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Top 8 Popular Apps to Check or Manage Your Instagram Account Viewers in 2024

With over a billion monthly active users, Instagram had meteoric growth since its inception back in 2010. Being one of the popular image and video-sharing platforms, Instagram draws users of every possible age group and a diverse walk of life – and that’s the feature that truly makes the application unique to its users.

Despite its popularity, Instagram has its restrictions in terms of visibility. Meaning, users don’t get insights into who is visiting their profile, who are following and unfollowing them, who merely stalk users’ profiles without leaving any trace, and things like that.

There are multiple reasons why users want insights into their profile visitors. But sadly, Instagram does not give you the necessary answers. You may have to turn to alternative apps to check your profile visitors or keep a tab on potential stalkers.

Popular Ways to Manage Your Instagram Account Viewers

It might be the result of a successful Instagram campaign or the attention that company carousels received on the Explore Page if you’ve observed a sudden surge in followers to your account. You might want to consider improving your Instagram follower management strategies, regardless of the reason behind your growing following.

With these three pointers, you’ll be able to take care of your Instagram followers at every stage of the marketing funnel. People who follow you aren’t all the same. Someone who is actively antagonistic may require limitations, whereas a new follower requires some instruction.

  • Amplify your presence on Instagram

In what ways do people who are interested in following you discover you? Make sure people can easily find your account on Instagram if you want to gain more followers. Consider the organic ways in which Instagram users discover you, in addition to connecting your social media profiles from your web page and email newsletters.

  •  Develop a plan for handling clientele

Many things happen after a customer finds a company on social media. A whopping 76% of buyers will get in touch with support and customer care. Plus, nearly half of all customers (47%) think a company is doing well in social media if they have outstanding client service. 

  • Respond to comments and direct messages on Instagram timely

Customers have certain expectations regarding response times when they message brands. A quarter of customers want a reply in under an hour after contacting a business via social media, and sixty-three percent want a reply in one to twenty-four hours, as reported in the Sprout Social IndexTM: Social Media Trends for 2024 & Beyond.

In this blog, I have listed some of the best applications that Instagram account holders can use to analyze the popularity of their profiles. So, without much delay, check out the popular apps mentioned below.

Let’s go!

Follower Insight for Instagram App

Follower Insight

While Instagram may not allow you to view your profile visitors, with Follower Insight for Instagram App, you can keep track of anyone and everyone visiting your Instagram account. It helps you check who followed, unfollowed, and even blocked you on Instagram.

The best feature of this app is that it sends you notifications when someone follows, unfollows, or blocks you on Instagram – isn’t that cool? So if you want a good app that doesn’t cost you a penny, Follow Insight for Instagram is a great app to discover your account visitors.

Follower Analyser for Instagram

Follower Analyse for Instagram

We all have followers on Instagram who silently scroll through our posts, videos, and stories and leave comments or likes. But, by default, we won’t know who such followers are, which posts they viewed, or what stories they clicked on.

Follower Analyser for Instagram is one such app that helps you to find answers to your questions. The app is super user-friendly and is available for both Android and iOS users – you can visit the Play store and Apple App Store to find out who showed interest in your stories and pictures.

Instead of just guessing the potential stalkers, register yourself on this app and find the answers you need related to your Instagram profile visits.

Insights – Follower Tracker for Instagram App


Whether you are a professional essayist who offers essay writing help or an influencer promoting a cosmetic product, user engagement is critical. For instance, let’s say you are a software developer looking to promote your newly developed essay typer tool. Having accurate data on who viewed your stories and posts will help you analyze and change your content strategy.

Insights – The follower Tracker for Instagram App is an excellent tool for getting 100% accurate data related to your profile visitors and their activities. The accuracy level of this app is insane, and I would suggest this application to those users and influencers who genuinely want to get accurate data of followers and unfollowers and of those who block and never follow back.

FollowMeter for Instagram


The FollowMeter for Instagram App is a great option for users who want to track and manage Instagram followers. This app can conveniently gather insights into your followers and their activities, from finding the followers who frequently like to the number of ghost followers.

But what makes this app unique among its 3 million users? Its features, to be precise!

  • Follow and un-follow counts
  • Count of people liking and commenting on posts
  • Discovering ghost followers and identifying those who view profiles anonymously
  • Gaining more followers

InReports – Followers, Story Analyser for Instagram


When looking for apps to manage Instagram users, you cannot complete your search without InReports – Followers, Story Analyser for Instagram. The app is widely prevalent among its users for its efficiency and user-friendliness. You can use it to track every follower who views your Instagram and its relevant activities.

Gone are the days when you had no scope to keep a tab on ghost followers or potential stalkers. The user interface is pretty simple and allows users to generate reports on the followers who randomly unfollow you or stalk your every activity on Instagram.

For example, if you are a budding influencer, you can check who views your profile and story other than your followers. The app will also give you a report on lost followers, new followers, and secret viewers. But what truly makes this app unique among its users is the feature that allows the account holder to get reports on who downloads videos, profile pictures, and other posts.

SocialPlus App

SocialPlus App

SocialPlus App is undoubtedly the most loved app among Instagram users for tracking followers. It’s mainly because of its simple features. For instance, there’s no lengthy signup process. Instead, you can download and install the app and get started with it.

Along with timely notification of who visits your profile to those users who never followed back, SocialPlus App gives you accurate results. So if you are worried about someone stalking you on Instagram, you can gather the necessary data using the SocialPlus App and take the steps needed to ensure safety and privacy.

Visitors Pro App

Visitors Pro App

Are you looking for a follower tracker app for your Apple device? Then, the Visitors Pro App is what you need to discover the people viewing your profile or even stalking your activities on Instagram.

No more worrying about checking who viewed my Instagram, as the Visitors Pro App perfectly works for you. Once you install the app, it collects all the necessary data from your Instagram and makes automatic calculations to generate a report on who views your posts the most.

With an easy-to-use interface, short reports, and a nominal price tag, there’s no denying that it is one of the best apps out there for iOS devices to monitor visitors on your Instagram account.

IG Analyser: Follower Analysis App

IG Analyser

First and foremost, download and install the app. The app will collect data and evaluate them to give you the list of followers who regularly stalk or view your account, posts, and stories. 

The app almost does everything for you and gives you a detailed report of who’s interested in your profile. For example, if you are interested to know who pins your posts, downloads, or unfollows you, you will get detailed information. Plus, the app lets you see all the pending follow requests so you can skim through them and accept and ignore requests as per your liking.

The IG Analyzer: Follower Analysis App comes with an easy user interface and supports iOS. You don’t need to master any particular skill to use it for generating results.

Currently, these are some of the most used apps to check who visited your Instagram profile. Therefore,  if you are wondering about trying out some new apps, this list will come in handy.