6 Must-have Qualities For Entering The Top Law Firms In India

Top Law Firms In India

Being a part of the major legal firms in India is no joke and it is not that simple as you might think it to be. There are multiple legal bars that you have to overcome just to get an entry in legal firms. You can either work with the experts in your field and gain practical knowledge from them or can just open your independent law firm. For the second option of opening your own law firms in India, you need to gain a reputation in this field. There are six major qualities that other reputed legal firms are looking for in their members, before enrolling them.

1.     First one is grade and academics:

Grades are always important to prove your worth and there is no other way around. It might not be the best reflection of talent but being at the top will definitely provide you with an advantage when it is about getting hired by a top tier legal firm. The Top law firms in India are aiming for people with drive and consistency. So, they are always on the watch out for students with academic advantage. Based on their results, the firms will offer cutoff grade marks to demarcate while aiming for the right candidates.

2.     Working experience matters a lot:

Here, work experience means internships. As a law student, it is vital to understand more about the best internship programs to cover up over here. Based on the area of interest you have chosen, you can add a greater goal in mind and not just take up an internship coming your way. It is time to build a progression. It means you can start your research with a legal background from the 1st semester and reaching for the best internship program when you reach the 4th semester. A legal firm in India will provide business opportunities to those individuals with a good internship as background.

3.     Business centric mindset:

Right behavior and attitude can lead you forward in any law firm in India for sure. It should go hand in hand with experience, skill, and talent. A law firm will always watch out for people who have the power to work in teams with sincerity to produce the best results. You have to practice professionalism while interning at the place of internship. Being punctual and reporting back on time are certain characteristics that best law firms in India will look for in their candidates.

4.     Research and thorough preparation:

If you are looking for placement in some of the top law firms in Delhi, remember to gather as much info about the firm as you can. Learn about the firm’s present standing and their different offices. Learn about their teams and positive results of the cases they have handled so far before you finally opt for their vacancies and join as fresher with the firm. Working with the best firm is always the best initial step of your career centric future.

5.     Achievements and research skills:

Even as a junior associate working under top lawyers in India, the main job is research oriented and under clerical posts. Your job is to look forward to the firm’s future endeavors. It is mandatory that your resume reflects editorial positions or research papers, which you might have worked on. It will help the firms to know that you are well-versed in legal terms and notifications. Apart from that, the moot competition awards are vital and will reflect the same service.

6.     Be sure to pick a special area of interest:

A degree is not always enough when you want to become one of the top lawyers in India. It is always advisable to develop a specialty in any particular field of study, within your course period. This specialty area can be anything, from commercial to corporate laws and more. Moreover, be sure that your CV reflects that specialty in bold to get hired by the top legal firms in India, for sure.

It is really important that becoming the best lawyers in India is not as simple as it seems. Being a part of top law firms needs challenges and credentials from your side and you have to work on that as well.

Author Bio

Amy Jones is the lead legal expert at Ahlawat & Associates-Top law firms in Delhi. She is a passionate writer and loves to help people in all aspects of the law. You can follow her on Twitter, Linkedin.

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