10 Good mobile app design examples

Choosing the right design for a mobile app can be the difference between its success and failure. To this, a lot of thought goes on in choosing the right UI so that your target audience finds it attractive and easy to use. The UI of a mobile app should include a range of functions that is useful from the user’s point of view so that they can use it regularly. To add an idea about why some mobile apps are successful, our designers have put together some of the most successful mobile apps in the market and try to identify their common features. The mobile app design that we have shared can inspire you to create a beautiful UI for your app.

So let’s get started.

A few amazing mobile app designs that will inspire you

The app’s UI plays an important role in initially attracting the attention of the user and then persuading him/her to install and regularly use it due to its functionalities as well as ease of use.

For this reason, we have listed 10 important app designs that have fulfilled these criteria and made the apps successful.


Are you planning to build a retail app? Study the granddaddy of them all, the Amazon mobile app.

The best thing about this app is its intuitive design, wherein you can find the information you are looking for in just one click.

This app is easy to navigate and is very user-friendly and all the important information is conveniently placed.


If you are planning to build a music app and are looking for inspiration on how to design its UI, then you should study the YONO MP3 app carefully.

This app has a beautifully laid out design that allows you to listen to music, learn any news related to the music industry, check the radio feed, and browse through other interesting contents.

This beautiful looking app with its attractive interface and superior color scheme attracts the eyeballs of the user straight away.


ESPN, the well-known sports channel has a beautifully designed mobile app in which the users can browse through tons of videos, articles that are well organized, and easily navigable.

As this app focuses on sports enthusiasts, it has many features, one of which allows the user to choose their favorite team.

The app would then get all the news, social media updates, and videos of that team and display it on the user’s screen in a well-organized form.

NightOwl Coffee

This app is made for coffee lovers and its design follows the illustration style wherein attractive colors and geometrical graphical elements form the background on which the yellow buttons are visible.

It is a simple and clean design and is quite easy on the eyes and very convenient for the users.


Most of the Starbuck users are looking for quick refreshments on their way to work and the Starbucks mobile app UI is designed to make sure that they find what they are looking for easily.

The user of the app can scan their device at the register to pay for the refreshment that makes it convenient for people who are pressed for time.

Furthermore, the user can find the items they have ordered before at the top and bottom of their screen that makes the job of selecting the items they like easier and faster.


This app allows people to keep a record of all the rooms they have stayed in different places.

It has a unique design interface in which different frames allow the user to add different places, offices, photos along with their dates, and descriptions.

This allows them to remember the place they have stayed earlier and also share them with their friends and family members who wish to visit the place and are looking for a place to stay.


This app allows you to collect all the pictures you want and order an 8 x 8 book that you can keep as a memento or present it to a friend.

It is a great way to show pictures that you find interesting with others.


This retail mobile app focuses on women users who want to buy clothes online. It has an attractive background color in pink in which the icons and buttons are placed conveniently.

All the functionalities of this app are designed to offer a great shopping experience to the users.


This Japanese messaging app offers free video and voice communication to its users.

It has a range of emoticons that give its design a unique appeal and help it to stand out among other such messaging apps.

The emoji included in this app are very expressive and can be customized for the users’ reactions that make it great fun to use.


This financial app was created for those who wish to manage their money on their mobile phone.

The UI of this app is very beautiful with amazing color contrast and gradients that offer a simple interface that is easy to use.


Well, these are the 10 best mobile designs that we have searched and listed for you in this article.

They can be a source of great inspiration for you for designing the right mobile UI.

These popular mobile apps have spent a lot of money on the app design. If you are also planning to design an app for your business, then it is recommended to approach a leading mobile app design agency.

With this, before designing an app, you might be curious to know the app design cost. In general, the cost of designing an app depends on a lot of factors. To know more, you can refer to this blog on app design costs.

By thoroughly following this blog, you will be able to calculate the cost of your app design easily.