A trip with Sichuan Airlines to Seoul

My friends and I decided to pause from our life on virtuality into the realm of life, packed with exotic surprises. We have decided to explore the industrial origins of South Korea and the sunrise field. Now under our budget, we have decided to be with Sichuan Airlines, after a long argument all of us agreed as the airline was offering an incredible discount without compromising comfort. Seoul is A land of Happiness.

My friends asked me to book tickets and divided some sort of tasks for each member. I came down to book party tickets on my hands and the rest was just the start of a great adventure. I’ve called up the booking team of Sichuan Airlines and asked them to initiate the reservation process.

Sichuan Airlines Reservation methods

I had to communicate with the officials by dialing the reservation number +1-855-805-5447, the Sichuan airlines team is available throughout the year. In the next moment, an agent supported our call and offered our seats with ease.

I was so surprised and inspired by the assigned agent’s actions. The reservation team offered me 30% off on the total amount of tickets. We are grateful that we have comfort in our resources.

To accomplish the booking, I offered the following information:-

  • Details about the passengers
  • Class of service
  • Number of passengers
  • Passport ID
  • Information on destination and arrival airport city
  • Adds bags, beverages

On the day of departure, I called the Sichuan Airlines Reservation Team and easily finished check-in. The flight landed on time. In due time, we all boarded the flight. The exceptional equipment in-flight and seats had 40 percent extra legroom. All of us get our dinner on time and free drinks.

People who are comfortable with online platforms can perform reservation via the official website and mobile application. The Sichuan airlines online booking process will help passengers to secure money and energy. The best benefits offered under the online booking process, the airline will never charge service fees extra and the fares are cheaper than other reservation methods.

On the Sichuan Airlines flight cabin

The air hostess gave us a drink with a delicious snack when we boarded. We have a ticket for economics so I was concerned about legroom space. Sichuan Airlines offers a full range of legroom in the corporate cabin as opposed to other competing airlines. The Seoul city area is also tied to the refining heart of South Korea. Seoul’s beauty can’t be conveyed by words on any journey.

If I have to score the inflight services of Sichuan Airlines, I shall give it five out of five. Hospitality and facilities are really satisfactory. The flight came to a close on time. We had checked our rooms and made a memo. The next morning after breakfast, all of us took our shower and formed 2 parties, and started to explore the beauty of Seoul.

Seoul: City of Joy

Seoul has a big underground grid, generally a number of blocks away. There are also excellent shopping malls for people of all ages with bars, cafes, and nightlife. The curious tourists of the world marvel at the best items in Seoul. The city of South Korea has distinctive neighborhoods and services such as smart skyscrapers, shopping malls.

The N Seoul Tower is a futuristic building located on Namsan Mountain in central Seoul. At 237 meters above the ground of its observatory, you will get panoramic views of Seoul. There is also a digital observatory and a host of commemorative stores, pubs, and cafés. The first floor of the N Seoul Tower has a terrace that is a common spot for couples in locks and love notes to love. Traditional shows and festivals take place on the outdoor stage during the year.

Earlier we planned the trip for two days, but the beauty of Seoul does not allow us to do so. We all spoke a lot and decided that we would stay longer. It means we need to cancel our return tickets, as all of us know canceling scheduled tickets is not a butter walk. So, my friend Peter opened the web browser, visited the official site, and started to gather information on Sichuan airlines cancellation policy.

We go through the policy and cancel our scheduled journey with ease. The airline sent us an official mail which confirms that we will gain a refund within 20 business days. We are happy and delighted with the entire response. The best part about the Sichuan airlines cancellation policy is if the passenger was able to cancel tickets within the same day of the reservation then they will gain a full refund.

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