How Mumkins A Udaipur Based Kids Wear Fashion Brand Is At Boom!

It has been quite daunting if you wish to find party wear, branded clothes for your kids. There are certain brands like Firstcry, Mothercare etc. but so far there is no such attractive collection found till date. This has been a constraint for almost all the parents, but recently there has been noticed a brand named “Mumkins” which is at a high boom these days.

The brand targets the kids ageing over 0 months to 15 years with a full-fleshed trendiest collection of party wear clothes.

The startup, not being too old, is found to be established in the year 2016, by the two brothers Naveen Nebhnani (CEO) and Jitender Nebhnani (CFO), and has expanded to almost all parts of the country with more than 40 stores, 5 lakh+ product sold and 60,000/- plus satisfied customers.

The brand has been well acclaimed especially by those parents who had been looking for a provision of elegant branded party wear apparel.

The 6 reasons which have resulted in the highest walk-ins at online as well as offline stores was stated by the CEO of Mumkins:

Attractive Colors

If you wish to select any dress, then color is the most important factor which needs to be considered in order to buy the best dress piece.

It is commonly known that the parents as well as the kids are found having a choice towards bright and attractive color.

The dresses which have been proffered by Mumkins are found to be in almost all the possible hues.

These dresses are found to be in the widest ever color range amongst which anyone can be selected for any occasion.

Whimsical Designs

The dresses are designed to give a bold and cool style statement and be unapologetic about the fashion choices!

All the dress pieces are found to be designed skillfully by the fashionistas to make them resurgent and demanding in the fashion world.

The outfits are just designed by keeping two things in mind:

a) To give a comfortable fitting

b) A trendier look.

A whimsically designed dress accompanied with pastel hues results in exactly the same thing which is dreamt by the people.

Wide Variety In Various Categories


“Bringing a brand to boom isn’t easy”, says the CEO. To let people buy limitlessly, there needs to be the widest collection of outfits not only in a particular category, but in every possible category.

The brand, Mumkins delights its customers by providing them outfits in almost 30 categories.

From traditional to contemporary, a keen shopper can buy the best dress amongst the tremendous collection offered.

How many brands can offer such wide categories and outfits as options? Not many, right?

This is what makes the brand, Mumkins different from others and also resurgent in today’s fashion world.

One can select from this wide range of varieties and see the wonders accordingly.

High Fabric Quality

Before buying the outfits for kids it is suggested to check their quality so that your toddler does not get uncomfortable by wearing them.

For this most of the parents only buy the outfits from a renowned store as they are found providing high-quality fabric strictly.

This is the reason for higher footfalls at the branded store Mumkins as one can find only those dresses over there which have passed a proper quality check.

This factor needs to be kept in mind as it keeps your little one away from the repercussions which can be caused by wearing low-quality products.

Renowned For Traditional Wears

Traditional wears are found to be trendier these days, if found in the appropriate designs.

This is what makes the brand, Mumkins different, as it is found to be specialised in offering the traditional wears for kids.

The dress pieces are designed in an outstanding way, wearing which will give your little kid an outstanding yet heart stealing look.

There are people who are not much in favour of the gaudy designs, such people must give it a visit either online or offline, as the collection of sophisticated traditional dresses is quite loved by the parents.

Competitive Price

What all is needed to make shopping perfect? Perfect design, colour, wide variety and competitive price!

These all factors are taken care of at this brand, so that it can delight all their customers with an exposure to perfect shopping.

Coming to the price range, the dress pieces are found to be quite cost-effective as compared to the prices of the other brands.

Lowering the pricing does not let the quality of the outfit down, assures the CEO.

This is what has made the dresses as well as the brand quite in demand.


Everyone likes doing experiments with their wardrobes, and especially at that moment when the changes are found to be highly loved.

The ways by which Mumkins is found embracing the personality of the kids, has aggressively scaled the sale as well as the rating of the brand.

The Team in the leadership of the CEO and CFO is found doing a great job!