Top Design Tactics For Your Shopify Store

As we all know that the first impression is the last impression that can make & break your business. The layout of your website, the colors you use, and the copy on buy buttons design is everything when it comes to first impressions. That’s why it’s essential to make your customer’s brain attract, and why many design aesthetics persuade visitors to take the desired action on your website. What is Shopify Store?

Let’s dive into the top tactics of interesting designs for your Shopify Store:

Choose the best theme for your site

Your theme is the backbone of your site so choosing the right theme that directly affects the atmosphere is essential for a better user experience, over-all the feel of your store.

Improve loading times                                                         

Take it as a warning because loading times can kill your entire business if they take too long. It means every extra second your page takes to load will reduce the conversion rate and page view rate of your site.

Another benefit you have of a faster loading site is that it ranks higher on search engines like Google, so improving your loading times helps both your UX & SEO.

Shopify Store

Now the main question arises is how to reduce your loading time? 

There are a few techniques that will help you out are as follows:

  • Remove nonessential widgets
  • Skip the carousels
  • Compress images
  • Avoid third-party themes 

Pair with the right designer

Now, this is most important to understand instead of neglecting the reality, if you feel like site design is a skill that’s beyond you, there is no shame to hire Shopify designer for help.

The experience of hire dedicated Shopify designers could lead your store to some new insights because they are already familiar with all the different themes, features, & plugins so on.

Reflect your individuality

By using a template site-builder you take the risk of creating a site that looks like all the others, but the issue is how to outstand your site from the crowd, compare to those who are using the same theme?

Let’s have a look over the key points that will reflect your individuality:

  • Shopify Settings
  • Site Photography

Transparent Communication

The information that will impact your user’s order should be informed before checked out processes such as payment process details, & shipment delays so on. Transparency between the user and you are the key of trust for a successful Shopify store.

You can add an announcement bar at the top of your storefront that will provide useful information about product status and shipment delays, also you can easily customize the announcement bar as per your requirement.

For a proper user acknowledgment, set up a payment policy page outlining any hidden fees by the payment provider for using specific payment methods.

Free Shipping deals

Mentions the free shipping deals that shoppers can avail when their order value is high and with such transparent messaging across your Shopify store, the trust of your shoppers will increase on your services.

Shopify Store


From the above design tactics, you can attract your customers easily on your website and hire dedicated Shopify designers with Cartcoders where you can easily increase your sales conversation with curated custom Shopify stores.