Obesity Surgery in India

Obesity Surgery or weight loss surgery in India involves various procedures which are performed on the people who are obese means the person who has their body weight more than their body mass index (BMI) and they need assistance in reducing their weight for them Obesity Surgery in India is a procedure which is performed by skilled and trained weight-loss surgeons. This is a surgery in which your stomach size will be reduced through implanting gastric band or the portion of your stomach will be removed or by re-routing your small intestines to a small stomach pouch.

According to the study, Obesity Surgery in India is a procedure in which your weight loss will not come back and also it helps you to recover from diabetes, and heart disease, and reduces the mortality by 30 to 40%.

Types of Obesity Surgery in India

There are two types of Obesity Surgery in India and these are:

a) Restriction: This is a type of surgery in which the amount of the food that your stomach holds will be limited which means it will reduce your calorie intake.

b) Mal-absorption: In this type of surgery your small intestine is shortened which means you will absorb fewer nutrients and calories.

The above are the two types of obesity surgery and on the basis of these procedures, the weight-loss surgeons at the hospitals under We Care India perform the following procedures which help in permanent weight-loss and these are:

a) Gastric Bypass: This procedure is also well known by another name which is Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. In this procedure, your surgeon will create a small pouch which will be at the top of your stomach. The purpose to create this pouch is that it is the only portion in your stomach which gets food and this pouch will restrict the limit of your food intake. The larger portion of your stomach will produce a digestive juice which reaches to your small intestines. As the length of your intestine will be reduced from where the food passes and your body absorb lesser nutrients.

b) Gastric Sleeve: This is a procedure in which the surgeons at the hospitals under We Care India will take out the larger stomach portion along with greater curvature. You will see that the size of your stomach is reduced up to 20 to 30% from its actual size. After this, the pouch will be stabled and your small intestine will be connected, your surgeon will then remove your rest of the stomach portion. With the reduced size of the stomach, you will feel full after eating less amount of food.

c) Adjustable gastric band: This is a procedure which is also known as the lap band procedure. This is a band which contains an inflatable balloon which needs to be warped around your stomach upper portion. With the help of this balloon, your surgeon will able to create a smaller stomach pouch which is located on the top of your stomach. The purpose of lap band is that it will control the smaller portion of the pouch by making an adjustment to this band and the nutrients which you absorb will remain the same but the intake of food will be reduced.

d) Duodenal switch: In this procedure, your surgeon will remove the larger portion of the stomach and will leave a small stomach pouch. The surgeon will then cut and re-route the top of the small intestine and they will not remove the discarded portion from the body as it will still useful in releasing digestive juices. In this procedure, the food bypasses the major portion of the small intestine and it will restrict the number of nutrients and calories which gets absorbed.

What are the advantages to have obesity surgery?

The advantage of having obesity surgery is that it will reduce your illness and complications which has been caused by obesity. According to the study, weight loss surgery has given a new life to many people across the globe and also it helps in improving the multiple conditions of the people such as diabetes, high blood pressure, pain in knee joints, coronary artery diseases, etc. However, weight loss surgery requires a lot of dedication and motivation because it is a long term procedure which helps in reducing the weight which will not come back if you follow the instructions given by your surgeon and other hospital staff. It has been found that people who had undergone for the obesity surgery have reduced their weight around 60% and also they are enjoying their healthy life without any complications.

Is there any risk associated with obesity surgery in India?

As we all know that all surgical procedures are associated with some risks, the same goes for obesity surgery in India. There is risk attached to this procedure as well but in very rare cases such as there could be a chance that your band slips out of the place because it is unable to tolerate more consumption of food or you may have vomiting after surgery which can stretch the small stomach pouch. In rare cases, the abdominal hernia may occur which can be caused by vomiting after surgery.

What is the estimated Obesity Surgery cost in India?

The estimated Obesity Surgery cost in India ranges from USD 4,000 to USD 7,000 depending upon the procedure you choose to reduce your excess weight. The cost of the same procedure in other developed countries may range from USD 10,000 to USD 15,000 which is quite expensive and it is out of reach for the people below the average class. To keep in mind that obesity is a factor which changes the person’s life drastically, the surgeons at the hospitals under We Care India make the obesity surgery cost in India very reasonable so that each individual can easily afford the services and can enjoy their healthy life with healthy body weight.

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Nowadays, India has become the most favorable destination in terms of medical treatments which are very reasonable and affordable for people of every class.