Am I Beautiful Or Ugly

Do you also ask yourself am I beautiful or ugly? Don’t worry, you are not alone! There are many women and men who go through these feelings when it comes to looks. In this article we will try to understand the stigma related to being beautiful, standards of beauty and how can we enhance our attractiveness.

The stigma of being beautiful

Since our birth our minds are conditioned and thus trapped to think in a certain way when it comes to beauty. For some societies being fluffy is considered a symbol of beauty and for some it’s the other way around. everyone wants to know How Attractive Am I?

So the question is who exactly is beautiful? The answer is very simple. Any healthy and happy soul is beautiful. But most of the times in order to win the race we neglect the most important aspect of life that is being happy.

Since the evolution, men and women are expected to find suitable partner and keep the cycle of reproduction going. Being beautiful is related to the same theory. A beautiful woman or a good looking man will have to put lesser efforts to find a suitable match for herself or himself.

Keep moving. Sitting long hours in front of laptop is bad for posture. Stand up and stretch after every 30 minutes. 

How attractive am I? Can Online Beauty Test help?

You will wonder what technology can do with the information we provide. Online face beauty analysis is one such wonder. But do you know how exactly any beauty test work? Or how reliable the results are?

These tests use set standards for recognizing and analyzing the facial features and after deliberate comparison they rate your face as beautiful or ugly. It is ok to be curious, on the other hand don’t bother much about the result.

As we have already discussed above that the standards of being attractive change with the time, society and region. Therefore, these results are not to be taken very seriously.

Anyway, we would not suggest you to avoid taking care of yourself either.

Remember, happiness is the key. There are no dull moments for happy faces.

Everyone eats healthy in the lap of Mother Nature

The internet world is flooded with information stating the benefits of eating a healthy diet and many authors have earned millions by writing books about balanced diet. But, only few underline the relation between balanced diet and beauty.

It is rightly said that you become what you eat. Pimples, blemishes etc could drastically affect a person’s self confidence. Calling acne, wrinkles or fine lines skin imperfections is not right at many levels. And it is mainly because of these features that a person falls in the trap of self doubt questioning am I attractive. However, we can always halter these features with the proper care and healthy food.

Similarly, too much of junk food or oily food will add on extra pounds around your waist and face. That again will cause the self doubt.

Will I be beautiful if I eat healthy? First of all you are already beautiful. And secondly, yes! A healthy natural diet will have a positive impact on your features, skin and physique. You will find yourself more attractive if you intake green vegetables, fruits and other natural food.

At the same time, start using natural products or products which use least chemicals. Let us return to the roots. There are plenty of blogs and books available narrating the use of natural substances likes Aloe Vera as a beauty product. If you cannot source them directly you can purchase the products made from these. Instead of applying chemicals on your face or skin, try natural products like coconut oil. You will not only save big on the money but will also be amazed at the results.

Stop! Did you forget to drink water again? Keep your body hydrated.

I decide to look good

Commercialization could be blamed for setting zero figure body as a standard of beauty. If we look back at models or actors from some decades ago, we will realize that the definition of beautiful keeps on changing with time and region.

Many of us have been victim of body shaming. Some may ignore, some may be devastated or some may take it as a challenge. But what does medical science say about being overweight or obese?

There are many diseases associated with obesity. There can be many reasons for being overweight but trust me none can stop you from trying and succeeding in looking good.

First things first, understand your body type. We can all eat the same food, do same exercises and yet can have different body shapes. Secondly, be proud of what you are and how you look. I cannot survive being you, no one else can.

And finally, acknowledge you can be better. Start with taking healthy meals, regular exercises and sound sleep. Don’t hesitate to take advice from the professionals and doctors. Once you start taking care of your body, it will reflect on your looks as well.

Nothing is as attractive as a smiling face.

People who work out regularly are more attractive

Recall all those models flaunting their six pack abs and toned bodies. Many of them are so attractive that people are left awestruck on seeing them. What makes them so desirable?

We all are aware of the benefits of regular exercise for fitness but do you find time for a workout session on regular basis? With the ever growing materialistic desires, we are entrapped in the stressful world. Putting your health secondary will have an impact someday or another.

Adapt to a regular work out plan, join a gym or yoga center for 90 days and see the difference in yourself. Not only it will help you shed the extra flab but will also boost your confidence about your body.

There are many smart gadgets and mobile applications to monitor your daily physical work. Make good use of the smart phone and set weekly targets. These applications will also enable you to compete with like minded people in case you need motivation.

Even the thirty minutes of cardio five days a week will have a positive impact on your physical looks. You are already beautiful; you just need to rediscover it.

A man without proper sleep will fail to attract love.

The Glowing skin says it all

The size of cosmetic industry is the proof that glowing skin is one of the prime factors of beauty. The desire for a beautiful skin was once considered a trait limited to women only. But now, many products are specially developed and marketed for men. But are you sure the skin cream or product you are using is what your skin actually needs?

How many of you actually research thoroughly before buying a skin care product? Or check the chemical components of the beauty product?

Our decision making is largely influenced by the advertisements we regular see on media. But these advertisements fail to address the key issues or for that matter, the best remedies or treatments for glowing skin.

So the question arises here is what are the factors that could be attributed to flawless skin?

  • Some people are born with good skin and some are not. Genes could be credited primly for soft attractive skin.
  • Our body and skin requires ample amount of water good looking hydrated skin. So, drink water and keep glowing.
  • If you want a blemish free skin then we suggest you to include green vegetables and fruits in your daily diet.
  • Stress will show effects on your face. When someone is under stress it shows on his/her face. It will also deteriorate the skin quality.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle, everyday. Yes! Rome was not built in a day and your skin will also need the nourishment every day. Take proper sleep; avoid smoking, drinking, and oily food.

Use any skin product after thorough research only. Ask questions from professionals if necessary.

Don’t worry at all if you ask yourself am I beautiful or ugly. The desire to look beautiful and attractive is natural and you have all the rights to be one. Don’t forget to smile more often, share love and most importantly, STAY HAPPY!