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Why Use Pinterest for Your Business: Top 5 Reasons

Pinterest is a kind of ignored and side lined social media platform, as far as using it for a business is concerned. In fact, there are a number of misconceptions surrounding Pinterest. May be due to the lack of knowledge with regards to how does Pinterest work. Also, lot of businesses are cautious about making use of this platform for business purpose. However, we would like to state here that there is no need to be wary.

To support this, we would like to share with you, some of the major reasons as to why use Pinterest for business!  You would be surprised to know that there are a handful of positive reasons for you to utilize this social network for your business. Excited to know? If yes, then continue to read…

  • Benefits of using Pinterest at a glance:
  • New leads
  • Increased blog traffic
  • More awareness
  • Increased sales

Now, here come the reasons,

  • Reasons to use Pinterest

User engagement becomes easier

The platform is smaller as compared to ones like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also, as far as the monthly active user count is concerned, Pinterest is ranked at the 6th position amongst the major and the popular social networks. Despite this, Pinterest has got one solid attribute in its favour which the other platforms would envy about. It has got users who are excited and eager to share their aspirations, dreams, plans and products!

Talking about stats, nearly 70% of the Pinterest users do not simply visit the platform. Rather, they are seen to be proactive and involved in taking actions like clicking-through, saving images etc. Maybe you would be aware of it already, however, marketers, particularly those from the product-based businesses, can go ahead and pursue the Internet-based users to share visual content from their product pages on to Pinterest. All that they have to do is add the Pin this button to the home page. This button functions similar to the “Like” option on Facebook. So, for the site visitors, this button simplifies the process of pinning what interests them amongst your offerings.

Traffic, and more of it

Pinterest serves to be an excellent tool that enables increased links back to your website. This would in turn drive more traffic. This is how it works. It is proven to be an effective medium for driving back traffic to a particular website. More than rest of the social media platforms.

Not to forget that this rise in traffic obviously depends on good content. If one is creating and sharing content that the audience likes, the chances of them following your links increases manifolds. The mantra for good content on Pinterest begins with creation of quality visuals.

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Pinterest is known to influence purchasing

Pinners happen to be engaged and loyal advocates. Mind you, advocacy is not just restricted to browsing. Instead, the majority of the Pinners out there, make use of Pinterest to reach a decision on what to purchase. As per the research released by Millward Brown, as many as 87% of Pinners have purchased a particular product. Thanks to Pinterest! In addition, they have also discovered that 93% of the Pinners have made use of Pinterest in order to plan an upcoming purchase.

Pins facilitates one with more number of inbound links

As each pin comprises of a link, leading it back to the image source becomes very easy. So, in the light of this, just imagine as to what number of visitors one can bring to their website, simply by posting the product-specific images on this very platform. Unfortunately, this is a routinely forgotten part, as far as Pinterest is concerned. So, do not underestimate the power possessed by image search!

A platform where one can get to know about the emerging trends

When it is about marketing, or for that matter Digital Marketing, one got to be aware about the latest and emerging trends. There is no choice.

The best part about Pinterest is that it can provide one with strong signals into popular products and emerging trends for a given industry. Particularly in home and garden, fashion, beauty and food. Pinterest search bubbles happen to up the trending products and popular keywords in real-time. When one deploys the Promoted Pins, one can also keep a track of the in-trend products or the ones that could be losing the traction in the market. This information would assist in improving your line of services and products.  

Reasons sufficient to take your business on Pinterest? So, what are you waiting for, its time to go the Pinterest way!

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