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Top 9 Best Strategies For Individuals To Get Money On TikTok

TikTok is a fast-growing social media platform that enables users to bring out their creative skills to entertain, educate others, and start a new stream of earning income. With more than 850 million active users and 2 billion downloads, TikTok becomes the seventh most popular application in the social network.

When TikTok came into live, people used it for making lip-syncing videos. Later, with exciting features, TikTok users start to use it for their professional purpose. TikTok provides excellent opportunities for all kinds of users, from brands to creators, to grow personally and professionally.

TikTok is a destination for getting shorter and more engaging videos through mobile phones. The idea behind TikTok is to entertain people and provide informative videos to educate them. Since the world moves to the internet-based environment, people’s involvement in social media is growing on its rise.

Well! Can you earn money using your TikTok account? The answer is probably Yes. TikTok provides income streams to influencers, creators, or any individual. The below article drives you to the ways to get money using TikTok.

Basics Of TikTok

Before moving to the tips for making money on TikTok, know the basics of this platform to withstand your growth. First, TikTok evolved in China in 2016. Later the usage extended to 150 countries. The application gained popularity because of its rich comment filled with dancing and lip-syncing videos.

TikTok basics

Understand the basics below to make money on TikTok and increase your income with this wonderful application.

  • TikTok Creator Fund: It is a method owned by TikTok, where a creator receives funds directly from TikTok for their effort.
  • TikTok Coins: In-built currency in the app provided as a tip for creators.
  • Pro Account: Pro account is an additional feature for creators to track their content performance by getting perfect analytics.
  • Creator’s Marketplace: The TikTok platform provides a way for brands to collaborate with creators for making sponsored content.
  • Advertising Platform: Give chances for brands and creators to increase their popularity by making their content visible to global audiences.

9 Best Ideas To Earn Money On TikTok

With the knowledge of TikTok basics, move further into the below strategies to earn money, even if you are a creator, influencer, or individual.

#1. Get Paid Directly

TikTok gives a direct way to make money. Use the advantage of the creator fund platform to earn an income. The creator fund came into usage in July 2020. The objective of this feature is to pay specific dollars to the best and brightest creator. The algorithm considers the below factors for getting creator fund:

  • Views for your each video
  • Audience’s engagement rate
  • Your online presence

The above phenomenon determines whether you will receive payment or not. Even though you publish quality content, your account must overcome the below criteria for eligibility.

  • Your account should lie under the approved countries like the U.S or U.K.
  • The age must be at least 18.
  • Followers count to be greater than 100,000.
  • Your content should have at least 100,000 views in the last 30 days.

#2. Grow As An Influencer

Brands love to collaborate with influencers to improve their brand reach and show their product existence to various audiences. It is an organic method to build loyal audiences for brands. If you gathered any fans for your account, you are on the growth to capture money. Most brands understand the importance of marketing on social media and pay a large amount for each post from the influencer.

Become an influencer and start earning buckets of money from brands. You do not need massive followers to start your effort as an influencer. The loyalty and authenticity in your content are enough to create potential audiences. Small brands look for micro-influencers where it is sufficient to have 1000 to 10000 followers. Start your earning with fewer followers and authentic content to grab the attention of brands.


#3. Collect Donations

When you plan to earn money on TikTok, remember to build your audiences at least to 1000 followers. There are several ways to get money, and one of the easiest ways is to accept donations from audiences. TikTok provides an option for each user to donate coins as a gift to their favorite creators.

Just make your content funny and entertaining according to the audience’s interest and collect donations from your fan base.

There are three types to receive donations from TikTok users:

  • Coins: TikTok users get coins using their own money and keep in their content to donate to favorite creators.
  • Gifts: Your audience can buy virtual gifts using their coins and hold on for the great content writer.
  • Diamonds: Users rescue diamonds by spending their real money and gifts on the influencers.

Stream live to get Tik Tok gifts from the audiences. As a creator, one cannot purchase diamonds; instead, they can only earn from other users.

Collect Donations

#4. Join Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is one of the popular ways to earn money on TikTok. Join affiliate programs to promote other products and services. Choose a link from the affiliate program and start promoting the link on your TikTok with your content. When a TikTok user follows your link to buy the product, then you will earn the commission amount from the owner for each sale.

Amazon is the most accessible site to find the affiliate link. Tik Tok allows you to provide one clickable link on your bio. So, start promoting your affiliate link by placing it on your bio and giving captions on your content to make your audiences drive into the link to gain purchase. However, affiliate marketing is the simplest and effective way to get money from the product you love.

#5. Expand And Sell Your TikTok Accounts

An alternative way to get money on TikTok is by growing your account with loyal followers and selling it to small brands related to your niche. The method of selling your grown account to others is more popular on eCommerce sites where brands buy it for some amount to save their time in developing their TikTok account.

When you open a Tik Tok account for selling, choose a specific niche and continue to publish entertaining, ideal content. Make your content go viral by attracting potential customers to your TikTok account. Once growing your account, reach out to other brands to sell it for the best price. Usually, people use a live stream option for selling products, whereas you can also appear on live to sell your account for the right brand.

#6. Grow As A TikTok Consultant

If you want to become a consultant on TikTok, first understand the working of Tik Tok and how to use its features to increase your fame. As a consultant, start your service efficiently by providing a way to boost views on TikTok for brands. Become an expert on TikTok and leverage your talent to others on this platform.

Analyze the accounts of famous people on Tik Tok and learn the tricks used in their content to capture the audience’s attention. Then, start an experiment in your account by using the same technique. If it works fine, teach others to grow their account with loyal followers. When more people get positive results from your suggestion, they will be ready to pay for your service. Earn money by helping others to go viral on Tik Tok.

#7. Blast Your Revenue By Running Influencer Agency

TikTok provides an additional way to make money by controlling influencers and their campaigns. Like Instagram, TikTok also has tons of influencer agencies. Sometimes brands get confused in choosing the right influencers. Be the person to help brands and businesses choose the right influencer fit for their niche.

Your influencer agency will be in the middle of a brand and an influencer, managing the campaigns and helping brands to execute their strategies. Suggest brands the best influencer to work with for getting improvement on TikTok.

Follow the below points to run a successful influencer agency:

  • Identify the best influencer with high performance.
  • Maintain a good relationship with the top influencers on TikTok.
  • You must be an expert in running marketing campaigns on any social media site.
  • Grow yourself in creating successful influencer campaigns on all advertising categories. It helps to enlarge your income stream.

Small brands will preferably look for influencer agencies to save money. Be reputable to your agency and help brands to achieve success.

#8. Sell Your Own Goods

Gain money by selling your own products on TikTok accounts. An added advantage of this method is you do not need to have large followings. Like other platforms, before you start to sell your product, promote your brand or your eCommerce store to bring popularity. The secret behind gaining popularity is by publishing engaging content according to your audiences to attract them.

Make your sales even at 100 followers but keep in mind that your content is high quality. For instance, if you are going to sell a beauty product, create a tutorial video for 15 seconds using your product. When it is a valuable tip for audiences, they will own your product for usage. Put your effort into making interesting content and generate leads for your brand.

#9. Promote New Music

TikTok is a fabulous resource to gain the audience’s attention with engaging content. So, it is a great place for creators to earn money by suggesting other brands use specific, popular music in their content. Currently, a third-party application provides the trending music for a fee to brands. You can use this opportunity to give a popular soundtrack on the TikTok platform itself.

There are many new musicians on TikTok waiting for the opportunity. Approach them and bring fame to their music account with your TikTok promotion. Earn money from other musicians by showing it as an example.

Bottom Line

Tik Tok is a platform with various features to increase revenue from brands to creators. The key to TikTok success is your quality content that attracts your audience’s attention. Take your own time to build strong trust and good relationships with followers and monetize your skills with them.

Use the above guide and find the best way to make money suitable for your niche in TikTok. Increase your income through TikTok and land on success with great thought!