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Definitive Guide To Recover from Google Penalty

Did your website ever get a penalty message from Google? Google algorithms work differently. Many reasons can penalty your website from Google. Google follows some guidelines and if you violet those guidelines your website can be taken down. 

Businesses are trying to reach their goal and for that, they are pushing their website harder violating the Google guidelines. More than 400k manual actions are taken by Google every month. Everyone wants to get on top of SEO ranking for that we have SEO services experts who can help your website to improve SEO ranking. 

If you don’t know the reason behind your penalty either you could be because of sudden traffic, drop or you violated the Google guidelines. You can get manual action from the Google spam team and the second could be from algorithmic penalty. What if your website gets a penalty from Google how can you recover it?

Checkout Backlinks

Backlinks could be your first reason for getting a penalty from Google. It could be because of bad quality or broken links or if your link has violated any Google guidelines. If your link contains duplicate content or is a spam link. You can fix your links by checking out what is the cause of the penalty and by fixing it. 

Check for Data

If you don’t know the exact reason for your Google penalty then it’s better to collect some data before trying to do anything. It’s not always about traffic drop or broken links. You can go to Google Webmaster to get your page data and run the analytics of your page. 

Google Analytics can help you track your site analytics like your traffic and how many people are viewing your page. What’s the cause of traffic drop? If there is an issue with your Keyword? Once you collect your site data then you will know the reason for your Google penalty. 


Content is a big factor of a website and if the content is appropriate or is not user-friendly then you need to rethink your content. You need to optimize your content quality. Content could be a reason for your penalty but if you can find what causing your content that is violating your Google guideline then you can fix it.

Try to find content that is related to your profession. Content quality matters a lot because if you don’t have good content users will stop visiting your site that will lead to a traffic drop. Traffic drop will lead you to Google penalty. 


If you get a Google penalty, try to request and recover your site. If your link is taken down and you want to retrieve it you have to mail the Webmaster requesting to either remove your broken links or retrieve them so you can optimize your site. 

You have to be polite while asking for retrieval of your link. Don’t spam or you may never get your site back. Wait for the reply from Google.

Spam Comment

Spam comments can cause your SEO to drop and could affect your content. Know who all are commenting on your site. If you see any spam or inappropriate comment, try to remove them because Google can penalty your website because of spam comments. 

Comments can be automated or bots this type of comment is considered a spam comment. You can remove the ability of a user to post any comment or content on your website. 

Check for Keywords

Keywords have a special way of how it works based on Google algorithms. You need to choose your keywords wisely, don’t overuse your keyword or it will be considered spam or stuffing. A bad keyword can violate the SEO ranking of your site. 

Keyword plays an important role in your SEO ranking. Choose your keyword according to your content. Don’t overuse your keyword. Once you make sure all your keywords are at the right place with the right content you can recover your site from Google penalty. 

Identify the Type of Penalty

There are two types of penalties that you can receive from Google, Manual action and Algorithmic penalty. Both the penalties can cause due to different reasons, you need to find out which penalty did Google send you. If you didn’t receive any message from Google then you need to use Google analytics. 

Identifying the penalty will help you to find the reason behind your penalty so you could fix it and send a request to Google for recovering your site. You need to stay updated with the Google algorithm update before you can take any action. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO plays an important role in your website. Your SEO depends on various factors. Anything can affect your SEO and if your ranking keeps falling then your site can receive a Google penalty because of the sudden drop in traffic and ranking. 

To make sure your SEO is not affected try to keep your site optimized, and keep posting good content. Once you start posting quality content and keep your site updated you will be safe from receiving and penalties from Google. SEO services experts can help you improve your search engine ranking.

Just in case if you ever get a penalty from Google who should you contact or ask for help? You can either contact Google Webmasters or seek help from Facebook groups. Keep your content unique and meaningful that will help your site to stay away from any kind of duplication or penalties. 

Know how Google works before starting a website because often people who don’t understand how Google works end up with penalties. Understanding the Google algorithms and their functionality will help you understand how you can design your website and keep it safe from any future penalties. 

Loading speed and website optimization matter a lot when it comes to keeping your site on the safer site. Keep an insight into all these issues to make sure you are not lacking behind anything that might cause you to get a penalty from Google.