Top 5 Easy-To-Use Apps That Let You Change Text Message Backgrounds on Android

Sending text messages isn’t restricted to typing the message and hitting the send button. You can do a lot more with text messages. For example, you can add images (many of you may already know that) and even videos (though it may take forever to attach it to the message). Most importantly, you can also customize the background of the default text messenger on Android. So, whether you have a knack for space or an interest in wildflowers or BTS, you can apply the background of your choice and taste on your Android text messenger. In this article know about the Top 5 Amazing Apps To Change Text Message Background On Android 2021

It feels good to personalize stuff, whether it’s the phone cover or text message background. Here are the top five apps that can help you change the Android text message background at your convenience.

Textra SMS

Number of downloads- 10M+

Rating- 4.5/5

Besides changing the text message background, this app also enables you to automatically schedule messages beforehand and send them at a future time. For instance, let’s say you need to send your card details to an online essay help company within 24 hours. So, you can use the app and schedule the message accordingly.

Pros of downloading Textra SMS:

  • Over 3000+ Android, JoyPixels, Twitter, and iOS-style emojis along with diverse skin tone
  • Compatible with Android Wear, Pushbullet, Android Auto (Car) and MightyText
  • Customizable themes, notifications, bubble colors, signatures per conversation
  • Other features such as a pin to top, 21 text sizes, quick voice memos, font options, blocklisting, and picture compression

Textra is centered around a thread of conversations, just like other messaging apps. However, unlike traditional messaging platforms, it lets you swipe the conversations left and right for more actions. Swiping the conversation also reveals a call icon that enables you to call directly from the conversation list.


Number of downloads- 100M+


Most themes and backgrounds are available for free on this app. However, you can purchase the exclusive ones and even pay some amount to get rid of the ads involved in this app. The main features of GO SMS include proper encryption, the ability to pin group messages and texts, and pop-up messages with pictures.

Pros of downloading GO SMS:

  • Personalized themes and stickers- Innumerable background, font size and color, and theme options
  • Privacy concerns- Features encryption on every message to ensure complete protection and privacy
  • Dual SIM matching- Supports over 8000 dual SIM devices
  • Sticky conversations- Lets you stick the most important conversations at the top

You needn’t have to be tech-savvy to be able to use this app. It is user-friendly, and the theme selections are great as well. From Dark themes to DIY themes, you will find a wide slew of the collection here. There are three versions of this app. The GO SMS version is the original one, and it offers pretty much all sorts of features to users. The Lite version is the slimmed-down version of this app and runs the fastest. The pro version has some extra features and, at times, loads slowly.

GO Keyboard Pro

Number of downloads- 200M+

Rating- 4.5/5

The best thing about GO Keyboard Pro is its double-glazed interface. You will find the message chains in the first window while the connections are in the second window. You can set a picture, provide your phone number, nickname, and even an avatar to set up the profile on this app. It supports over 60 languages and thousands of themes. The stickers, emoticons, and emojis found on this app are compatible across all popular apps.

Pros of downloading GO Keyboard Pro

  • GIF expressions- You will find a vast slew of GIFs in the keyboard area sorted into clear categories. Type a word in the search function, and you will get appropriate GIF options right away to pick.
  • Quick app switch- It lets you switch to another app by activating the quick switch module button. That way, you can also personalize your frequently used application programs.
  • Customized toolbar- You can customize your toolbars using this app. Multiple toolbar features include clipboard, GIF, emoji, voice message, quick reply, etc.
  • Emoji multiplication- You will get *5, *10, or *50 expressions whenever you choose an expression on the GO Keyboard Pro, thereby helping you make the most use of emojis.

The four functions described above enhance the overall user experience of GO Keyboard Pro. You can not only express yourself better but also switch applications and customize the keyboards more conveniently. In short, GO Keyboard Pro is a whole new example of man-machine interaction.

Mood Messenger

Number of downloads- 40M+

Rating- 4/5

There are tons of themes and backgrounds that will help you reflect your mood easily. Also, you needn’t have to install an additional plug-in to change the backgrounds. The app lets you do so directly. The notification system also shows you who is texting in a small bubble, making it easy to check on text messages without opening the app.

Pros of downloading Mood Messenger:

  • Using this app, you will never run short of emojis since it offers predictive emojis, smart emojis, stickers, and animated emojis.
  • Switch any conversation to private mode with just a click and hide the messages you don’t want to display.
  • Customization is available all every aspect of this app. For instance, you can personalize themes, YouTube videos, animated GIFs, backgrounds, location, etc.
  • You needn’t have to guess the unknown phone numbers anymore since the app includes a real-time caller ID.

There are original emojis for every kind of mood you might be experiencing on Mood Messenger. The app is simple, effective, and free. You can send free unlimited messages to anybody who has Mood Messenger. From emojis to animated GIFs, everything on this app is available for free. You can also gather up to 200 people in a group chat.

Plus Messenger

 Number of downloads- 20M+

Rating- 4.5/5

This one is based on the API of Telegram and offers tons of customization features. There are several in-built colors, themes, and message backgrounds available here. It also supports different types of media such as GIFs, videos, etc. You can sync it to your devices and send unlimited messages, files, photos, and videos across. Create a username, and you are all set to send messages through the app.

Pros of downloading Plus Messenger:

  • Separated tabs based on groups, users, channels, favorites, bots, unread and admin/creator for efficient chats and easier navigation
  • Different themes to choose from to personalize the text message background
  • Displays the exact size of the message, whether it’s a simple text message, audio, or video
  • The increased limit of pinned chats is 100, whereas that of favorite stickers is 20.

You can choose the chats and apply different options only to those selected chats, such as marking those read or archiving them. The app also lets you set the picture quality before sending and the user bio in chat.

Wrapping Up

Text messages may not be as popular as online texting, but it is still a trend. After all, text messages are our go-to application when the Internet disappoints us. So, why use the same old boring text messaging platform on Android when you can personalize the same using certain apps? Download the app that you think serves your purpose the best. Happy Texting!

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