Top 10 Best Questions to ask yourself before choosing a laptop

Today there are many of us who do not stay at home for a long time, and being able to take our computer with us is very important, so we can work from anywhere. You can work from the beach with your feet in the water, and that’s amazing. Tips for How to choosing a laptop.

With all the variety of laptops that we have on the market, the most normal thing is that we feel a little lost after an hour and a half in Amazon comparing characteristics that we may not even understand. With these questions, you will not despair again because you do not know how to choosing a laptop.

What am I going to use it for?

It may seem like a very simple question, but without having this clear we cannot know which laptop will satisfy our needs. It is not the same that we want to take notes with him, get started in graphic design or spend the day on the internet.

What system best suits my needs and my tastes?

Once we have defined the use that we are going to give our new acquisition, we must know that it is not the same to use the MacBook system, OS, the best for multimedia editing programs, Windows 10 -the most widespread and that will ensure you work with more programs- or that of the new Google laptops, designed for those who use their work online a lot more -if you have contracted Tuenti fiber, for example- than offline.

What screen size is most useful for me?

Most range from 11 inches to 18. Depending on whether we want it to be carried from one place to another, something basic that adapts to all needs or if we are fans of gaming we will have to give our screen more size.

Does the use that I am going to give it require a high resolution?

The issue of screen choice is not just about size, resolution is important too. Our recommendation is that if it does not reach 1080p it is not worth buying it. Unless you only want it to answer mail and use word processors. In that case, any resolution is valid.

How to choose a suitable processor?

In the world of processors Intel is the benchmark brand. Possibly if you are reading this from a laptop it is thanks to its Intel processor. If you want a small computer with great autonomy, look for Intel Atom; the Intel Core i3 or i5 are the ones that will offer you adequate performance for most of what you are looking for; However, if you are looking for high-level performance for gaming or graphic design, your processor is the Intel Core i7.

Is it worth looking for a laptop with a lot of storage capacity?

With the facilities that we now have with large-capacity external memories and the possibility of uploading our files to the cloud, a medium-high level storage is convenient for us, but it is not as essential as when we worked with CDs or floppy disks (And what about was?).

Is ours the internet?

In addition to hiring a first class internet service and configuring our computer to get the most out of it, we have to see if the card is Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet. The second being the most recommended option for this.

Does the manufacturer have good technical service?

Something that most buyers may overlook when considering which laptop to choose. ACER and Apple are good recommendations, while HP has one of the worst technical services. We recommend you buy it on a surface that has its own guarantee, apart from the manufacturer’s.

Are we looking for a nice and useful laptop?

Laptop weight and design are also key issues when choosing a laptop. This is a section in which each consumer will have their personal tastes. We recommend smooth and elegant shapes. They never fail.

How will it be related to my mobile?

In these times it is very important to include this section when planning how to choose the Best Monitors for CAD. The possibilities range from using and viewing the computer from the mobile phone to synchronizing our mobile with our laptop (Apple here is indisputably in the lead). It is very useful since if one of the two devices is lost or broken, we can continue using files that are secured in the other.

Now you will have it clearer to choose the perfect computer for you.