes, and pertinent information. 

The companies should hire certified and accredited trainers to engage with their chosen fire wardens and prepare them for the uncalled-for situations. The risk assessment is a significant step to be taken by each company to safeguard its employees’ health and safety.