I am having asthma and am pregnant, can I protect my child from having asthma?

Asthma is one such ailment that will make your life miserable. Being a patient of that, it is quite natural that you will not like your kids to have the same ailment. You know the pain that carries, the sincerity that you need to provide to it, and the caution that you need to follow in your life for having asthma. Asthalin Inhaler 100Mcg has already been the part and parcel of your life. At times you replace the same with Aerocort Inhaler or even get the Ketosteril Online at Arrowmeds. So, will you like to repeat the same in your kids? Of course not, no parents in this world will like their kids to bear the same pain that they have carried with them. Know more about symptoms, treatment, and cause of asthma.

However, from different places, you have heard that asthma is something that is transmitted to the kids from their parents. And now, you are pregnant. So, this is bothering you the most. Let us tell you that, it is not the fact that all the kids find asthma from their parents. Hence, if you are pregnant, there is nothing to worry that your kid will have asthma from the beginning of his age. Now, your question here is how to ensure that. You can ensure that by knowing the real cause of asthma and taking precautions on the same. So, we have placed here the proper understanding about the same so that you can live peacefully, cure your asthma, and prevent your kid to have asthma.

Understanding the root cause of asthma                                  

Asthalin Inhaler 100Mcg is something that you cannot forget to keep with you, in case you are having asthma. However, the Asthalin or other inhalers like that of Aerocort Inhaler will simply support you to release the pain when you are facing asthma triggers. They will neither stop you from having asthma triggers and nor they are responsible to eradicate the root cause of asthma.

Some of the triggering agents of asthma are the pollution all around, the dust that is there in your home, roads and everywhere, the pet hairs, the allergens, and even the smoke of all kinds. However, none of these are the root cause of asthma. Root cause essentially means the reason why you started to have asthma. The agents of triggers are just to make your life pitiable with an asthma attack. You can however fight them back with Aerocort Inhaler and Ketosteril Online at Arrowmeds too, whenever you face the trigger.

Why are you facing asthma?

To understand why you are facing asthma, there is a need to understand what happens when you face asthma triggers. When you face an asthma trigger, which might be for any of the reasons, the essential effect of the same is on your lungs. Your lungs start narrowing down from inside and that makes the passage of your lungs narrowed down too. Naturally, the air that you intake in the normal case is not there in your lungs during that time. The result of the same is breathing trouble.

Hence, the clear understanding that remains here regarding asthma is that your lungs’ inner space is squeezed down and hence you face breathing issues. But the question is why this is squeezing happening with you, while there are so many people all around? The answer to this can be given in two ways. Initially, there are the triggering agents that are pulling in the surface of your lungs and that is causing the inner wall to become thinner and squeezed. However, you must not be satisfied with the answer by any means. The bigger question that resides here is – in a city, pollution is creating a difference in the life of all then why you are facing asthma while others are not. There lies the second question and you need the answer to that.

The main cause of asthma

The main cause of asthma is less calcium in your body. It is the calcium in your body that regulates your body shape and hence, it is the thing that creates a difference in your lung shape. The configuration of the lungs and other organs is lost with less calcium and naturally, the pressure that is exerted on the same from outside makes a big difference in it. Hence, if there is anything that is creating asthma in you, that is the calcium content of your body. Hence it is obvious that if you can have proper nutrition for you while you are pregnant with proper carbohydrate and calcium, then the effect will be on your kid too and they will not suffer from the less calcium effect. Naturally, they will not develop asthma, although you are having the same.

These are the tricks you can say or the core word that can protect your kid from asthma in childhood. So, follow the procedure and be safe. Your kid will never have to be exposed to Asthalin Inhaler 100Mcg.

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