10 Unmissable European Music Festivals

Music is a general relaxant. It is the food to the soul as it is famously called. Europe is advanced in music and European music festivals always present us with lots of entertainment.

When people leave the comfort of their homes to travel miles only to listen to the wonders of music, it should tell you that it offers them something on a deep level. As an undergraduate, I had a favorite department away from my department. It was the music department.

They were practical and awesome. I attended most programs that they were performing in. I loved them. If a university music department can produce so much food for the soul in such amazing ways, you can only imagine what European music festivals will look like. It did be awesome without a doubt.

In the summer of every year, there are so many music festivals all over Europe. You can attend as many as six of them in six weeks in different European countries. It will even be more fun and easier if you hire a private jet company to fly you there. There are over 20 music festivals; some grander and more elaborate than others but they all offer great experiences.

The great news is that everything has been put in place to ensure you enjoy these European music festivals. There are hotels and Airbnb apartments, great food and great means of transportation.

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What we intend to do here is to give you a list of European music festivals that will make your summer a great one and then you will make a choice of the festivals you want to attend or if you want to attend all of them.

To make things easier, we will share as many European music festivals as possible so you can make choices of the one to attend. More so, we will share the different dates, time and venue of the festivals. If you don’t have the time to plan the trip, there are many holiday package companies that can do this for you. This will make it possible for you to plan a 6 weeks summer filled with European music festivals.

Yearly European Music Festivals

Primavera Sound in Barcelona, Spain and Porto, Portugal

The first festival in our list of the top European music festival is the Primavera Sound. The festival will take place in Barcelona. It is a great festival and you can book hotels in Barcelona here.

Primavera Sound in Barcelona, Spain and Porto, Portugal

Primavera sound 2019 will also held in Portugal. If you are a football fan, Barcelona and Porto will sound very familiar. The festival will hold in Barcelona from May 30th to June 1st, 2019 while it will hold in Porto from June 7th to June 9th 2019.

Some of the people that featured in the Primavera sound in 2018 include Bjork, Nick Cave, Arctic Monkeys, A$AP Rocky, the Bad seeds and Lorde. It is usually an interesting yearly music festival. It attracts over 190 thousand people every year and it is an award-winning festival. This year promises to be more interesting and it will have great performers.

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The Primavera has not always attracted this great number of people but it is rapidly growing and an increase in the number of visitors is recorded yearly. The reason is not far-fetched; there is a blend of guitar-led acts, lots of sunshine and striking and amazing electronic music.

Well, it has not always been a dual city festival. It was once the reserve of Barcelona to organize it. Porto entered into the mix in 2012. Some of the people that will likely perform because they are always there include US soft-core rockers, the XX, the rave legend, Aphex Twin, Grandaddy who will work with an indie-electronic group called Metronomy. The festival will present lots of DJs who are there to keep people dancing and enjoying.

The above group works majorly for the Barcelona event. The Porto event will likely feature Richie Hawtin, Bicep and Nicholas Jaar and they will be amazing. It will cost you 195 euros to book the Barcelona ticket while 110 euros should get the Porto ticket. Visit their website, primaverasound.com for more information on time and booking.

Roskilde music festival, Denmark

A trip to Denmark if you cannot be Spain will make sense. You can still attend the two festivals. Roskilde won’t start until the end of Primavera so it offers you the opportunity to continue your tour of European music festivals.

Roskilde music festival, Denmark

The Roskilde Festival is held annually at the south of Roskilde. It was created in 1971 by unexpected people; two high school students. Their names are Mogens Sandfaer and Jesper Switzer Moller.

The lineup highlights of this year’s event include the cure, Robyn, Travis Scott, Christine and the Queens, Jon Hopkins, Brokhampton, Scarlet pleasure, and Jungle so you should expect something breathtaking. Last year’s event featured people like Eminem, Gorillaz, Cardi B and Bruno Mars.

The music festival is spread across eight days of massive fun and revelry. The first four days are used to warm up while the last eight will show the program properly. It had about 160, 000 people in attendance last and this year could be more. It is the largest music festival in the whole of Northern Europe.

Getting an early bird ticket would work in your favor as there could be a rush.

Uva Music Festival, Spain

It seems we will be seeing lots of festivals in the Spanish setup. The Uva festival is not in the league of Primavera sound or even the Sonar but it is still awesome.

Uva Music Festival, Spain

It is kind of new and tiny so if you are looking for something not very elaborate, then this is the place to be. It has an unbelievable location. This is actually located in a 12th-century monastery. This is more of a boutique event and it has a capacity of about 500 people.

Uva music festival has a lineup that will feature deep psychedice producer, Baris K, Antal (Rush Hour) and other names. The event is majorly to appeal to your serenity.

Rock am Ring & Rock im Park, Germany

Our tour of the European music festivals has brought us to Germany. It is also a summer event and should be incorporated in your summer music tour. They are two simultaneous events (rock music festivals) held every year. The Rock in Park which literally means Rock in the park holds at the Zeppelinfeld located in Nuremberg while the Rock am Ring which means Rock at the ring takes place at the Nurburging, in a race track. They are seen as one event and they have almost identical lineups. It is a three-day program that sees all artists perform one day at the Rock am Ring and one at the Rock im Park. There are few exceptions anyway.

Rock am Ring & Rock im Park, Germany

It brings with it lots of people from all over the world. You can visit their website to get more information on their tickets, accommodation and lineups. One thing is certain, Rock lovers will have all the fun here. If you are not a Rock lover, I suggest you look for other alternatives.

Melt, Germany

Still in Germany, we want to talk about the Melt music festival. Well, this is not just Rock so it should provide a wider list of options. It is one of the biggest open-air electronic music festivals you can find in Germany and anywhere in the world. It normally takes place at an open-air museum in Ferropolis. Ferropolis is located near Grafenhainchen and it has been going on for some time now. This place is scattered with all kinds of machinery.

Melt, Germany

Melt is famous because of this festival that has been baptized the notorious sleepless stage. This festival runs from Saturday morning and stops on Monday. It just doesn’t stop. If you are an all hour party type, this is for you.

Melt music festival will be special this year. They are celebrating their 21th anniversary and they are hoping to bring a total of 20,000 people together. The festival will have lots of techno and electronic music. It will have Courtesy, Ellen Allien, Aurora Moonear, Dixon, Tales Of Us and Modeselektor as lineups. Die Antwoord and M.I.A will also headline the show.

To cap it all, there will be a party train coming from Cologne and it can serve as your accommodation for the weekend, there is a campsite with real showers and you can also cool off in the lake in the day time. Melt will offer you an opportunity to have fun with and without the music. All you will be required to do is to do is pay a fee of 140 euros. Visit meltfestival.de for more on tickets, accommodation and lineups.

Sziget Festival, Hungary

The Sziget festival is one of the biggest and largest music festivals in Europe. When you are on your tour of European music festivals, you must consider Sziget. This event holds in the Island of Danube, the northern part of Budapest, Hungary. The event holds every August and it has about 1000 performers yearly.

Sziget Festival, Hungary

It was initially a low profile event for student s but it has grown astronomically in recent years to form part of the top European music festivals. That has a party train that has resident DJs which transports people going to the festival from all parts of Europe. It has a very good number of people that attend the festival every year.

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The Independent ranked it as one of the top 5 European music festivals in 2011and it has won at the European Festival Awards under the category of Best major European festival in 2011 and 2014.

The Sziget festival 2019 was held in Budapest as it always does and it started on the 7th of August to the 13th of August, 2019. The festival will feature interesting lineups. Some of the confirmed names included Ed Sheeran, Florence + the Machine, Foo Fighters, Twenty one Pilots, Catfish and the Bottleman, Martin Garrix, Jungle and The 1975.

There will be other artistic performances that will be on offer during the Sziget festival. It goes beyond just the music which offers you much more value for your money. You can visit their website to get more information on their tickets, their accommodation and more lineups.

Exit Festival 2019, Serbia

This festival is an award-winning music festival. It is usually held every year at the Petrovardian Fortress. The fortress is located in Novi Sad, Serbia. In 2014 and 2018, it won the award for the best major European festival. This award is considered one of the most prestigious or arguably the most prestigious music awards in Europe.

Exit Festival 2019, Serbia

This music festival was founded in 2000 and it was in a university park. It was initially founded as a student movement that was fighting for freedom and democracy in Serbia and the Balkans.

The music festival held from 4th to 8th July of 2019 and it is was held in a Fortress. Music festivals in Fortresses are so cool so you should try the Exit festival. The festival has previously featured the likes of David Guetta, Liam Gallagher and the Killers.

The featured lineup that has been announced for this year’s invent include the cure, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Carl Cox, Greta Van Fleet, Sofi Tukker, and the Titan of dances that are scattered everywhere.

Visit their website, exitfest.org  for more information on their tickets, accommodation and more lineups.

Nuits Sonores, France

This is an electronic music festival and it is celebrating its music anniversary this year. This is celebrating its 15years anniversary and you know that anniversaries are always special. It is held in Lyon in 40 different locations. It is spread across 5 different days. However they do that, it promises to be an amazing music festival.

Nuits Sonores, France

The locations they use cut across heritage sites and landmarks and it also includes industrial locations cut out for high production music events.  The festival will provide you with great music, other creative arts such as designs and even architecture.

The lineup for this year’s event includes the Black Madonna featuring Honey Dijon, Bronx party starters, ESG, Derrick Carter, Chemical brothers and Omar Souleyman. It promises to be very enthralling.

You will pay a fee of 140 Euros or so for four nights and three days pass. It started on the 23rd of May to the 28th of May 2019. Visit their website for more information on the ticket, lineups and accommodation for upcoming years.

The Mad cool festival, Madrid

Still is Spain, you will find an interesting music festival known as Mad cool. What an interesting oxymoronic name. This time, it is not in Barcelona but in Madrid. It has been taking place since 2016 and it features rock, indie and electronic music. You will see fashion, art, tourism and gastronomy coming together to make this an interesting aspect of European music festivals.

It has come up with many artists, over 150 of them, in its last two editions. It attracted over 100, 000 people in its first edition held on June 16 to 18, 2016. The second edition got over 135, 000 and it keeps becoming better.

The Mad cool festival, Madrid

This year’s lineups include The National, The cure, the 1975, Bon Iver, Greta Van Fleet, The Smashing Pumpkins, Robyn, and Joria smith. It doesn’t have the history associated with the Primavera sound but it has shown that it can challenge nonetheless.

Last year’s program held from the 11th of July to the 13th of July, 2019. If you want more information on their tickets, lineups, accommodation and other things, please endeavor to visit their website.

Ultra Europe, Croatia

Croatia may be a country with a little population and a female president but it holds its own in the course of international affairs. Ultra Europe is proof of that assertion. This is an electronic music festival which is held outdoors. It is part of Ultra Music festival’s ongoing worldwide expansion which has been established in 20 countries.

This is started in 2013 and had a two-day festival between 12-13 July of that year. It was in Split, Croatia that it happened.

Ultra Europe, Croatia

The lineup for last year’s event includes David Guetta, Mlesso, Afrojack, Marchmello, Carl Cox, Eric Prydz, The Chainsmokers and Armin Van Buuren..


Europe is an interesting continent and you will always have reasons to have fun there. If you have 6 weeks of summer, you may want to check out these amazing European music festivals and see the ones you can attend based on the necessary considerations. We assure you that you will always have cause to keep coming back for more.

If we missed anything, be sure to leave us a comment in the comment section of our website. Do have a lovely day.