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Difference between Native Advertising vs Content Marketing?

Advertisements – Something that businesses cannot do without and consumers mostly cannot tolerate! Now the fallout between the advertisers and consumers has been brewing for years together. The consumers are frequently bombarded with adverts. The problem is that most of the brands fail to live up to the promises and that further enhances the negative experience of the customers. Here we provide a Difference between Native Advertising vs Content Marketing?

Therefore the brand marketers are eventually compelled to move away from the traditional modes of advertisements and look towards overcoming these challenges of reaching customers in a non-obtrusive way.

Now the world of internet marketing has increased in the past 15 years. As the digital ecosystem continues evolving, there are various new parts that are growing on along with it.

Herein emerge content marketing and native marketing.

Content marketing is the comprehensive practice of content distribution and advertising while native advertising refers to the specific way for marketers to distribute the contents.

Now there are many businesses which use these terms interchangeably which is wrong. Understanding the difference will help you to know about the evolution of the internet and how you can future-proof your business accordingly.

Now let’s understand the essence or principles of both Content and Native marketing.

Effects of Content Marketing

The primary and the most essential goal of the content marketing is to build loyal followers of readers who are capable of trusting the brand. It is a long-term strategy that showcases credibility and places you as the industry experts.

There are many aspects of content marketing and strategies that call for precise planning. The additional strategy value is the high-quality content that enhances your rankings of search engines and improves the online visibility of your organically.

Effects of Native Marketing

The native advertising is essentially a strategy of content marketing. The objectives are similar to that of publishing content that offer readers with value.

The native advertising in a nutshell is said to be paid contents masked as organic contents. It is hosted on the third party websites whose space is paid by advertisers.

The prerequisite of native advertising is the integration of a content piece into a seamless targeted environment. Irrespective of the platform which you purchase the ad placements for the contents must appeal to the general audience of the site.

1.) Definition –   

 a) Native Advertising – Any paid content that remains inherently non-disruptive and is “in feed”.

b) Content Marketing – Any content piece that communicates with customers in a way that adds value without the pitch of sales.

2. Types –

A.) Native Advertising –

i) Paid Search  Units

 ii)Recommendation of Widgets & Modules

 iii) Paid Search Units

  iv)  In Ad (IAB Standard) with Units of Native Elements

 v)Can’t be Contained / Customised

b) Content Marketing –

i) Videos

ii) Articles/ Blog Posts

iii)Reports, eBooks & White Papers

iv) Podcasts

v) Infographics

vi) Nurturing Campaigns or Email Newsletter

vii) How to Guides

viii) Social Media Posts

ix) POVs or Thought Leadership

3. Reasons for Usage  –

a.) Native Advertising –

Native is playing a great part in the monetization strategies of the publishers in the marriage of function and form. It has now become the best practice followed by online marketers.

b.) Content Marketing –

The editorial contents outranked or toppled the ads on radio, TVs, newspapers, billboards, and magazines on the list of trusted mediums. 

4. ) Tips –

A.) Native Advertising –

Content must be property labelled

Determine the headline types to use by drawing from social media

Lead the reader to intended next step smoothly with your body copy

B.) Content Marketing –

Offer practical value

Produce social currency

Stand out with your story-telling

Connect emotionally

These are just some of the ways in which the experts of the renowned Digital marketing company differentiate between native advertising and content marketing.

From the above discussion, it is clear that content marketing and native advertising work hand-in-hand although they have different goals and different methods to achieve them.

These 2 collaborate with each other to bring the quality content for the consumers which enables brands to enhance their outreach and solidify their presence. Those who invest in getting these 2 right can maximize their ROI without digging a hole in the pocket.