Best Australian Monuments to Visit This Year

Australia is more than a country of beautiful landscapes and unique wildlife. It also has many sunny beaches. Some of the most stunning monuments in the world are also found here. Some Australian monuments are regarded as the most spectacular architectural marvels and have great historical significance. It is worth visiting for every travel in their lifetime.

Sydney Show House

Sydney Show House

The Sydney Opera House is a marvel of engineering and architecture. It is one of the most distinctive 20th-century buildings. The Opera House, synonymous with Australia, is located at the eastern headland of Circular Quay. It is well-known for its innovative design and is known around the globe. This beautiful Australian monument has been included on the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites due to its striking architecture. There are many cultural performances, tours, and dining options available to enjoy with your family, friends and lovers, etc. The Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Sydney Theatre Company, and Opera Australia regularly perform here. There are up to 1500 performances each year. Sydney opera house is a place where visitors can play & enjoy many australian activities under a single roof.

State War Memorial

This State War Memorial honors all Australians who served during wartime. The memorial’s highlights include the Hall of Memory and Well of Contemplation as well as the Hall of Silence, Hall of Silence, Hall of Silence, and the Flame Room. The ANZAC War Memorial is an architectural marvel and features many sculptures and carvings on both the inside and outside.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Before the Sydney Opera House was built, the Sydney Harbour Bridge was the city’s most prominent landmark. It is the sixth-longest arched bridge in the world, measuring 1,149m. This heritage-listed monument is known as the ‘Coat Hanger’ because of its arch bridge shape. Although it is one of the most photographed landmarks in the city, the stunning views from the bridge’s top make it well worth the trip.

National Gallery of Victoria

The NGV International building showcases the vast collection of foreign art from Europe, Asia, and America. While the Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia contains a large collection of Australian and Aboriginal art. One of the most important art collections in the world is housed in this iconic monument in Australia. The vast collection includes paintings, textiles, and artifacts, as well as crafts, photography, and sculptures. The NGV hosts many events and temporary exhibitions throughout the year. The premises also have a cafeteria and a restaurant.


Fremantle also has a variety of amazing attractions, restaurants, and scenic beauty. It is also Australia’s largest general cargo port. The busy port at the mouth of the Swan River is much more than a commercial hub. It is a significant historical monument and a popular tourist attraction. It was once a cargo port. Today, it hosts the Maritime Museum and the E-Sheds Marketplaces. There are also a variety of restaurants there. You will also find the STS Leeuwin, which is Australia’s largest sailing training ship, and a replica of the Duyfken, which was the first European ship to dock on the Australian mainland. You can also find a variety of public art at the Victoria Quay.