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Top Tips for Revamping Your Kitchen

Most of the time, the kitchen is the busiest part of the house. It’s a place where families gather together to cook a delicious meal. With so much happening in it, it’s pertinent to revamp it either by adding a pop of color or some funky artwork to make your kitchen look vivacious and lively.

Not knowing where to initiate, some homeowners start by looking at appliances while others collect inspiring kitchen photos. A few decide they need more room. Others simply want to renovate their existing place. Homeowners may find themselves caught between the devil and the deep-sea blue for a year or longer before they start interrogating kitchen designers or general contractors.

So, whether you have 3 BHK apartments in Mumbai or luxury flats in Byculla, this article sheds light on some quirky kitchen DIY art ideas. This will help give personality and character to this happening space. Let’s get to them now!

Add Art Above the Kitchen Cabinet

In many kitchens, the walls are tended to be dominated by cabinets. However, a small lacuna above the cabinets can give an awkward look. So, instead of allowing dust to get over the space for years, use your favorite art for kitchens so as to close the gap above them. This space is ideal for smaller artwork, which will also keep it safe from any splatter in the kitchen!

You can also place plywood or granite to create a shelf if the space is unfinished. Then use this shelf to place a mix of recipe books, small paintings or pictures, and kitchen utensils to give it a chic look.

Hang Art on The Walls

One of the quickest ways to incorporate kitchen art ideas is by hanging artwork on its walls. For this, you can use any vacant space available between your upper and lower cabinets to give a touch of some character to your kitchen. Apart from adding paintings and photographs, placing a cool spice rack or sophisticated vase that can be used as a utensil holder is yet another DIY art tip.

You can also implement kitchen art ideas on your refrigerator or by creating a gallery wall if you have generous space.

Types of Art You Can Place in The Kitchen

There is a plethora of choices when it comes to the style and color of the art you can do in your kitchen. Consider your kitchen just like a bedroom or a living room when it needs to choose artwork. However, the only rule is to select the one that is alluring and reflect the overall persona.

Paintings and photos are awesome ways to give color and life to any kitchen without even spending a single penny on decoration. You can hang some photographs that hold special sentimental value for you; but remember, don’t just limit your artwork to paintings and photographs exclusively.

There are some other simple kitchen art ideas such as adding a lovely vase, uniquely-designed fruit baskets, graceful candle holders or if your pocket allows you, add a chandelier to give the space a classy touch.

The artwork you choose should have the ability to redefine the style of your kitchen, whether it is modern, traditional, uber-cool, or neo-modern.

Unframed Canvas Art

You can create special rustic attractiveness by placing unframed canvas art on open shelves. One of the ways includes a usage of unframed art prints from previous eras to give a unique and traditional aesthetic look to your kitchen. 

Pop Art

Pop culture buffs can also enhance the look of the kitchen’s walls with artwork enthused by the favorite pop icons. For instance, diehard fans of the ‘Avengers’ would love to hang posters of Captain America or Tony Stark in their kitchen. Other movie posters and groovy pop art can promptly add a retro-chic tone with animated colors.

Stylish Sepia Paintings

East to follow kitchen art ideas include ready-to-hand sepia paintings. There are many sea view flats in Mumbai that have kitchens with white undertones. Therefore, the sepia tones contrasted by white cabinets and backsplash is an immaculate way to give it a clam look. You can also use paintings from your favorite artist. And if you are interested in photography, take your own sepia shots of your most-liked landscape, pets, or people. Placing a black and white frame to the sepia image can also delicately tie the kitchen design together.

To cut the long story short, adding art to your kitchens can conjure emotion and revamp the look and feel of the space. A gorgeously decorated kitchen with artwork can create a bolstering mood where families will love to spend more time.